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Shopping the old-fashioned way

May 20th, 2014 No Comments

You know what I mean: going into the brick and mortar store Neiman Marcus and browsing their curated collection of designer deliciousness.

It’s a rare occurrence for me these days and always a pleasure.

A few treats from yesterday here:


Designer Shoes Summer 2014

For the past year my style has been dominated by monochromatic outfits  in either white and nude or blue and black All of the pieces are neutral with a little attitude.  Yesterday I was on the hunt for a sassy black mule but didn’t find anything that needed to come home with me.  On the lighter side, I found several stems I love: (top left clockwise) Gucci, Manolo Blahnik, Lawrence Dacade, Jimmy Choo.

I’m a huge fan of the ankle sleeve (white Jimmy Choo) although I wouldn’t buy it in white.  A few nights on my feet and those babies would be black!


Tom Ford Handbags 2014

I wish I could have the same adoration for TF’s new handbags.  Despite the fact that they’re made of the finest leather and hardware, the styles are unattractive to me.  On the left, I see an oversized cigarette case folded over.  My grandmother was a smoker, so maybe that’s why???  On the right a lazy Birkin being held up by a Celine Edge backbone.  It’s almost like TF gave all of his sex appeal to the clothing and had nothing left for the accessories.


Balenciaga Summer 2014

Looks like there’s been a shift to the sophisticated side.  While the classic City Bag still hangs on the racks, she’s looking a bit slouchy next to the very structured Tube design.



Here are the rules.  You, Mr. Sales Associate, hide this Fendi bag in the back room.  Don’t tell anyone where you’ve put it.  Then when she goes on sale, you run run run to the phone, call me, and I’ll find you to ring her up.


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Bob ‘n weave

March 18th, 2014 No Comments



Whether you like it or not (that would be me), the woven trend resurfaces every spring and hangs around until September.  This year is no different.  Go trendy, preppy, indie, or hippie with it.

From top left clockwise:

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A brand that fits the bill every time

August 13th, 2013 2 Comments

Mary Rambin mason dress horse

Now that I’m out of Atlanta and have been living in NYC and LA, I’ve been out and about more. You know what that means: dress up time!  Don’t get me wrong, I’m still in spandex most days, but I’m also putting together more outfits for dinners with friends, and even a couple “ensembles” for events.

In doing so I look for clothes I can reinvent a million different ways.  Right now my hunts lead me to the same designer label: mason.  Mason – like my little man!  Because my dog’s name is mason I’ve always had my eye on this brand.  These days the pieces are making it off the rack and into my closet because they fit the bill in so many ways:

  • Unique designs/cuts
  • Simple and chic
  • Reminiscent of some of my favorite labels: Helmut Lang, Yigal Azrouel, Theory.
  • Affordable: $350+
  • Available at stores I frequent: Tootsies, Intermix, Barney’s, Neiman’s.

This turquoise silk dress is the perfect example.  I kept my accessories simple when I went to the horse races at Del Mar (above) and then went a little more funky for Leven’s Percy Jackson 2 Premiere below.

Mary Rambin in Mason Summer 2013

Here’s another Mason dress I’ve worn at least 5 times since I bought it in April.  I’m actually shocked the only picture I can find of me in this dress is one of me devouring a macaroon at Addison.

So I slipped it on quickly for you.

Mary Rambin Mason dress spring 2013

The dress is really a simple LBD, but the snake-embossed leather and dramatic neckline make it so much more interesting!

Before you get back to whatever you’re doing, I thought I’d leave you with a laugh.

Mary feeding horse carrots 2013

The horse in the picture, Basamati, and I had a little thing going in the barn.  I fell in love with his sweet face, he nussled me and kept beaconing me to his pen.

Mary Rambin with Basmati

Obviously we know what he wanted: more carrots :)  Unfortunately I ran out just as my friend Mendy said, “smile with him and I’ll snap some pics.”  You know me, I’m all for it.  As she’s snapping away, Basmati smells carrots on my hands and since he can’t see my they’re empty, he starts to nibble….

Mary Rambin surprised by horse

OMG, I think, and then:

Mary Rambin getting bit by a horse

CHOMP!  On my thumb!!!!  It all happened so fast. Mendy was snapping away so she caught the whole thing!! I thought my thumb was a goner, but somehow I pulled it away intact.  Whew.  And LOL.  All at the same time.  Every time I look at that picture I almost laugh to tears.  It’s like some stereotype from a Will Ferrel movie: blonde goes up to pet the pretty horses and loses a hand.  Haha.

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Sun screen with style

July 9th, 2013 1 Comment

Mary Rambin 2013

I’ve got three layers going on in this photo:

I give the Tavat glasses two nods: one for the glasses and the second for the technology inside them.

Tavat Riviera Sunglasses

Tavat developed a synthetic melanin (our body’s natural defense to UV and HEV) to infuse into their lenses for extra eye protection.    We really can’t argue with MORE protection from the sun, especially when it comes in such a stylish package!

Maison Michel hat

Hats are effective as well.  That being said, unless it’s cute, you won’t see me caught dead in a hat.

The M hat is from JustOneEye where my fabulous friend Andy works.  He says they can’t keep them in stock, and I know why! All of the styles have their own character yet seem to go with everything.  And cover up unruly hair :)

Shaded Head To Toe:

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Everyone wants to know about this jacket

April 13th, 2013 1 Comment

Mary Rambin leather jacket

I’ll admit for the price it was quite a find!

It’s BCBG $368 from Saks, although I’m sure they sold it at many department stores. Reader Wilde found it online at Saks if you want it.  A friend of mine mistook it for Rick Owens, and every time I wear it someone always says, “that’s a fabulous piece” like I paid a bundle for it.

