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Problems of today

November 14th, 2012 2 Comments

Have you ever slowed down to notice the problems, issues, and dilemas you face right now are drastically different from those you had 5 years ago.  In my case, that would be last year.

As I get older I become much more aware of the details of my life, why things happen, how I can conciously alter my behavior/schedule/habits to make life easier on myself and those around me.  That all sounds glorious, but we know it’s not that easy.  The awareness and desire to change is one thing; actually implementing the conceived solutions is a whole other issue!

In the past, say for example when I was living in NYC 5 years ago, I believed I had the same awareness, but I now realize I didn’t. My youth allowed me to ride the highs and survive the lows of my rollercoaster (aka glamourous gypsy) lifestyle.

Now here I sit in Atlanta, a place I never dreamed I would live, with a whole set of issues I never believed I would have.  Does that make me unhappy?  Absolutely not.  Quite the contrary actually.  But what I will say is that finding my identity within this space is proving to be a challenge.  I don’t have my friends and family that I do in Houston , my BFFs in LA, my NYC network or venues, or the luxury of my more exotic temporary homes.  That last one is obviously a stretch, but it’s all very true.

Let’s take my blog as an example.  The content has to evolve with me or else it would be just like many others out there: suppositions and babble. Who wants to waste their time on that.  Not me and I’m sure not you.  I should say, that’s not why I started MTM and that will never be how I maintain it.  For me, the joy of blogging comes in sharing the new things I discover because I believe they will be beneficial in your life.  In living a more domesticated and private life, I no longer experience (which is different than just reading about) new things as often as I used to.  My style is casual; my workouts are consistent; my travel is occasional; my friends are mommies; my boyfriend is private; my life is pretty straight ahead.  I’m MORE than ok with that, I’m actually very happy with my life.  It just makes content harder to come by.  And, I’ve realized I’m no longer relevant to the 18-24 year olds as I used to be.  Something else that is absolutely fine by me….Now I’m rambling.

So that’s the problem of today that pertains to you.  There are plenty more, but I’ll keep them to myself per usual.

What I can say is that self-awareness is a blessing and a curse.  I can say for certain it doesn’t come with age, but moreso the ability to just slow down and think.  That’s obviously not front page news.  Sometimes it’s just nice to hear that clarity doesn’t have to be a journey as much as it just needs to be a little time to yourself.

What will become of my clarity is yet to be seen.  I’m doing the work to implement it and trying to stay calm all at the same time.  How all of that comes to fruition on this blog??  Now that should be interesting :)

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Happy happy Monday

May 14th, 2012


Hope everyone is up and at ’em with a big smile today!

I have several reasons to be a sour puss – my luggage didn’t make it back to Houston and Delta failed to deliver it last night, I left my computer in Atlanta, I woke up at 4am and couldn’t go back to sleep.  Thankfully, I’m actually in a great mood.  And after the ride to Catalina coffee I’m just as cheery as Baxter (Leven’s sweetie pie dog I have the pleasure of cuddling with for a while).

Alright, off to the day.  Fitness post to come momentarily.


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Good music always delivers

April 15th, 2012 No Comments


Recently I’ve been so enamored with artists who deliver amazing energy I can shake it to, I’ve neglected the singer/songwriters. Last night I sank into the sweetness of Shane Hines (above) and the guitar greatness of Pat McGee (below), who sounds like Steven Kellogg and rips it like John Mayer.

We went on a whim with an open mind and weren’t disappointed.

I feel like it’s hard to commit to something so mellow….why is that…

Kinda like yoga or pilates instead of a high intensity workout. Or a well-rounded salad instead of a steak. Well, that might be a stretch :)

Anyway, per usual, the singer/songwriters served up entertaining performances that satisfied my soul.

Hope you enjoyed your weekend too!


Eddie’s Attic, Dectaur/Atlanta, GA

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Before she was the “Sexy Siren” of Hunger Games

March 23rd, 2012 1 Comment

Leven Rambin before Hunger Games

Before she was the “Sexy Siren” starring in Hunger Games as Glimmer, Leven was my cutie pie little sister!

Well, she still is, but she’s so grown up now!

It’s so funny, we she was really little, she was super shy.  Then, she hit middle school, and all of a sudden she was the star of the school plays. One demo reel later,  she was instantly off to LA for audition season. She landed her second audition ever for All My Children at age 14.  It feels like it happened so fast.  She’s been working consistently on tv (Grey’s Anatomy, Terminator, Scoundrels, etc) ever since.  Quite a career in 7 years.  So proud of my Nin!!!

How excited are you to see the book come to life?

If you’ve read the book you can understand why it’s going to be hard for me to watch the Games….

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Alive after the crash of 2012

March 21st, 2012 3 Comments

Again, apologies for the inconvenience!

And for the terrible hair night ;)

UPDATE: I spoke too soon. (SH!T) I can’t upload pictures for some reason so I have someone working on that. Must have happened in the WordPress update.  Let me tell you this much….the back-end of building websites absolutely sucks.

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Good morning color and commentary

February 27th, 2012 No Comments

Instead of a cup of coffee, I’m waking up this morning with a pop of color from Erdem’s Spring 2012 collection.  LOVE the pattern. Thanks to Neimans’ “new” tumblr?  I’m not sure if it’s new, but I discovered it this morning via their twitter.  It’s pleasant, nothing revolutionary.

Speaking of tumblr, I don’t go to my dashboard as much anymore.  From the countless articles, Pinterest seems to have stolen the social spotlight these days (despite David Karp, tumblr founder, on the cover of Fast Company this month).  I pin on my 7 boards every once in a while.  But, I’m committing to using it more, if only to find new recipes which seems to be the activity all the rage from the women I follow on Twitter.

Did anyone find the Oscars as uneventful I as did?  I’m even bored by the dresses.  I swear J Lo wears the same dress – absolutely the same hairdo – to every award show.  Thankfully Gweneth was there to save us with her refined and simple elegance.  Those mermaid cotton candy dresses even had my sugar tooth throbbing in pain.

I am happy for The Artist, such a brilliant piece of work.  Now we know that excellence will trump celebrity, even if he is George Clooney.

Ok, I’m about to make a little video to say hello again. Just let me get out of my pj’s and I’ll meet you back here in an hour or so.


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I love running across pictures like this

January 26th, 2012 1 Comment

(Love you and miss you Whitney and Jimmy.  Big hug to precious Leighton!)

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To each couple, their own love.

January 8th, 2012 1 Comment

My friends Becca and David got married this morning!!!  Both head to toe in Lululemon.  In front of the Starbucks.

They met at Starbucks, and David proposed there.  One day last week, they decided it was finally time to get married, and Starbucks was the obvious choice. A text invite was sent to their friends and that was it.  Wedding planned!

Surrounded by a group of friends and complete strangers who just wanted to witness the joyous event, they exchanged heart-felt vows and were legally married within minutes.

The scenario wouldn’t be my choice, but it wasn’t my wedding.  The point is that they loved it.  It suited their style.  So many people get caught up in the fanfare.  Who cares.  The point is to love and laugh and be genuinely happy.

I believe they nailed it :)


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