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The best remixes on the web RIGHT NOW.

March 27th, 2013 No Comments

Hypemachine Screenshot

The other day I asked musician and SoulCycle instructor Kym (we taught together back in the day), “Where do you guys find all of the killer music you play in class?”  Her response: Hypemachine.

HypeMachine – HypeM.com – aggregates the songs being played across all of their vetted hipster music blogs.  On the homepage you’ll find a list of the most popular songs being played right now.  If you refresh the page, the list changes, that’s how current the popularity engine is!  Above the list you’ll see you can filter the list with options like “Remixes Only” or “No Remixes”  which seems to have some songs without techno beats.

As I’m writing this post, I’m just letting the site stream whatever it wants.  It’s a pretty cool mix of stuff that isn’t too intrusive.  I think the more I dig, the more fun workout and party songs I’ll find.  You could just turn on HypeM in the background of a party and not have to worry about it.

The killer for me is that if you want the song, you have to buy it, which means I can’t include it in my rdio collection.  I found the artists on Rdio, but not their HypeM remixes.  I’m totally spoiled by unlimited music synced across all of my devices on Rdio.  I expect those of you who use Spotify can simply download the mp3 and add it into your library.

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For those of you poppin’ tags right now

February 6th, 2013 No Comments


I’m still loving the Macklamore & Ryan Lewis album The Heist…well, the songs they don’t play every five seconds on the radio.

But I think I found it’s new replacement on Rdio the other day. (I love discovering artists in their New Releases section – barely any Top 40 to be found.)

K-OS apparently has been around for a while. I’ve never heard of him (shocker). He’s a hip hop guy that has garnered some respect in the industry and created this new “two-sided” album that showcases his hip hop style as well as his love for rock and the classics (a la Paul Simon and the Beatles. There are tons of collaborations; my favorite being “C.L.A.” with Gym Class Heroes at this point. It’s one of those “get-ya-goin” kinda albums!

There are two versions of this album, one with K-OS commentary, which is cool to hear about his sources of inspiration, but only once. While you’re cooking or something. Then I’d hit up the album that’s just songs.

**These links are to Rdio where you can preview the songs if you aren’t a member. I really think you need to dowload the whole album, no matter what platform you’re on. It’s that good.

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Nice Buds

December 12th, 2012 No Comments


Along with sending 2 pairs of “amps” (in-ear headphones starting at $59) for you guys in the MTM Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway (have you entered yet, it’s quick and easy!), the generous people at Sol Republic sending sent me a pair too!

I’ve been wearing them daily for my workouts and absolutely loving them over my Bose pair.  As you can see, the bud shape looks a little funky the way it’s curved.  Instead of hugging your ear like you think that curve would do, it actually makes them stand away from you ear while the rubber tip holds the speaker part steady in your ear.  And the sound is LOUD – I love that!

I also have a pair of their famous headphones called “Tracks” (starting at $99). These bad boys are super comfortable and great for plane trips. Michael Phelps wore them before every race in the Olympics.  (I wonder what he was listening to??)

Needless to say good quality headphones are a great gift for music lovers (tracks) and athletes (amps).


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Tight beats to get you going – Listen cover to cover!

October 22nd, 2012 No Comments


Desperately searching for new music to fuel my workout a couple weeks ago, I found The Heist on Rdio’s “New Releases.”  I have listened to the album at least once a day cover to cover ever since!

The first song, “Ten Thousand Hours” instantly caught my attention with its light attitude.  Following is the familiar “Can’t Hold Us” that we hear on the radio.   As the songs continue, the “tight beats” grow with intensity (as did my workout). Macklemore’s lyrics don’t focus on the “good life” of luxury, sexual positions, or demoralizing women.  Instead they are introspective and passionate without being angry. For a more detailed review, go here.

Here’s the funny part: I had no idea who “The Heist” was or what they looked like.  Then my BF sent me this pic:

I would have never pictured these two clean-cut guys considering the sound of his voice or the music.  Not that it matters, I just felt like I had been on The Voice and my chair turned around to a surprising appearance.

It was love at first listen for me with The Heist and now I turn it on to get my day going, clean the house, and spin. I hop on the bike and listen to songs 1-11 for a  journey of hills, sprints, and jogs.  Use the beat on the bike or elliptical and adjust the resistance accordingly for a solid workout.

