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Pre-order your holiday party show-stopper now!

September 30th, 2014 2 Comments



I’m not one to fawn over accessories, especially ones with your name emblazoned across the front, but when Kristen walked into the house with this clutch, it opened a floodgate of compliments.

After I stopped gushing, Kristen filled me in on the details. The custom-made acrylic clutch is from Edie Parker, a line started by Brett Heyman.  Before starting  EP, Brett did PR for Gucci and worked at Elle.  The inspiration for the “wearable sculptures” comes from the showgirls and socialites of the 50’s and 60’s.  Due to the fact that they’re all hand-made, prices start at $895.

Considering I’m the girl who started a line of handbags based on functionality, I am as surprised as you are to hear myself say:

“Let’s forget the fact it’s totally impractical and cumbersome,

it’s a show-stopper and that’s all that matters.”

With all of the parties you’ll be going to over the holidays, an EP clutch will not only make you stand out, but also be a great conversation piece.  

Coupled with its unique nature, the versatility makes the price point more justifiable.  Kristen paired it with jeans, a white t, and Chloe wedges for a casual evening out.

If you’re going to spend the money, I say go Bespoke like Kristen and create your own clutch ($1595 or $1795).  Delivery takes 8-10 weeks so that’s why you need to order it now!

Edie Parker Bespoke Clutch

or shop the collection (starting at $895).

Edie Parket Clutches


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Ray Ban people, it’s time to switch it up this summer

May 6th, 2014 No Comments


I always think of Warby Parker as a hipster, Brooklyn brand.  You know, skinny guys in tight, cuffed jeans, with fitted button downs and cool shades.  I use their instagram in client pitches all the time because their gallery is so well curated to convey the lifestyle.  HOWEVER, the truth is, WB frames are approachable for everyone.  They modernize vintage styles making them versatile and easy to wear.  Then, they price them reasonably.

I would say if you’re a Ray Ban person looking to add a little flare to your face, WP is your answer.

Today they launched their Summer collection that includes 9 new frames and 4 new colors.  “You’ll find bookish silhouettes in surf-inspired hues and classic styles in beach shack shades.”

Price is simply $95.  Click here to shop.

Like TOMS shoes, for each pair sold, a pair goes to someone in need.


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REAL deals on your favorite designers

November 27th, 2012 No Comments


Moving to Atlanta gave me another opportunity to clean out my closet! I found a load of designer pieces I was ready to part with.  Some were worn in, most looked like new, and a handful had never been worn (ugh).  What should I do with this stuff?  My first move was to give the cashmere and big brand pieces to friends. I like finding my clothes good fashionista homes :) Then I posted a lot of stuff on Threadflip (get invite here and shop my closet here), the new DIY resale site based in San Fran.  Great concept, big brands, reputable fashion bloggers, beautiful execution, and flawless functionality.  My shoes were the hot ticket item on that platform, but the clothes didn’t sell.  My next move was to go to a local consignment store, but the very day I was on my way over I saw an ad for TheRealReal  in Atlantan magazine. I know, the name is a little weird, but their concept is awesome. They claimed high end designer resale of flawless items, 70% of the selling price to the consigner, in-house pick up with their white glove service, and they will do all of the photography and shipping.  SOLD!

Today, Nicole came over and checked out my stuff with a very critical eye.  The biggest thing she was hunting for was not flaws, but brands.  Online shoppers want the label.  I totally get that.  So unfortunatley she didn’t take it all (honestly, I wouldn’t have either), but she did take a good chunk.  The rest I’m now taking over to the resale store and we’ll see what happens.

Check out TheRealReal to shop for yourself and even gifts, seriously.  I can now attest it’s a legit source for quality designer clothes at a steal price.  If you want to consign, contact Nicole directly at nicole.fornaro@therealreal.com (If you do consign with them, tell them I sent you!)


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I finally bought a new pair of running shoes!

