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Ray Ban people, it’s time to switch it up this summer

May 6th, 2014 No Comments


I always think of Warby Parker as a hipster, Brooklyn brand.  You know, skinny guys in tight, cuffed jeans, with fitted button downs and cool shades.  I use their instagram in client pitches all the time because their gallery is so well curated to convey the lifestyle.  HOWEVER, the truth is, WB frames are approachable for everyone.  They modernize vintage styles making them versatile and easy to wear.  Then, they price them reasonably.

I would say if you’re a Ray Ban person looking to add a little flare to your face, WP is your answer.

Today they launched their Summer collection that includes 9 new frames and 4 new colors.  “You’ll find bookish silhouettes in surf-inspired hues and classic styles in beach shack shades.”

Price is simply $95.  Click here to shop.

Like TOMS shoes, for each pair sold, a pair goes to someone in need.


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Apparently I’m REALLY stressed out….

October 19th, 2010
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While You Were Sleeping….

September 17th, 2010 No Comments

While you were sleeping I made this video.

Not sure where I got the energy to work so late, but here I am, awake at 3am typing my little heart out.

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September 15th, 2010 No Comments

Art A La Carte

Designers weren’t the only artists displaying their work at Fashion’s Night Out events in Houston.  Check out these three painters whose pieces really spoke to me.


He’s actually become a friend after I met at last summer at the Colton and Farb Gallery. On first glance I fell IN LOVE with his work and the first painting below has been on my desktop and Twitter page every since.  Last night his pieces adorned Mariposa, the cafe in Neiman Marcus.




We came across her installation called “If Nothing Else Matters” at the PEEL Gallery. She creates paper mache sculptures using big designer brands and their quintessential pieces to make you think about the necessity and use of the products.

(Goyard Violin Case)




And she’s also known for replicating old magazine covers and ads.



Her latest work revolves around her sexual orientation.



A native Houstonian, Joe has been a successful artist longer than I have been alive.  Obviously he’s much cooler than me, but was sweet enough to show me around his show at the new Barbara Davis Gallery.

Joe saturates the canvas with newspaper print and then removes the actual paper.  His pantings seem quite one dimensional in photos, but up close they have a lot of character.  Because they’re simple and not too bold, the pieces in this series would work in so many different interior aesthetics.

He also does sculpture which I didn’t get to hear a lot about, but again, it seems pretty versatile.



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September 6th, 2010 No Comments


My floor seat for the Boise State game. Two things I love in one night: exercise and college football. Now if Gatorade came out with a beer I’d be all set.

Btw, I really feel for B State. USC gets screwed by their strength of schedule all the time. These last couple seasons they screwed themselves, but I’m trying to stay positive here. We beat Hawaii. Woot.

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Be Creative In Someone Else’s Space

August 18th, 2010 No Comments

When I can’t escape my desk, but need a minute to myself, I let my eyes and mind wander in other people’s creative space.

Through beautifully composed and thoughtful photography, Where We Create catalogues everything big and small that surrounds an artist to give you a tour of the visual environment they find inspiring.

I find that things jump off the screen and influence me when I least expect it. Five minutes on this site is the most productive procrastination (besides cleaning my apartment) I’ve had in a long time.

(found on carolynannahall)

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July 14th, 2010 No Comments

An Update and Ramblings

A few notes to bring you up to speed on me, MTM, and other stuff:

— My visit to LA is about to come to an end. I’ve loved every minute of it, but I’ll be honest, I’m glad I no longer live here. It’s a vibrant city and a perfect place for some people, but it ain’t me babe, at least not anymore. I’m more mellow now. And I could really care less about the entertainment industry. Well, I shouldn’t say that…I don’t care about celebrities and all of their drama, moreso now than ever.

— MTM is a struggle. I can’t seem to find a designer that understands my vision. I’d appreciate your feedback on the latest iteration because I’m too far into this project to see clearly.

— Consulting work is going well and I’m considering taking on another client.

— My back is absolutely killing me.

— Adrien and I are heading back to Mexico asap because our 4th of July trip was canceled. And heaven forbid I stay in Houston too long ;)

— The idea of re-launching Moe really gets me excited. But there is no way I’m doing it without a partner.

— My agent suggested I post more videos. Seconds later he showed me the most popular video on YouTube. Do you know what that is? The Annoying Orange! How F-ing Annoying is it that a loud-mouth orange spouting stupid jokes gets 24 million views in a couple days. Unpack that fact on several different levels. No, really think about it. Kinda disgusting if you ask me.

— The iPad is so close to being the perfect mobile computer it’s frustrating.

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I love the way my hair feels without any product in it.

June 25th, 2010 No Comments

We never talk about that.

No makeup – we dare each other to do that all the time (come on, you know it’s scary if you can’t wear sunnies all day or can use the pool/beach as an excuse).

But doesn’t it feel good to not worry about your hair, let it dry on its own, and just throw it back in a rubber band?  No one cares.

I’m not talking to you girls who just have naturally gorgeous hair.  This is for all my feather-haired, wavy-in-a-bad-way, random cow lick, brittle dry, unmanageable haired girls out there.

Running my hands through my soft, barely there fo right now :)

And so begins another late night for me.

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