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Has Tom Ford hit the metrosexual man on the head? Or slapped him in the face?

November 19th, 2013 No Comments

TOM FORD for Men Skincare

My favorite fashion bad boy launched a line of skincare AND cosmetics for men this week.  He says:

“Fine grooming starts with the habit of looking closely at your face. Learn to see what your skin needs. Is it dry? Oily? Depleted and stressed? Take care of that with a few quick steps, then camouflage any imperfections. And, if you need it, use a bronzer to add a natural tint of color. These are things most men could easily do, but don’t.” —Tom Ford 

Easy is an interesting choice of words, don’t you think?

Most men I know don’t know the first thing about what their skin needs, let alone what to buy for it.  It seems like Mr. Ford is not only acknowledging that, but he’s criticizing the current state of skincare for men.  The products they’re using aren’t “[counteracting] the visible effects of fatigue that the modern man’s lifestyle of travel, late nights and outdoor sports has on the skin.”

Soon to be sold at Neiman Marcus, TOM FORD for Men Skincare with “anti-irritant properties” smooths out the wear and tear from late nights in St. Tropez, skiing in Aspen, and yachting the Virgin Islands. And the unassuming jet setter need not pick between products, simply buy one of each.  Brilliant!  If he can afford it.  Considering that a TF lipstick is $50, you shouldn’t be surprised a magic man concealer stick is $48.  (Men know they could simply get one from a women’s line for cheaper right…)

TOM FORD for Men Skincare

I can’t decide if I’m kidding or not.  As a girl who appreciates an older man for his looks, maturity, and metrosexual tendencies, I support TF in his concern for rejuvenating hygiene.  I’ll even go so far as to not cringe at the thought of a man wearing canceler.  But bronzer just goes to far, in my opinion.  Men don’t need makeup.  You’re handsome, just as you are.  You tell women this all the time.

There’s one more stroke of genius here.  Unlike most women’t products, TF Beauty NEVER claims the products are anti-aging!  In other words, we’re not dealing with your wrinkles.  Those life lessons are for keeps.  (You’ll still need botox for that.)

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January brings the heat to your pores.

October 29th, 2013 No Comments

About two months ago I was set up to meet January Olds, founder of a skincare line I “had to try.”  Within about two minutes I was instantly in love with her: a 30-something, drop dead gorgeous entrepreneur who is outspoken like you wouldn’t believe.  It was a match made in Santa Monica heaven.  We were introduced for social media purposes, but the only thing that has really come of that intention are some crazy instagram pics.

Anyway, since our meeting I have been using her January Labs facial products, a small but very powerful line.  I haven’t written about them until now because I wanted to give myself ample time to explain to you WHY I LOVE THEM so much: they actually deliver the results they claim to give your skin!  My two favorites are these:

January Labs skincare products


GLOW and GO Power Peel Exfoliant

This little tub of goo packs a big punch. January, a licensed esthetician for over 12 years, designed this mask to exfoliate your pores without removing your skin.  How does that happen? Heat!  The cinnamon-base generates a little bit of heat to stimulate blood flow that engages your pores to purge the dirt and delivers oxygen to deprived cells.  She used the same stuff that pill capsules are made out of to ensure that the mask doesn’t actually penetrate your skin.  This way you can use it up to three times a week without destroying the surface of your face.  It’s brilliant!  You get the glow from a glycolic peel without the reddness and recovery time.

Revitalizing Day Cream

I feel the effect from this cream when I don’t wear makeup.  After I cleanse and spritz on toner, this silk smooth little lotion makes my skin feel likes a baby’s butt…ALL DAY LONG! Be mindful when you use it, you only need half a pump to cover your face and neck.

Both of these products will enhance your existing routine.  If you’re looking to make a switch, try her travel pack for $20 so you can sample the three daily essentials in the line.

You know what they say: The proof is in the pudding.  January’s skin is FLAWLESS!  Here she is, no makeup, making me eggs :)




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Time to get festive. First up: freaky!

October 8th, 2013 No Comments


Let the games begin. Halloween leads us into the happy season of holidays.  (CLICK THE PIC TO ENLARGE)

I think Halloween is fun when you have kids. They get such a kick out of the pumpkin carving, costumes, candy, etc.  You can’t NOT have fun in their company!  For me, as an adult, Halloween falls into the category of events that never live up to their hype.

Plus, I dress like a slut on daily basis so I don’t need the “costume ” excuse.

KIDDING, just kidding obviously.

Many of my girlfriends actually love Halloween.  In that vein, here are two brands that make fashionable accessories to get you in the spirit:

Both are reasonably priced and fat free so you can celebrate without guilt.

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Miracle Moisture Spray: It’s A 10

August 20th, 2013 No Comments



First of all, meet Max (@liolind on Instagram), the young little beauty I entrusted to do my highlights in LA.  Raphael Portet (my stylist for 5 years now who specializes in blonde) is thousands of miles away in NYC and Houston.  You know it can be exciting but also SOOO nerve racking to go to someone new, especially when color is involved.  But when I saw how meticulous Max was with other clients, my fears subsided and I gladly put my hair in her hands.  She did an AMAZING job; my highlights are truly flawless.  If you’re in LA, you can find Max at The Local Salon in North Hollywood.

Before she blew dry my hair, she spritzed it with It’s a 10 5  Minute Hair Repair for Blondes.



This stuff is truly magical and made my hair feel like a baby’s.

Recently publicists have been sending me a lot of moisturizing products: that new Macadamia nut line, revamped Mane & Tail, Morcoccan Oil, etc.  I’ve been trying them out but nothing really blew me away like this spray.