May 21st, 2012 1 Comment


After much deliberation and hunting, I finally bought a pair of Brooks running shoes to carry me through the summer. Some of you suggested them so they were on my list to try.  It was love at first slip on I tell ya.  I’m not a big runner, but with all of the upcoming travel and my twice a week Blast900 classes, I’ll be running more and need something more supportive than Nike Frees, which they just brought back on the market.

Here’s what I like about the Brooks PureProject shoe: The sole is light and almost as flexible as a Nike Free.  Inside there is substantial cushion so I land softly and a noticeable arch support that makes it fit like a glove.  The design is not my favorite but it’s tolerable.  I had to search for this color combo because it’s now discontinued.  The purple one would have been fine, but I have a purple pair of Nike Lunars I wear to lift and lunge in.  (It’s super sturdy.)

On the Brooks website, they have a quick Shoe Advisor questionnaire that will help you decide what model is best for you.

During my search, I kept my eyes and ears open to see what other people are wearing.  Readers and Blasters have a huge love affair with Newton. I wasn’t a fan of the “Action/Reaction” technology that propels you forward.  You can see the elevation in the right photo. They have two different levels of lift, but both were too aggressive for me.  It’s meant for a runner who lands on the front of their foot and I am pretty heavy on my heels.  Plus, the shoe didn’t fit as snug as the Brooks.  It’s too bad, because like all of the other women who own them, I LOVE the colors!

In Atlanta, Newtons are to running shoes as Lululemon is to workout clothes.  Great quality, fun female-friendly colors, and have become a trend. In fact, Deka, where they have the largest selection of Newton’s, is right next door to Lulu in Buckhead!

I think it’s hysterical that right after I tweeted one of my instagram pics above, I got this response from @Blast900.

Asics are also making a comeback in Atlanta.  The shoe is too stiff and not at all cute which took it out of my consideration quickly.  Houstonians love Nike Frees.  Again, I think it’s the colors because most of the women I see wearing them are just lifting weights and not running.

Thanks again for all of your suggestions!


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Nice skirt Rebecca!

May 8th, 2012 1 Comment


Long time friend and reader Rebecca (you might remember her wedding at Starbucks!) saw my post on the new clothing resale site Threadflip and went to check out my goodsUnder my wardrobe, she found a selection of my clothes as well as some some things left over from my Mom’s designer resale store, this fabulous knit skirt being one of them!

Threadflip is growing daily and has a great selection of wardrobes from fashion bloggers, designers, actresses, and girls with great style.  Anyone can post their clothes and share their links on Pinterest, Facebook, or Twitter instantly.

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Woman of Style: Christine Ngo

June 21st, 2011 1 Comment

Christine’s last name is pronounced “no,” but you would say “yes” to every outfit this woman wears.  You’ll find her pieces to be preppy, but her style is fresh and trendy.  She admits half of her closet is J. Crew, but you would never know it when she puts together her ensembles.

Not only is she beautiful, but she’s also ridiculously smart.  A former Ogilvy employee, she now helms the PR department for Mekanism, a firm with a focus on digital storytelling.  I met her working with Samsung and have been in awe of her charisma, dedication, and style ever since.

Christine’s Head to Toe:

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Shame on you J. Crew!

March 29th, 2011 2 Comments

Julia, a tumblr I follow, went OFF on JCrew for actually using this picture in their online catalogue.  WTF is absloutel right! Click through to read her rant. It’s hysterical.

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What are your favorite stores to follow on @twitter?

March 29th, 2011 No Comments

In my opinion Bergdorf Goodman (@Bergdorfs) has the best twitter in the fashion biz.  Cameron Hodge, their social media manager, offers the behind the scenes scoop, photos, and most importantly a personality for the store.  She talks about late night hours, lunch breaks, current projects, obsessions, personal feelings, etc.  The store becomes a person, quite the fashionista in fact, on twitter. I don’t know her personally, but from reading BG’s updates, I like her!  And with the popularity of their twitter, I can only imagine she now has access to anything and everything going on in the industry.  Lucky girl!!! 

Who else are you loving right now on twitter?  What stores are fun to follow and why? I’ll expand the question – include designers and fashion mags too!  Post your favorites below and I’ll updat this post later with a list.

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