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Peace, love, and music bring out the best in barely-there outfits.

April 15th, 2014 No Comments

For those of you unfamiliar with Coachella, it’s a two-weekend alternative music festival held outside Palm Springs, California.  Think Woodstock for hipsters as this chick would indicate.

Even though the music is alt, the attire is all-out hippie and natural.   Emphasis on natural.  If you look too good, you look like that chick that tried too hard.  And if you have on too many pieces, you’ll burn alive in the desert heat.

Usually, I’m a HUGE proponent of keep yourself covered and show off one “money-maker,” but since the bands rock out their fans in the heat of the desert it’s only fitting clothing is minimal.

Below are a few of the more tame looks (that’s right) we can learn from and incorporate into our spring wardrobes.

Julianne Hough Coachella 2014 (Photo by Michael Simon/Startraks)

Julianne Hough Coachella 2014 (Photo by Michael Simon/Startraks)


  • Double denim
  • Cut-offs with pockets
  • Fringed cross-body bag
  • Flat ankle boots

Alessandra Ambrosio Coachella 2014 via StarStyle


  • Bustier top
  • Middriff exposed
  • Matching top and bottom
  • Shorts + boot combo

Diane Kruger with Joshua Jackson and Jason Wu. Coachella 2014. Photo via STS/WEN


  • Wide-brimed hat
  • Graphic tee
  • Inka + curt-off shorts
  • Shorts + Boot combo
  • Cross-body bag

Jared Leto Coachellla 2014 via JustJared


  • Long hair
  • Loose fitting tank top
  • Patterned pants
  • Toned arms (just throwing that out there :))

Coachella 2014 style via Vogue


  • Embroidery
  • Cut-off shorts
  • All white
  • See through
  • Cross-body bag

Coachella 2014 style via Vogue


  • Patterned pants
  • Red
  • Cross-body bag



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Bob ‘n weave

March 18th, 2014 No Comments



Whether you like it or not (that would be me), the woven trend resurfaces every spring and hangs around until September.  This year is no different.  Go trendy, preppy, indie, or hippie with it.

From top left clockwise:

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Did you learn what NOT to wear from the Oscars?

March 4th, 2014 No Comments

Everyone talks about what they loved and hated, but I think the conversation should be around the new things we saw that we love or hated.  I honestly didn’t see anything strikingly new that I loved, but a few things popped out that I didn’t agree with my fashion palette.

Here are 4 trends I don’t think should leave that red carpet:


Jennifer Lawrence Oscars 2014



Kardashians Oscars 2014


Heidi Klum Oscars 2014


Oscars 2014

So here I go:

1. Jennifer Lawrence’s back necklace is just unnecessary.  It reminds me of the 90′s.

2. Chloe looks like she’s about to pounce on someone with that deadly mouth.  And per usual Kim confirms when a statement is an overkill.

3. Boobs are supposed to look beautiful and soft, not bunched up and aggressive.  You would loose a finger if you tried to grab Heidi (that might be intentional..).

4. Chrissy, we know you have a hot body, you don’t have to give it away for free!

Are you with me on this?

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Vintage flare

February 25th, 2014 No Comments



The cat eye frame is a classic.  Over the last few years, designers have modernized it by simplifying and enlarging the style.  My Tom Fords are a perfect example. Now our favorite brands are going to the extreme with the vintage look using angles and unexpected color combos.

Tom Ford (top photo) chooses to make a statement instead of offering the flattering design.  You would have to be quite the sassy sista to run around in those. Or create your outfits around the glasses.  Oliver Peoples (bottom left) and Chanel (bottom right) are more conservative for the those of us who like to wear our sunnies with a variety of outfits.  Although, you can’t tell in these pictures, the OP have a dramatic ombre effect and the Chanels are fully mirrored in a peach color.

Whichever brand you choose, this little vintage flare will catch an envious glare from those around you (myself included).  Vintage is NOT easy to full off.

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Subscribe to your personal style

February 11th, 2014 No Comments



With NYFW going on right now, we’re reminded fashion is important.  We really need to subscribe to these “new” trends.  If you watch the shows, you’re given a heads up as to what’s coming so you can even plan your attack of the racks ahead of time.

Living in LA, I care less and less to the concept of fashion.  I wear what I love.  Because it feels good, it looks good.  My personal style evolves with what I absorb, not what I research (like it used to back in my NYFW days.)  It’s so liberating!

