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So you want your arms to look like mine? Here are my secrets!

May 23rd, 2011 2 Comments

Readers have been emailing me about my arms recently, asking how do I get them so toned. In this video I share three of my secrets!

You’ll see you can do these exercises anywhere, which is always helpful.

The amount of weight you should use is a little unclear in this video. THE KEY IS TO KEEP THE WEIGHT LOW AND DO MORE REPS. Repetition = Definition (you’ve heard it a million times). I suggest using 1-3 lbs on your first cycle, going 20-25 reps. If that’s too easy, go up to 3 or 5 lbs on the first and third movements.

Combine this circut with my “Bikini Butt” lower body favorites for a great total body workout!

Happy toning!

(P.S. The arm video was shot with the Samsung SH100, the bikini butt video was shot with the Kodak Zi8.  Any thoughts on quality??)

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A note on Kodak

August 3rd, 2010 No Comments

Kodak no longer sponsors my blog, but this needs to be said.

With the current snark surrounding my Chronicle blog, I don’t care to defend the reaction to my simplicity (as that is the purpose), but rather the perception of Kodak as an ancient brand.

Click the link for the full text.

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Flip This!

February 23rd, 2010 6 Comments

I’m telling you, the Kodak Zi8 Pocket Video Camera ($199) kills the Flip!

Photo is from reader Phil:

“@maryrambin thank you for the advice! This should be an advertisement for Kodak! Video to follow…”

Honestly, YouTube doesn’t do the HD footage from this camera justice.  The images are CRYSTAL clear even up close (it has a macro feature).

Just wanted to continue to spread the good word.

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Adrien and I are in love with the same man

February 23rd, 2010 1 Comment

Fortunately we don’t have to fight over him, or his clothes because we are in agreement that Yigal Azrouel is the hottest thing to hit the tents every New York Fashion Week.  (And he’s straight!)

As promised I went backstage and interviewed the man himself to talk about his latest (and greatest) collection.  You’ll hear his take as well as mine on what he sent down the runway last week.

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February 21st, 2010 4 Comments

Before fashion week, I gave you guidelines on how to dress for Fashion Week.  One of them was that you should have a piece that defines your outfit. These days, that accessory is shoes.  You MUST have killer shoes that will draw attention on the front row (and hopefully they are comfortable).  Well, I was wrong.  You can survive the discerning eye of the world’s most critical fashionistas if you know how to rock the basics. And because I left my fab footwear at the cobbler in Houston, I was put to the test!

Above are the three accessories that got me through eight days of fashion’s most demanding week (in the US).

  • Elizabeth & James suede booties – $595 and worth every penny because they were surprisingly the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn to the tents)
  • Karen Zambos Audrey faux python clutch* for $107! – It held EVERYTHING I needed and a BluePrint juice.
  • Calvin Klein faux heels – From DSW I bought on a whim

There were a couple others that played a more supportive role that should not be forgotten:

  • Chanel classic black tote (Ugh, what a bad picture.  But see how they fade into the background of our ensembles)
  • Gucci sunglasses (not pictured)that made people think “she’s important.”  Not that I really cared, but part of navigating the tents is knowing how to play the game.  And yes, it’s as simple as sunglass sometimes.
  • Uggs. Because by day 4 there is no question you have to walk to and from the tents in them.

However, more important than accessories, was the amazing support system I had in place to make sure you saw all of the action at the tents LIVE and keep me smiling during the process.  At this time, I would like to thank them for their tremendous efforts.

Livestream.com – Otto, Marko, and Deb, you have worked tirelessly to make my vision a reality for two seasons now. And we’re still having fun!  (BTW, you can go here to see all of our coverage catalogued by show.)

Marytern – Wow, Sarah!  You really came through not only for me, but also for all of the viewers watching our stream.  You are intelligent, meticulous, and dedicated beyond your years, and I am fortunate to have you on my team.

Mom – My eternal and selfless support.  Thank you for your patience with my crazy lifestyle and often irresponsible nature.

Mercedes Benz – Adam, Jeff, Christine, and yes, you too Greg, keep me sane and even laughing through the chaos.  Over the past three years, it has been such a pleasure to get to know you all!

Kodak – It is always such a pleasure to represent the brand and use your products to cover events. I love using the Zi8 Pocket Video Camera* to get every last detail of each design.

Adrien Field and Rocco – Because without you, fashion week could never be fun.

Giselle and Katie – My two remote interns that helped put the whole event together.

Amanda Parenti – You curate a great collection of designers I am always honored to wear.  Magalis Garcia* (designer of the dress I’m wearing above) is going to be huge if I have anything to say about it.

Bob – For your friendship and support, I am eternally grateful.

GOMI – You guys keep me on my toes and laughing at myself.  And in this biz, that’s priceless.

(Full Disclosure: Items with * not purchased.  Provided by the brand.)

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Upper East Side Fantacy – Isaac Mizrahi Fall 2010 Finale

February 21st, 2010 No Comments

I have to apologize for the quality of this video. On my computer the Kodak Zi8 HD footage is crystal clear, but YouTube tears it to shreds!

Either way, take one last look at Isaac’s vision of Upper East Side chic. With silk, sequins, color, and crystals, it’s everything a girl dreams of finding on the rack.

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Diane Von Furstenberg Fall 2010 Finale in Full Color

February 15th, 2010 No Comments

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Spotted Monster Spotted In H-Town

February 5th, 2010 10 Comments

This just in: spotted Mermaid was seen running around Houston late this afternoon after another battle with Botox.  From the looks of it, she lost.

She tried to run from us, she tried to hide, but then for the sake of a good LOL, she surrendered the photos on her iPhone from her office visit with one Dr. Christopher Patronella.  The only witness to scene was apparently holding a Kodak Zi8 and shooting one of her “life experiment” episodes.  Our research tells us next week’s installment will be the much anticipated taser video in which she voluntarily has electricity shot through her ass.  As reporters, we find this much more entertaining than her previous rectal water stunts.

Below, see the beast in question.  Warning: might not be suitable for young children.

Apparently the issue started on her forehead –

and AGE spread from there.

Mermaid turns 28 this month and seems to think she can stop Father Time from stomping all over her face.

(Full Disclosure: Botox and fillers comped by Dr. Patronella for Life Experiment episode.)

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