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Crazy pants make me feel stronger + Discount Code

September 23rd, 2014 No Comments

Mary Rambin crazy workout pants by Onzie


Don’t ask me why the crazy pants are empowering, it’s a mind game….like with most things in life.

I was reminded of this when I wore my fire orange Nike pants for a 5:30 am workout this morning.  The color is like visual stimulation, an energy source, a playful reminder of the fact that I ENJOY the challenge!

For as often as I work out, I need quite a collection.  Just to show you a few:

Graphic workout pants

The two on the left are Nike, the two on the right are Onzie.

Recently I’ve discovered two new fun resources: Alter Ego and Carbon38.

Carbon38 workout pants

I love Carbon38 because they carry Onzie and a great selection of other brands.  You won’t find anything boring on their site so it’s fun to browse.

Use my discount code and get $25 off your order of $100+.


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You can’t hide out in this camo.

April 1st, 2014 No Comments



If you’re wearing Valentino this spring, you’re going for stylish, not stealthy.  Both the camo and neon trends have been popular in years past.  Here they’re combined to make every outfit more funky and playful.

Ironically, Valentino’s collection for Spring is much more sophisticated.




I snapped these pics and snagged the pink bikini at Just One Eye, a private hidden boutique on Romaine (just east of La Brea).  They are my Valentino, Proenza, and The Row headquarters.  So many other A-Mazing collections in there….if you’re in LA, you must see it for yourself.  The website is very cool as well.  The prices are steep, but if nothing else, the style is inspiring.

Like a typical man, Mason chills while Mommy shops…and stares me down to “hurry up.”


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Pick the perfect holiday dress: be seductive without being too sexy

December 3rd, 2013 No Comments

So you’ve been invited to office parties , family dinners, charity events, the list goes on for the holidays.  Now  you need to find something that will be suitable across the board.  I believe the key to a dress that’s appropriate for all occasions is one that bares ONLY one area.  Pick your money spot and dress around it!  Below you’ll find some red carpet examples, but the rule applies to more casual dresses and 2 piece combos as well.  Follow it or…

Kendall Jenner 2013

Look like Kendall Jenner.  I’m sure your boss’ wife will love that!


If you have bigger boobs, I will tell you to stay away from a plugging neckline.  Cleavage is too obvious of a play and a little bit overboard for most formal holiday functions. Plus you get to use it all throughout the year. Because you have size on your side, you can wear something with a high neck and let the shape speak for itself.

Taylor shows off her figure in this Herve Leroux dress without showing any skin.

If you’re on the smaller size, go for a lower neck, but with modesty.



Not to be mistaken for a halter (which is not on trend), the inverted neckline of this Stella McCartney dress makes it look stylish instead of prudish.


So, Paula Patton doesn’t this Versace dress justice, in my opinion.  But you see where I’m going with this.


Everything is covered except for Elizabeth Banks’ beautiful back in this Bill Blass dress.  The color is helpful as well, but even a black sequined dress would have been stunning.


If you have no interest in showing off anything, I get it.  I feel that way a lot.  So, if that’s the case, let your accessories shine!  (Just please don’t match them perfectly like Eve).

Need some help putting the outfit together?  

CLICK HERE for my video checklist to help you get dressed up without getting stressed out!

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GILT for the outdoor adventurer: TheCLYMB

September 10th, 2013 No Comments


You know the GILT sale drill.  At TheClymb.com, it’s applied to sportswear and gear, mostly for the outdoors.

Shop TheClymb.com

They also seem to have a collection of gear on sale without an end time.  Click CLYMB365 to browse the selection of shoes and apparel.


For those of you who are truly adventurous, they offer discounts on outdoor experiences as well.  Zimbabwe for $600, I would look into that!

Discount outdoor travel at TheClymb

Finally, I think the most valuable part of TheCLYMB is their info.  The blog offers so many stories, videos and tips for “adventure travel.” There are also several guides to help you prep for your trip.  It’ all written with a guy’s sensibility, which makes it more fun to read :)

TheClymb Luggage tips


Thanks for the intro Mike!

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Sun screen with style

July 9th, 2013 1 Comment

Mary Rambin 2013

I’ve got three layers going on in this photo:

I give the Tavat glasses two nods: one for the glasses and the second for the technology inside them.

Tavat Riviera Sunglasses

Tavat developed a synthetic melanin (our body’s natural defense to UV and HEV) to infuse into their lenses for extra eye protection.    We really can’t argue with MORE protection from the sun, especially when it comes in such a stylish package!

Maison Michel hat

Hats are effective as well.  That being said, unless it’s cute, you won’t see me caught dead in a hat.

The M hat is from JustOneEye where my fabulous friend Andy works.  He says they can’t keep them in stock, and I know why! All of the styles have their own character yet seem to go with everything.  And cover up unruly hair :)

Shaded Head To Toe:

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Earn real money with your old stuff!

