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You can’t hide out in this camo.

April 1st, 2014 No Comments



If you’re wearing Valentino this spring, you’re going for stylish, not stealthy.  Both the camo and neon trends have been popular in years past.  Here they’re combined to make every outfit more funky and playful.

Ironically, Valentino’s collection for Spring is much more sophisticated.




I snapped these pics and snagged the pink bikini at Just One Eye, a private hidden boutique on Romaine (just east of La Brea).  They are my Valentino, Proenza, and The Row headquarters.  So many other A-Mazing collections in there….if you’re in LA, you must see it for yourself.  The website is very cool as well.  The prices are steep, but if nothing else, the style is inspiring.

Like a typical man, Mason chills while Mommy shops…and stares me down to “hurry up.”


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Bob ‘n weave

March 18th, 2014 No Comments



Whether you like it or not (that would be me), the woven trend resurfaces every spring and hangs around until September.  This year is no different.  Go trendy, preppy, indie, or hippie with it.

From top left clockwise:

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Vintage flare

February 25th, 2014 No Comments



The cat eye frame is a classic.  Over the last few years, designers have modernized it by simplifying and enlarging the style.  My Tom Fords are a perfect example. Now our favorite brands are going to the extreme with the vintage look using angles and unexpected color combos.

Tom Ford (top photo) chooses to make a statement instead of offering the flattering design.  You would have to be quite the sassy sista to run around in those. Or create your outfits around the glasses.  Oliver Peoples (bottom left) and Chanel (bottom right) are more conservative for the those of us who like to wear our sunnies with a variety of outfits.  Although, you can’t tell in these pictures, the OP have a dramatic ombre effect and the Chanels are fully mirrored in a peach color.

Whichever brand you choose, this little vintage flare will catch an envious glare from those around you (myself included).  Vintage is NOT easy to full off.

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Subscribe to your personal style

February 11th, 2014 No Comments



With NYFW going on right now, we’re reminded fashion is important.  We really need to subscribe to these “new” trends.  If you watch the shows, you’re given a heads up as to what’s coming so you can even plan your attack of the racks ahead of time.

Living in LA, I care less and less to the concept of fashion.  I wear what I love.  Because it feels good, it looks good.  My personal style evolves with what I absorb, not what I research (like it used to back in my NYFW days.)  It’s so liberating!

Ironically, the idea that street style, not runway glam, wins on the street is a trend in itself.

My sister is case and point.  Please don’t get me wrong, she’s exemplary of so many trends.  The notable part is how she makes them her own.

For the Kreation photo shoot (some pics above), I wanted to portray Venice culture: a SoCal hipster vibe.  Leven asked me, “What do you want me to wear?”  My response, “Anything you want.  You always look so cute.”  knowing full well her personal style would be beyond anything I could conjure up.  This is how she arrived.  Nothing appears to match, but it does.  Each accessory catches you eye and holds your attention.  Down to the writing on her shirt and rhinestones on her jacket….PERFECTION. Casual, glam, funky, and unique.  Trendy? Who knows or who cares.  She looks and feels fabulous!

So this post has nothing to do with what you should wear or how to spice up your wardrobe. My friend January wears 4 colors: black, white, gray, and beige.  Nothing spectacular about the pallet.  What’s stunning is how she wears it.  Every outfit, even her workout gear, looks chic.  She loves it and therefore so do you.

Subscribe to your style.  Push it in different directions.  See what you love, know what you hate, and let your clothes make you feel good.

(Photos by Kelly Fajak)

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Is that what I think it is?

February 4th, 2014 No Comments

Chanel sneakers

Yep, that is a Chanel “running” shoe. Or, as some of you call them ,sneakers.  Whether or not you can actually use it for jogging is unclear (I don’t think anyone has even asked the question or cares).  What we do know is that they caused more of scene than exposed nipples when they hit the runway…paired with suits an gowns.  Ummmm….what?!

Chanel sneakers black

If you’re a New Yorker and walk to work, the suit-sneaker combo isn’t uncommon for you.  It’s the only comfortable way to hustle around the island.  But no one needs expensive sneakers.  So it’s not that we need them, it’s that we want the little luxury.  Nike has done a good job supporting our feet with cute, functional activewear and our wallet with a more affordable price.  Now Chanel is upping the anti, just like they did with suits and bags.

The bottom line for me: if I’m buying Chanel, my money certainly isn’t going to sneakers.

Chanel high tops black

I suppose Chanel just wanted a foot in the crazy kicks game.  Although Lagerfeld has been quoted saying, “I don’t do sneakers.”  You know who does though?  Los Angeles.  I’ll see these all over the streets…and, honestly, I’ll stop for a moment of envy and then get on with my latte.

Here’s a sneak peak at the Summer collection:

Chanel sneakers 2014 summer

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The Big Shoe Shift of 2013

October 22nd, 2013 No Comments

Celebrity pointy toed booties


I’ve been wondering when the platform craze would die down and my coveted rounded toes would be replaced.  Now, my fashionista friends, is the time.

It doesn’t matter what your personal style mantra is, what the day calls for, what the attire is for the occasion, your shoes should have pointed toes and your feet should be securely on the ground.

Jessica Alba Fall 2013

So unfortunately all of the platform Louboutins and YSLs with rounded toes we’ve been collecting for the last five years will have to hide out in a dust bag while pointed toes take center stage again.

For someone with a size 10 foot, the silhouette is so defeating. I make every effort to make my feet look SMALLER, not longer! That being said, I’m a fan of the style because it adds attitude to an outfit.

Let’s see how the celebs are adopting the shift, shall we?


Pumps with an ankle strap are an obvious fave.

Celebrity Fall 2013 Celebrity Fall 2013


Boots and booties evolved as well.

Reese Witherspoon Fall 2013Celebrity Fall 2013Celebrity Fall 2013


And let’s not forget flats.


Celebrity Fall 2013


(all photos via PeopleStyleWatch.com)

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Time to get festive. First up: freaky!

October 8th, 2013 No Comments


Let the games begin. Halloween leads us into the happy season of holidays.  (CLICK THE PIC TO ENLARGE)

I think Halloween is fun when you have kids. They get such a kick out of the pumpkin carving, costumes, candy, etc.  You can’t NOT have fun in their company!  For me, as an adult, Halloween falls into the category of events that never live up to their hype.

Plus, I dress like a slut on daily basis so I don’t need the “costume ” excuse.

KIDDING, just kidding obviously.

Many of my girlfriends actually love Halloween.  In that vein, here are two brands that make fashionable accessories to get you in the spirit:

Both are reasonably priced and fat free so you can celebrate without guilt.

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It’s worse than the capri comeback. Uglier than Uggs…

October 1st, 2013 No Comments

That’s right.  Birkenstocks are back!

I saw one pair in NYC and then the trend spread like the plague in front of my eyes.  And I hate hate hate to admit it, but they look really cute paired with a feminine outfit.

Honestly, I don’t think I had a pair when they were popular the first time around.  Besides Uggs, there can’t be a more unflattering shoe for someone with a sasquatch-sized foot like mine.  Sigh.


Celebs seem to favor the Gizeh, the more feminine t-strap style.

INamed after the second largest city in Crete, the Chania style looks a little more edge.

Click here to browse their selection.  Prices start at $130.

I’ll let you know when I jump on the bandwagon.  My shoes or choice right now are Valentino flats, croc sandals, and these Phillip Morel gold sneakers.  Nothing fancy; no wedge or spikes.  They just make me smile.

Gold sneakers mary rambin

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