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So many great new albums I don’t know where to begin

September 12th, 2012 1 Comment

All of these albums have one thing in common.  They sound like their predecessors, which is good, but they aren’t necessarily superior.  On a positive note, we can think of them as extensions of the albums we already love so much!  Below are a few notes and a Rdio playlist for you to get a little taste of each.

The xx  is the one I was most excited about.  It’s a little depressing, but good. I haven’t decided if it’s as good as the last one.  All of the qualities are there, which is exactly what I was hoping for.  Mellow music, thoughtful and provocative lyrics, and a hypnotic flow.

You’ve probably already heard Matchbox Twenty‘s “She’s so mean” countless times on the radio and knew this would be a throwback to the 1996 album.  The collection has some variety in sound, but that isn’t necessarily a good thing.  One critic says, “To the band’s credit, they have tried to tweak their sound at times to sound more contemporary but there’s a feeling this is more out of necessity rather than playing to their strengths that brought them success two decades ago.” He and I both like Parade, the opener. My favorite song, The Way, is actually sung by another member of the band while Rob Thomas sings backup.

The Irish boys seem to offer more energy on this album than the last, if that’s even possible.  Critics are not ready to throw their weight behind Beacon, even after Two Door Cinema Club‘s lead singer performed at The Olympics this summer.  I like it for working out or background music at a party because it keeps you bouncing around the room.

Right off the bat, Imagine Dragons’ Night Vision might be my favorite of all of the new releases.  The songs have variety in sound and energy; the lyrics are captivating and poetic. As one critic says, “Night Visions is packed with magnetic hooks and massive drum architectures, making for a well-muscled percussive record of hits-in-waiting.”  I could listen to it cover to cover on a daily basis and look forward to it!

I don’t follow many electro-pop bands so Stars’ sound has always been unique and interesting to me.  I also love Amy Millan’s voice.  I read a couple articles that said The North is “lacking urgency” and has “cloudy intentions,” but, who cares?  I have enjoyed it thus far.  It’s another one I can just have on in the background while I work or get dressed.


For more of my music, you can click here to see other bands I love and follow me and subscribe to my playlists on Rdio.

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Get out of your Top 40 funk with this new music + playlist

August 8th, 2012 1 Comment

Two bands I love just dropped new albums to lift our tired popped out ears for the end of summer.

You probably know Passion Pit from their wildly popular first album “Manners.”  Even though their high-pitched, electric, playful songs didn’t get a lot of radio play, I know you’ve heard Passion Pit’s “Moth’s Wings” before.  Gossamer is very much like that album.  I also need to say that the Passion Pit concert I saw in LA goes on my list of top ten ever. The energy in the room is unlike any other I’ve every felt at a concert…and…you get to jump around like a crazy kid :)

The Gaslight Anthem offers a heavier rock sound like we rarely hear these days (and I honestly long for).

Both are included on the Rdio playlist below, The Dog Days of Summer 2012.  I made it with weightlifting workouts, bbqs, and trying to be productive around the house in mind.  Well, that’s how I’m going to use it.

If you haven’t signed up for Rdio yet, do it (and you can follow my lists).  I love being able to pay $10 a month and get unlimited music and sync it across all of my devises.  Rdio’s “New Releases” section is the best discovery tool for new music (along with the Band Of The Day app).

While you’re at it, follow Clintus on Rdio, I’m loving his mixes right now.



BTW, yes, I’m aware of Spotify, I just really like Rdio right now.




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Now I can embed and share my Rdio mixes!

July 13th, 2012 1 Comment

As I was making my mix for tomorrow’s double spin class, I realized the new iteration of Rdio allows me to embed my mixes.

Sirius has been pushing some great new artists lately.  I’ve incorporated some of them here. Mix ‘em up with a few “old” favorites and I have a butt kickin’ mix :)

More mixes to come!

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A pleasant surprise

June 13th, 2012 No Comments

I love it when my favorite bands cover awesome songs.  Unfortunately my iphone video doesn’t really do the performance justice.

We caught Dawes the other night on a whim.  If you’re not a fan, I believe you’re missing out on some pretty awesome music. Think a modern-day Tom Petty with a younger sensibility and southern soul.  A little more rough around the edges too.  I like that :)

For you newbies, listen to and download:

  • That Western Skyline
  • Time Spent in Los Angeles
  • How Far We’ve Come
  • Love is All I Am

Taylor, the lead singer with the amazing voice, tweets.  Ironically Griffin, his brother the drummer, doesn’t own a computer.  “I can do all I need to from my phone.”   Nice guys. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting them both at the shows.

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