February 27th, 2013 No Comments

Threadflip Mary Rambin

I’m not going to lie, it’s nice to have checks coming in from my resale sites these days.  Clothes, jewelry, and accessories that I NEVER or rarely wear anymore are now making me real money!  The key is to be smart about where you resell your stuff.

My outlets:


  • Consign top designer brand pieces that are like new.  A concierge will come to your house if you have 10 pieces or more to consign or you can ship them in for assessment.
  • You get 60% of selling price. That’s the best I’ve ever seen.
  • For info or to consign, contact Nicole.Fornaro@therealreal.com


  • DIY consignment
  • Post your own picks to their site, describe the item, and name your own price
  • Share your sale across social platforms to promote
  • They provide shipping label already paid for
  • Fee: 20% of sale price
  • Shop my closet here

Local Consignment Stores

  • Take in your stuff and they pull what they want
  • Usually hangs on the racks for 90 days until which time you donate or take back
  • Labels they accept depends on the store.
  • Ones I use: Labels in Atlanta (will take my Zara!), Little Bird in Houston, tons now in Soho NYC I’ve seen


  • Sell all of my old gold and silver jewelry instantly for cash
  • Pay the highest price per ounce I’ve seen
  • Have a party and earn 10% of total they buy
  • Email me Mary@MoreThanMary.com for more details and I can help set you up
  • Have earned THOUSANDS without selling a lot of stuff

Other sites I’ve heard of:


  • Consign any label women’s clothes
  • Fees 38.5% of sale
  • $10 for clean out kit


  • Consign iAnything or video games
  • Fees: 12% first 100, 8% after that, $1-3 for shipping kit


  • fee 15% sale price plus $2.34 closing fee

Collectables, furniture, designer goods:


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Challenging spring trends should prove to be fun

February 6th, 2013 No Comments


Some trends that have just hit the racks are what I call the four P’s of spring:

1. Prints
2. Peplum
3. Pink
4. Pedestrian

**Click the image to see it bigger.

You’re probably saying to yourself, those are nothing new. That’s true. It’s just how designers have used them this season that makes them interesting.

Instead of just wearing one print, designers are now juxtaposing prints that don’t necessarily match on one piece. Color palettes and even themes are different. In one outfit, you can pretty much wear any two, three, or even four prints (if you’re daring) and get away with it….IF you do so with confidence. Try it out on a small scale first, then go more playful as the season unfolds. It’s a new way of thinking (at least for my generation) so it should be fun!

I’ll give you peplum tops as not being new, but I think they might be for your closet. They’ve been around in RTW collections for 3 seasons now, so if you don’t have one yet, it’s time to jump on board.

Pink is brighter than ever in every style, print, and form. Find something in neon you don’t have already.

I’m calling jersey combinations “pedestrian” because it’s what I consider comfortable daytime wear. Californians have been running around like this for what seems like centuries, but they have a more boho look about them. This look is more fitted and detailed (see the rouching in the skirt) as opposed to shabby chic. In terms of tones, you see in the picture above a combination of cool and warm neutrals; kind of like how we combo silver and gold these days but on a cotton scale. (Nice work Tina!)

If you have any questions on how to wear these, feel free to leave them in the comments below.

(Photo taken at Tootsies flagship store in Houston. To stay up to date on latest trends and designer pieces to hit the floor, follow them on Twitter or Instagram @shoptootsies. It’s a guilty little pleasure of mine:))

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REAL deals on your favorite designers

November 27th, 2012 No Comments


Moving to Atlanta gave me another opportunity to clean out my closet! I found a load of designer pieces I was ready to part with.  Some were worn in, most looked like new, and a handful had never been worn (ugh).  What should I do with this stuff?  My first move was to give the cashmere and big brand pieces to friends. I like finding my clothes good fashionista homes :) Then I posted a lot of stuff on Threadflip (get invite here and shop my closet here), the new DIY resale site based in San Fran.  Great concept, big brands, reputable fashion bloggers, beautiful execution, and flawless functionality.  My shoes were the hot ticket item on that platform, but the clothes didn’t sell.  My next move was to go to a local consignment store, but the very day I was on my way over I saw an ad for TheRealReal  in Atlantan magazine. I know, the name is a little weird, but their concept is awesome. They claimed high end designer resale of flawless items, 70% of the selling price to the consigner, in-house pick up with their white glove service, and they will do all of the photography and shipping.  SOLD!

Today, Nicole came over and checked out my stuff with a very critical eye.  The biggest thing she was hunting for was not flaws, but brands.  Online shoppers want the label.  I totally get that.  So unfortunatley she didn’t take it all (honestly, I wouldn’t have either), but she did take a good chunk.  The rest I’m now taking over to the resale store and we’ll see what happens.

Check out TheRealReal to shop for yourself and even gifts, seriously.  I can now attest it’s a legit source for quality designer clothes at a steal price.  If you want to consign, contact Nicole directly at nicole.fornaro@therealreal.com (If you do consign with them, tell them I sent you!)


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