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Come on, Irene!

August 28th, 2011 No Comments

Andrew Woj, The Straight Guy Stylist

While Mary braved Mexico City’s nightlife in Jean Paul Gautier, I put on my very finest hurranista (or is it hurricanisto?) fashions fit for a night out with Irene and her tornado warnings, winds of up to 40 mph, and heavy rains that have only just begun.

  • Polo Ralph Lauren striped oxford
  • Columbia anorak jacket (actually a child’s XXL that fits my short little baby t-rex arms perfectly)
  • Levis “shorts” (less fabric to get wet while you stomp through puddles)
  • Hunter boots
  • Billy Reid camp socks

Now that Irene is a bit closer in my direction , I’m going to switch it up to a pair of my most comfortable underwear and a big sweatshirt while I lay low.  Hope everyone is safe!

Fall fashion, now!

August 16th, 2011 No Comments

-Andrew Woj, Straight Guy Stylist.

It’s hot.  Sometimes you can’t even get out of the door in the morning before breaking a sweat.  So for someone who loves cardigans, jackets, coats, boots, and knit hats so much, what am I supposed to do when the temperature is well above 90 degrees?

This week, as I was counting down the days until fall, I had the idea to liven up my otherwise expected summer wardrobe of sweat-friendly outfits.  Looking at the Spring/Summer 2012 collections, I picked out these two looks from Ovadia’s collection to work into my closet now – a year ahead of time!

The pop of color in the first look is unexpected, fresh, and daring while the simplicity of the second look is approachable by men of all levels of style…though I wouldn’t run out and buy a pith helmet any time soon.

Fresh take on a French look

August 9th, 2011 No Comments

— Andrew Woj, The Straight Guy’s Stylist

This week, reader Joe asks:

“I’ve seen pictures of celebrities and men on fashion blogs with small colored knots in their lapels.  What is your take on the look and more importantly, what the heck are these?”

My take on the look.

GO FOR IT!  This is a great way to be a little more individual, especially when wearing a suit or jacket in the summer.  A tiny splash of color, like the yellow you see above, can knock an otherwise completely neutral look up a notch and out of the ballpark.

What is it exactly?

The small knots you see are actually cufflinks.  Also called “monkeys fists” or “turk’s head,” this alternative to the cufflink was introduced by the Parisian shirt maker Charvet in the 20th century.  Not only is it more affordable, but it’s a bolder statement than a traditional metal cufflink and certainly more appealing than any novelty cufflink.  Traditionally made from silk, they are now more mass produced in materials like polyester and cotton.

One stop shops

You can tie the knot on a relationship with these guys by picking them up in a number of places.  Brooks Brothers offers a set for $9 and you can pick from a virtual rainbow of colors.  You can pick up a dozen in assorted colors on Ebay.  Just slip two through your shirt cuffs or put one in the buttonhole in your jacket’s lapel and voila!  The look is achieved.

Ask more questions about men’s fashion and style by emailing me at andrew@morethanmary.com

Photos via the Brooks Brothers blog.

Saturday steal!

August 6th, 2011 No Comments

-Andrew Woj, The Straight Guy Stylist

The laceless twist on this classic Bass shoe style makes it an absolute must-have for fall. I walked away from these twice now, but the price point has officially become irresistible!

Available in a great range of sizes and two colors for only $25, Urban Outfitters is worth giving a gander. And don’t worry – if laces are more your thing, it comes with a pair that you slip through yourself.

A man’s Fourth of July essentials

June 28th, 2011 No Comments

by Andrew Woj, the Straight Guy Stylist

Style is just as important as beer on the the Fourth of July.  With just a little attention to your outfit, you’ll look like a shoo-in and not a Jersey Shore “shoebie.” Try these or something like them.

Paul Smith slim classic swim shorts $120 | A subtle statement compared to over sized floral-print board shorts.  With all swimwear, think “What Would Paul Do?”  And, no – I’m not referring to Pauly D.

Rvca Ptc Crew Tee $16 | Pull on plain tee while your torso is still sun kissed and not scorched. Unlike a graphic tee, you can wash this shirt hundreds of times and it will only get better!

J.Crew nubuck flip flops $38 | You’ll love the versatility in this comfortable classic you can wear day and night with just about anything.

Gap straw pork pie hat $30 | All that salt air feels good, but it doesn’t always look good on unwashed hair.  Throw on a hat before heading into the bar.  I picked up this one and on my most recent trip to the shore, my hair was the last thing on my mind.

Look sharp and smart for your first interview

May 31st, 2011 No Comments

by Andrew Woj, the Straight Guy’s Stylist

Last week I told you what not to wear: cargo pants.  This week, I’m going to give you my fail-safe formula for interview apparel — after all, I’ve been going on my fair share this month.  All you need are these five things to wow the HR director:

1. The undershirt, not a wife beater or tank. Often overlooked, this ensures a smooth shirt with no weird visible lines.

2. The dress shirt. Go with a classic white or light blue or a very subtle pattern.  For my first interview, I always wear white and then switch it up with a smarter shirt for the second interview,  like a very fine grey and white gingham shirt.

3. The tie. Keep it simple: pair solid shirts with patterned, conservative ties and pair slightly patterned shirts with solid ties.  Want to add a little character?  Wear a tie bar; it shows you pay attention to detail.

4. The suit. The darker the better.  Stay away from anything too trendy, especially a skinny trouser.

5. The shoes. Classic, polished, and black. If you’re still looking to play the fashion card, opt for wing tips.

No-Go on The New, No, ALL Cargos

May 17th, 2011 1 Comment


Mary Note: Andrew, I couldn’t agree with you more!

– Andrew Woj, Straight Guy’s Stylist

In this month’s edition GQ is heralding the comeback of The No-Bro Cargo while I still say that any type of pant worthy of an adjective should be a “no-go.”

For me, dubbing them the “No-Bro” cargo is laughable because I think of my three brothers who are proud wearers of cargo pants in the winter and cargo shorts in the summer.  The problem with telling guys it’s OK to wear cargo pants is the fact that they’re not going to seek out the fashion forward pairs from Ralph Lauren or Uniqlo.

But even still, the designer styles that attempt to look more sleek and sophisticated look silly, in my opinion.

If the style factor is out then what is the purpose of the pockets? As men, we’re practical people.  I can’t think of a common situation that calls for such a utilitarian pant with such slim pockets!  What on earth could you put in those saddle bag pockets — pens, paperclips, maybe force in a stapler?

Obviously I’m kidding, but NOT about cargo pants.  The traditional relaxed style, even though they’re comfy, looks sloppy and the more formal approach is pointless AND unattractive.

So hear me loud and clear – unless you’re lounging around the house or making a beer run for the game: NO-GO on the cargos!

Skincare products built by Every Man for Every Wallet

May 3rd, 2011 2 Comments

— Andrew Woj, The Straight Guy’s Stylist

There’s one guy who is going to have your back this summer.  In fact, he’s got your face and hair covered too.  Boys, meet your new buddy Jack.

Every Man Jack is a growing line of hair, skin, and shaving products that you don’t have to “invest” in.  I first discovered EMJ at Target, and in the two years that I’ve see the line grow.  Other guys must love it as much as I do.  So drop the drug store brand body wash and listen up!

Start out with the Every Man Jack Six Pack. Now, this six-pack doesn’t promise washboard abs, but it delivers great results when you wash up. You’ll get a full product makeover: a daily shampoo, body wash, face wash, shave gel, face lotion, and a lip balm so good it won EMJ their third Grooming Award from Men’s Health magazine.

The best part about the Six Pack is the price tag: $25. Talk about a company who knows men!