In comparison to the other $700+ leather jackets around it on the floor, I liked it the most.  The reason I believe it’s less expensive is because the shell is strips of leather on top of a spandex blend fabric.  I love it because it’s thin and stretchy (great for my big shoulders), not clunky like most leather jackets.  The collar has the ability to stand up a little.

What I love about it is that it goes with EVERYTHING AND raises the game of my preppy outfits to have a cool factor they didn’t before.  I bought a white bomber jacket that does the same thing.  I wear it mostly with my workout clothes to be honest.  You know me, always in my spandex!

For more on the leather jacket trend, click here for my post.

As for the rest of my head to toe:

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“Pink is my signature color.”

April 9th, 2013 1 Comment

Mary Rambin wearing "Whitney" Jouer lipstick

Love me some Steel Magnolias! “He doesn’t know whether to wind his butt or scratch is watch.” It’s been too long since I’ve watched it…

I really thought red was going to be my color for Spring, but “Whitney,” a new color from Jouer, has pulled me over to the dark side (those of you who remember my Julia days can understand why I have an aversion to the shade).

Whitney is actually more hot pink than it looks in this pic.  I tame it with a little mauve lip liner and then pop with my go-to top coat, Revlon “Shine City.”

Whitney Head to Chin

I’ve been wearing Whit for a week and haven’t switched to another color no matter what the outfit. I just keep my makeup palllet neutral. One of the reasons I like the pink over red is the fact that I can wear a little heavier eye liner with it. Red really demands a simply eye so you don’t look like…well, you know.

Now, anything pink catches my eye and I instantly want to buy. Of course shopping in Bergdorfs the other day that wasn’t a possibility, but you can see why I was intrigued.

Pretty pink shoe from Bergdorf GoodmanRenee Caoviall loafers

I have yet to find a loafer that I like and looks good on me. With my long feet, that’s a hard bill to fit! And now that the weather is getting warm, I think I’ve missed the boat until fall.

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Earn real money with your old stuff!

February 27th, 2013 No Comments

Threadflip Mary Rambin

I’m not going to lie, it’s nice to have checks coming in from my resale sites these days.  Clothes, jewelry, and accessories that I NEVER or rarely wear anymore are now making me real money!  The key is to be smart about where you resell your stuff.

My outlets:


  • Consign top designer brand pieces that are like new.  A concierge will come to your house if you have 10 pieces or more to consign or you can ship them in for assessment.
  • You get 60% of selling price. That’s the best I’ve ever seen.
  • For info or to consign, contact Nicole.Fornaro@therealreal.com


  • DIY consignment
  • Post your own picks to their site, describe the item, and name your own price
  • Share your sale across social platforms to promote
  • They provide shipping label already paid for
  • Fee: 20% of sale price
  • Shop my closet here

Local Consignment Stores

  • Take in your stuff and they pull what they want
  • Usually hangs on the racks for 90 days until which time you donate or take back
  • Labels they accept depends on the store.
  • Ones I use: Labels in Atlanta (will take my Zara!), Little Bird in Houston, tons now in Soho NYC I’ve seen


  • Sell all of my old gold and silver jewelry instantly for cash
  • Pay the highest price per ounce I’ve seen
  • Have a party and earn 10% of total they buy
  • Email me Mary@MoreThanMary.com for more details and I can help set you up
  • Have earned THOUSANDS without selling a lot of stuff

Other sites I’ve heard of:


  • Consign any label women’s clothes
  • Fees 38.5% of sale
  • $10 for clean out kit


  • Consign iAnything or video games
  • Fees: 12% first 100, 8% after that, $1-3 for shipping kit


  • fee 15% sale price plus $2.34 closing fee

Collectables, furniture, designer goods:


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Cashmere is out, leather is in this spring.

February 19th, 2013 1 Comment


(Click the image to make it bigger.)

It’s hard to escape the leather jacket propoganda in stores right now.  I walked into Saks in NYC to find half of the contemporary floor was covered in displays of the latest leather jackets styles.  No matter where you’re shopping, you’ll find anything leather pretty much goes.  You pick what you like and you’re “in” for spring.

  • Style: bomber, femme, or blazer
  • Color: black, gray, creme, and camel are the most versatile (but I say if you find a color you love, go for it!)
  • Fit: fitted, darted, or boxy
  • Sleeves: with or without with sleeves
  • Labels: medium to oversized
  • Extras: belts, buttons, zippers, ruffles

The similarity in all of them being the length. Your leather jacket or blazer should be cropped at the hip.

Being a person who doesn’t like to have something everyone else has, my first thought was, “I could probably find a bomber jacket that no one has at a good thrift store.”  One look that the prices and that’s not a bad idea if you’re on a budget.  Retail prices range from $795 to about $1300 for brands like Joie, Vince, Helmut Lang, etc.

Here are two examples from TOPSHOP (via their tumblr).  I wish I still had the opportunity to dress as trendy as these girls, but alas, I think I’d be thrown out of Buckhead in a crop top.  But you get the idea with the leather pieces.  Either the vest (a bit over-sized for my taste) or the jacket would pair perfectly with any other spring trends.


As you saw from my fashion week ensemble, I went with a more femme style: BCBG, black, super fitted, over sized collar, strips of leather making it super stretchy, something I can wear casual or a little more dressed up.  I was SHOCKED when I saw the price was $395; what a steal in comparison to the others.

Now, if you’re NOT the leather jacket type, you can opt for jackets or blazers with leather trim or other pieces made of leather.  My long-time friend Margaret found this awesome leather peplum top at boutique in Houston.  I love how the leather gives the traditional silhouette a little edge!


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