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That 70’s (runway) Show – Spring 2011 Trends

December 21st, 2010 No Comments

— By Kallah Maguire, LA Stylist

MR Note: During your last minute shopping for girlfriends (or yourself!) keep an eye out for pieces that fit in with these spring trends so they can wear them in the new year.

Perhaps you’re wondering what I think Spring/Summer 2011’s biggest trend will be… The 70’s baby, all over again!  I’m not going to complain, I like the Boho look and it’s always a big seller, especially here in LA where I live.  But the 70’s styles are not just peasant blouses and sheer fabrics, they include the glitzy and glam look of places like the legendary Studio 54.


Keep your eye out for your perfect jumpsuit because they will be in stores from Gucci to Forever 21. You can go utilitarian with a cotton version in an ethnic print, or super sexy with a silk neutral color with a plunging neckline.  It’s up to you to make the trend your own.  I’ve been holding out on jumpsuits for a while, but this time I’ll be on the hunt for the perfect one.


I love diaphanous, flowy, beautifully cut floor length skirts and dresses for the summer.  There is nothing like the feeling of walking down the beach with your skirt in the wind, chasing the foam as it rolls back into the sea.  It’s fun to accessorize this look with leather sandals, feathers, and floppy brimmed felt hats for the full hippy/Boho look.  I can’t wait for this trend to hit in Spring, I’m going to be all over the plentiful options!

The Plunge!

There will also be serious amounts of plunging necklines in everything from jumpsuits, to dresses, to blouses so if you decide to try this trend out for yourself you’ll have lots of options.  “The plunge” as I like to call it is all about being sexy and femme.  This trend often works better on small busted ladies, but if you know what you’re doing (ie what to wear under the top) I think bustier mavens can pull the look off as well.
What do you think, do you like the 70’s inspired items that will be stocking our stores this upcoming Spring/Summer season?  How will you wear them?
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Let out your inner wild cat!

December 14th, 2010 No Comments

— Kallah Maguire, LA Stylist

As you probably know leopard is a huge trend this winter and it comes in every piece of clothing you can imagine. From hats and coats, to belts and shoes – There is something leopard printed for everyone!  Rachel Zoe was quoted as saying “I think every woman should have leopard, but not every woman will wear leopard. You have to have courage to wear leopard.”

Me, I think everyone has enough courage to wear leopard in one way or another.  Some will be divas and wear a head to toe printed catsuit, and others will have a more subtle belt or flat.  I think leopard in any quantity makes most of us feel sexy, stylish, and chic.. I’m not sure about brave, but maybe bold.  What do you think, how do you feel about leopard?

3 ways to wear this trend:

  • Rock n’ Roll: add a leopard belt to your jeans and tee outfit
  • Classy: take a crisp white, red, black, or aborigine button down with slacks, add a leopard purse and/or shoes
  • Style Diva: leopard catsuit, leopard coat, green heels, large green lucite bracelet, and yellow leather purse

However you wear leopard this season, make it your own!  I would love to see pics of you in your best translation of this trend so I can post you on Facebook and Twitter, so don’t be shy and send me some pics!

For the Overdeveloped and Underserved breasts of the world… or at least in LA

December 7th, 2010 9 Comments

— By Kallah Maguire, L.A. Fashioinista

MR: Obviously I don’t know much about this issue, but instead of bolstering up your voluptuousness perhaps you might consider sharing it instead.  If so, you know where to find me :)

Dear busty darlings, I have a wonderful treasure to share with you.  It’s a place where EE cups can find sexy, comfortable, and supportive bras with equally alluring matching underwear.  D, DD, DDD cup, are no problem, at Jenette’s Bras where the alphabet starts at D and goes UP!  They have t-shirt bras, sexy lacy numbers, every color of the rainbow, matching sets, silk slips and more – All at great prices, so grab your man (he can hang out in the gents area) and get them the support they deserve!  Tell them Kallah sent you ; )

The “toughy” gift guide

December 7th, 2010 No Comments

— By Kallah Maguire, L.A. Fashionista

Mary: I’ve never heard of these three websites, but they prove to be great resources.

I want to share a little secret with you… If you have someone in your life that is hard to shop for, these websites may just help you become their favorite person!

For the fashionista in your life, one of my current fav’s is i heart norwegian wood on Etsy.  Angie Johnson is the designer of fabulous fringe necklaces, skirts, and stylish elastic harnesses that add that something special to every outfit.  The fringe necklace pictured is a steal at $65.

If you need something special for a kid in your life Reform School Rules’ Child Development section is hard to beat.  I always find something there for showers, birthdays, and the holidays.   The Tooth Fairy Landscape Shadow Puppet Set pictured is not only completely awesome, but it’s also only $37.50!

A great place to check out for your quirky or artistic friend, family member, or even co-worker is A+R.  They have lots of fun and affordable items that make cool and unique gifts for just about anyone.  For your coworker that always forgets their charger in their hotel room, check out this Cell Phone Charging Station for $22.   Even better, you need to get the Gold Knuckles Mug ($98) for your aunt that has a black belt!