Ironically, the idea that street style, not runway glam, wins on the street is a trend in itself.

My sister is case and point.  Please don’t get me wrong, she’s exemplary of so many trends.  The notable part is how she makes them her own.

For the Kreation photo shoot (some pics above), I wanted to portray Venice culture: a SoCal hipster vibe.  Leven asked me, “What do you want me to wear?”  My response, “Anything you want.  You always look so cute.”  knowing full well her personal style would be beyond anything I could conjure up.  This is how she arrived.  Nothing appears to match, but it does.  Each accessory catches you eye and holds your attention.  Down to the writing on her shirt and rhinestones on her jacket….PERFECTION. Casual, glam, funky, and unique.  Trendy? Who knows or who cares.  She looks and feels fabulous!

So this post has nothing to do with what you should wear or how to spice up your wardrobe. My friend January wears 4 colors: black, white, gray, and beige.  Nothing spectacular about the pallet.  What’s stunning is how she wears it.  Every outfit, even her workout gear, looks chic.  She loves it and therefore so do you.

Subscribe to your style.  Push it in different directions.  See what you love, know what you hate, and let your clothes make you feel good.

(Photos by Kelly Fajak)

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Is that what I think it is?

February 4th, 2014 No Comments

Chanel sneakers

Yep, that is a Chanel “running” shoe. Or, as some of you call them ,sneakers.  Whether or not you can actually use it for jogging is unclear (I don’t think anyone has even asked the question or cares).  What we do know is that they caused more of scene than exposed nipples when they hit the runway…paired with suits an gowns.  Ummmm….what?!

Chanel sneakers black

If you’re a New Yorker and walk to work, the suit-sneaker combo isn’t uncommon for you.  It’s the only comfortable way to hustle around the island.  But no one needs expensive sneakers.  So it’s not that we need them, it’s that we want the little luxury.  Nike has done a good job supporting our feet with cute, functional activewear and our wallet with a more affordable price.  Now Chanel is upping the anti, just like they did with suits and bags.

The bottom line for me: if I’m buying Chanel, my money certainly isn’t going to sneakers.

Chanel high tops black

I suppose Chanel just wanted a foot in the crazy kicks game.  Although Lagerfeld has been quoted saying, “I don’t do sneakers.”  You know who does though?  Los Angeles.  I’ll see these all over the streets…and, honestly, I’ll stop for a moment of envy and then get on with my latte.

Here’s a sneak peak at the Summer collection:

Chanel sneakers 2014 summer

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Comeback trend alert: Mules

January 14th, 2014 No Comments

Mules Spring 2014 Wall Street Journal


For a few seasons (since Spring 2012), fashionistas have been lamenting about mules strutting down the runway of their favorite designers.  Now apparently the open soled shoe can no longer be ignored.  Mules are officially back in style.

Thankfully the designs are more fun and feminine.  Not so clunky and loud.  According to the WSJ article by Meenal Mistry, this new breed of mule doesn’t slap against your heel like the older models.  And your toes don’t have to hold onto the shoe for dear life.

Here’s a little preview about what’s coming.


Gianvitto Risso

Victoria Beckham



via Elle




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Thankfully, it’s not Hammer Time.

January 7th, 2014 No Comments



In the fall, I was sporting tapered trousers from James Perse to replace my skinny jeans and boring leggings for daytime outfits.  I was so fed up being sucked in by spandex all day long.  The cotton and slightly fitted pants were perfect for running around and not looking like a slob in sweats or soccer mom in spandex.

Now, that fashion is turning to spring (at least in California where it’s warm), my trouser is getting even more relaxed with the resurrection of gypsy pants also known as drawstring pants.  Please note, the crotch is where it’s supposed to be so this style is NOT the one made famous by our boy MC.

Basically, you’re looking for pants with an elastic waist, possibly a drawstring, flowing pant leg, and an elastic band around the knee or ankle.  A more tapered leg is dressier if you’re looking for nighttime Feel free to dress them up with heels and a funky top!

Today I ran into Sarah Jane, a lovely “Peace Angel” from Australia, wearing an awesome paisley pair.  Combined with a solid tank and denim, she’s casual chic at its finest.

Me, on my way to yoga, no so much.


Still a little sloppy head to toe:

Off to sweat!


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