It’s a 10 makes a whole line of products for different types of hair and needs.  You can find it in the drug store or buy it online (reduced prices at Walgreens and Amazon).  You’ll raise your eyebrows at the price, especially if you see it at CVS, but know it will last a long time.

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Scared of a little laser?

July 2nd, 2013 No Comments

Mary Rambin scared


It’s been YEARS since I had laser hair removal treatment on my….nether regions.  At the time, circa 2007,  it was so painful, I couldn’t stand to finish the treatments so I gave them away to Julia.  We did a whole TMIweekly episode on it in which we all agreed the treatment hurt; Megan even suggested using numbing cream.  I’m just a big baby when it comes to pain.  You know this if you’ve ever watched one of my botox videos. Or the taser video, remember when I volunteered to get tasered at CES?  What the H was I thinking?!

So when I decided to get laser on my arm pits and….nether regions….again, I was a little freaked out.

The attendant talked me down off the ledge and once I let her get started I realized it wasn’t painful AT ALL.  Not even in those super soft places :)  Thank goodness technology has improved the process!!



Mary Rambin laser hair removal


I’m only two treatments in at Laser Away in Santa Monica so I can’t attest if it works.  (LaserAway has tons of locations!)  My friends all love it and rave about their hairlessness, which is why I decided to give it another shot.

The ideal candidate for a successful laser treatment series is someone with dark hair and light skin.  The laser can change the color of your skin so the lighter the better.

Other notable details:

  • 4-6 treatments is necessary to see results.  You spread them out over 6-8 weeks.
  • You shouldn’t be in the sun days before or after your treatment.
  • You can resume normal activity immediately.
  • Groupon and Gilt City are great places to find BIG discounts.
  • Best to do 6-8 months BEFORE bathing suit season so you’re done when it’s time to strip down.

Obviously I am a little late on the treatment…Guess that means I’ll have to find a tropical vacay in December :)

(Full disclosure: no media rate offered by LaserAway.)

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Keihl-er products

June 25th, 2013 No Comments



People email me all the time asking what products I use in the shower.  I really haven’t had one shower to call my own in a while so the best answer to that question was “whatever they stock in SoulCycle.”

Now that I’m settling down, I am LOVING Kiehl’s.  Every time I get a Kiehl’s product via their PR I love it, but I’ve never been able to subscribe to the brand as a whole.  Something about everyone  and their mother using it I suppose.  Now I realize, there’s a reason everyone uses it:


The Sunflower shampoo and conditioner is vitamin rich, Sulfate-free, Paraben-free, Silicon-free, gluten free I’m sure, everything we need it be free, yet it still suds up beautifully and makes my hair softer than its been in a long time.

(For those of you looking for a more affordable Paraben free option, I will refer you to L’Oreal.  But, having used it several times at my Mom’s house, I really didn’t get the extreme softness I do with the Keihl’s.)

The Rare Earth Deep Pore Daily Cleanser is a little bit more aggressive than I’ve used in the past, but a little dab does the job and doesn’t wreak havoc on my pores while it cleans.  I’ll admit, it’s not the best with removing makeup.  On the other hand, no matter what cleanser I use, I have to reach for the Neutrogena makeup remover afterwards to get off the leftover mascara and base.

Finally, pictured is also my old faithful Gillette Fusion razor.  My head hair eventually becomes unresponsive to products I love  (see those by Molton Brown, Biolage, Paul Mitchell), yet my old faithful GIllete Fusion never lets me down when it comes to body hair. I left it in the pic because most women are surprised when I name it as my favorite.

(Full disclosure: Products in this post were not provided by PR.  Many thanks to Glenn for turning me on to them!)

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Your bare legs are begging for bug bites

June 12th, 2013 No Comments
Living in Texas, we know to be prepared with repellant, but those of you traveling might not know you will be under attack.  Be prepared with ethese Skin So Soft Bug Guard Towelettes from Avon.  They take up no space in your bag, and they’re much better for your skin than the OFF you’ll likely find at your destination.
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A Secret to my beach hair

June 4th, 2013 4 Comments



My friend, who shall remain nameless, who occasionally visits those crazy reblogging sites, tells me my nickname has become “MMBH” which stands for Mare Mare Beach Hair.  First of all, that’s hysterical. I think it stems from my days living in Playa del Carmen with this particular friend and posting pics where I didn’t have a stitch of make up on or any product in my hair.

Tons of you wrote in asking “how do you make your hair wavy like that?”  I had a method back then. I never posted it. (Sorry!)

Recently, since I’ve been doing nothing really but spinning, I don’t do my hair or my makeup.  I feel like a ragamuffin (as my mom would say).  So you can understand my surprise when I get consistent compliments on my hair!  I should say, EVERYONE likes my hair better this way.

Well, I don’t!  <<stamp my foot with a pouty face>> I prefer it straight, I feel better when it’s straight, and it’s easier to manage when it’s straight.

That being said, to straighten it is a process and time consuming.  In order to get this wavy look everyone loves….I don’t have to do a THING to it.

The secret I’ll offer you is this: DON’T BRUSH YOUR HAIR after the shower.

Throw it up in a towel to let it dry and then shake it out with your fingers 10 minutes later.  Then you have a wet head until it dries.  The wait can be a little annoying if you’re trying to get out the door, but if you’re not doing anything to it, your hair will just dry on the way.  I always bring a rubber band in case it falls flat so I can just throw it up in a bun or pony tail.

My friend Lily actually has long thick beautiful hair that couldn’t get curly if she tried, but she refuses to brush it an so she  has this nice little wave going on.

You can try a light gel product to scrunch into it.  Just make sure the weight of the product it’s heavy because it will pull your hair flat.  I’m going to look into a few other kinds of products and I’ll report back.

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