Now let the thank you cards roll in ; )

Big Sexy Hair! – By Kallah Maguire, The Stylist

March 16th, 2010 No Comments

Hair extensions are about as common as spray tans here in LA, but some of us have just now mustered up the courage (and cash) to check them out.  I’m on my second round and still loving them.  I have baby fine hair and was looking for a little length and body, so when I met Kennedy Van Dyke over lunch and found out that she is an extension specialist, I jumped on the opportunity to have her work her magic on my super fine hair.  I mean seriously, thickness and length all within two hours – I’m sold!

I didn’t know exactly what to expect the first time I went in to see Kennedy, so she answered all of my questions:

How the bonds work?

They are not harmful to natural hair and come out easily when you spray a mineral oil based solution directly onto the bonds.   This breaks them up (they kind of crumble) and the extension comes out easily.

Care for my “new” hair?

  • Don’t put conditioner near the bonds.
  • Blow dry the bonds any time they get wet.
  • Braid or put my hair back if I’m sleeping or running.

Will it hurt?

Nope. (And I actually find it really relaxing.)

How long will they last?

About 3-4 months, but you can get another set put in. Most clients don’t like to be without their extensions even for a day, so they’ll have two sets in rotation – while one is being re-tipped the other will be in their hair.  The initial cost of the extensions is the most expensive part, but getting them re-tipped is a little more than half the original price.

Re-tipped? Can I reuse the same hair?

Some people like to get new hair each time that they have their extensions done because if you just have them re-tipped you’re losing a little length each time.  Although in our current economy, most people are opting to re-tip instead of re-purchase hair each time.

Make your appointment with Kennedy Van Dyke today!
Kennedy specializes in extensions and color, but she also gives a mean hair cut ; )

Warren Tricomi Salon
8327 Melrose Avenue
West Hollywood, CA 90069
(323) 651-4545

Prices for extensions start at $800 and go up from there – everyone is evaluated and priced on an individual basis depending on their needs.

Full disclosure:  I was not given a discount in exchange for writing this post.

Connect with me, Kallah Maguire on Twitter @emeraldscarab

All my plus size ladies, all my plus size ladies, put your hands up, up… – By Kallah Maguire, The Stylist

March 9th, 2010 4 Comments

Crystal Renn, plus size

‘I’d love to see the fashion industry open their eyes to the variety of women.  That variety is what’s beautiful’ – Crystal Renn, plus size model

There’s so much talk about what size models should be versus what’s healthy, and what size women in general should be verses what’s realistic.  What is realistic is that we’re all different sizes, shapes, and colors, and there’s nothing wrong with that.  Human beings are supposed to be different!  Being healthy and happy at the size that works best for your body type is the most important part.

As you may suspect, my friends and clients that fall into the plus size range have a hard time finding stylish clothes.  Until they talk to me that is ; )   Sexy dresses, flirty skirts, fun tops and classy coats abound at Igigi!  Igigi is a wonderful resource for my plus size ladies that are looking for some style, and one of my favorite brands for sizes 12 and up.

If you take the time to search, there are actually a lot of good plus size brands out there today – Thanks to Beth Ditto there will be another really kick butt one coming out this year, yay!  It’s wonderful to see the fashion world moving (slow as it may be) toward more size varieties, and less stigma on not being a sample size.  I mean come on, curves are sexy!


Photos courtesy of V magazine , SkinnyvsCurvy.com , and Igigi.com

Have you been Zanged lately?

March 2nd, 2010 1 Comment

-By Kallah Maguire, The Stylist

Leah (aka the Nutritionista) and I have been having so much fun sharing new spices and recipes with you on MTM.  So I was pleasantly surprised to find a package on my doorstep she had sent with treats from one of her favorite local restaurants.  Leah wanted to share a true taste of Michigan, since she’s a native and I’ve never been.  Apparently Zingerman’s is a local institution and now I can definitely see why!

The bars topped off movie night as my hubby and I watched The Visitor on Netflix.  My favorite was the “original” that tastes just like a gourmet Snickers, mmm!  Give me dark chocolate, caramel and nuts in some combination and you’ll have made a friend!

Order your own Z Zang gourmet candy bar from Zingermans.com

Trend: Meow

March 2nd, 2010 1 Comment

– By Kallah Maguire, The Stylist

What’s a girl got to to do to get some fashionable sunglasses that don’t break her bank?  All together now… Visit Forever 21!  The cat eye sunglasses that Alexander Wang sent down the runway for his RTW Spring 2010 collection are highly coveted – but also highly priced.

Spring lines are just hitting the stores so guess what, so are their cheaper counterparts!  Clever girls (which I know you all are) will hop on over to the hardware store or hobby shop for some gold, silver, or bronze paint to add the finishing touches to their new Forever 21 find.  DIY fashion upgrades are brilliant, and when people start asking you where you got your fabulous sunglasses you can say “Oh these, they’re custom, I actually designed them myself”.  Priceless, and all for around $13.00!

Pictures courtesy of  Style.com and Forever21.com