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Last Minute Luxury Hotel Rooms + Discount Code

February 28th, 2014 No Comments

Banyan Tree Bangkok

I wrote about the Hotel Tonight app a while ago.  Have you used it yet?  I check in on it every now and find tons of luxury hotel rome available for a steal! I’m dying to try it for my next trip.

Here’s how HT works.  At 12pm on the day you’re looking to stay, you go on the HotelTonight app and find the a list of the best possible deals on hotels (because they’re last minutes).  It’s a bit risky, but the reward is big:  you can stay in a beautiful place for a fraction of the cost.  They index all of the major hotel chains in countless cities across the globe.

I think this is a great idea for someone traveling on business who has a budget to stick to for their room rate.  Or a Vegas trip where you don’t stay in your room that often.  I instantly thought of my time in Bangkok when we stayed at the Banyan Tree (above).  We wouldn’t have cared about the hotel as long as the room was nice.

Book before March 31 and use my discount code: Mary25 for $25 off your stay.

Safe travels!

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Some serious hustle on hotels (even the nice ones)

January 24th, 2014 No Comments



Right now I think most of us use the usual suspects to search for hotel deals.  Well, there are a few new players in town who are making the play for your business in a big way.  Two of the websites below will stay on the hunt for the best deal even AFTER you’ve booked your room!  The last site helps you find the best deals on luxury hotels.

All three of these websites I’m about to share with you are new, which those in the tech world call “beta.”  In our terms, “not perfect.”  However, they make big promises that are worth a shot.


TRIPbam allows you to pick a hotel or neighborhood you want to stay in and then create a cluster of hotels around it that you’d also consider.  Book the room at the place you want and then it will continue to search for better deals in your cluster.  If something comes up, they will alert you and offer to rebook your room.

A warning, the user experience of this website is not pleasant due to the branding.  But, if it delivers on its promise, you won’t care!


I’m not sure what this has to do with their business other than the fact that the guys who built TripRebel know good branding.  There is only one function of this site.  Honestly I appreciate the simplicity.  You book your room THROUGH THEIR WEBSITE (very important). If the price of the room drops before you check in, they refund you the difference. Done!

Couple of things to watch out for.  When you input your city on the homepage, an error message pops up. Just click passed it.  When you get your rates, you’ll notice they’re in Euros.  In the top right hand corner, you can change the currency to dollars.

Like I said, these sites are new so give them a chance :)




TheSuitest is more my speed.  It helps you find deals on luxury hotels and filters them by the deal you’re getting.  They grade deals like homework: A, B, C, D, etc.  You can also search by price of course.

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Less searching and more saving on airfare

January 17th, 2014 No Comments


I’m more of an airline loyalist because I like to earn the miles.  But I ALWAYS check to see if other airlines are considerably cheaper.

Recently I just discovered two new ways to do that.



This website and app allows you to see the airlines, duration, layovers, and price all in one graph. The feature that makes this site truly unique is that they will show you how you can use layovers and multiple airlines to reduce the cost of your total fare.   As someone who has traveled around Europe and can never remember all of their “domestic” options, I love that they index those airlines  as well.



I’m not sure how long Google has offered this search.  You enter your cities and trip length and then it shows you a graph of each day for a duration of time.  If you’re dates are flexible, you can opt to travel on one of the lower cost days.  When you scroll over the graph, it will show you which airlines have the lowest fare on that day.  Pretty nifty!  I’ve been dying to get to NYC to see friends and go to Otto’s new taco shop.

With this search I can see when is the most affordable time for me to do that.

(Photo credit: my always traveling GF Caroline)

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GILT for the outdoor adventurer: TheCLYMB

September 10th, 2013 No Comments


You know the GILT sale drill.  At TheClymb.com, it’s applied to sportswear and gear, mostly for the outdoors.

Shop TheClymb.com

They also seem to have a collection of gear on sale without an end time.  Click CLYMB365 to browse the selection of shoes and apparel.


For those of you who are truly adventurous, they offer discounts on outdoor experiences as well.  Zimbabwe for $600, I would look into that!

Discount outdoor travel at TheClymb

Finally, I think the most valuable part of TheCLYMB is their info.  The blog offers so many stories, videos and tips for “adventure travel.” There are also several guides to help you prep for your trip.  It’ all written with a guy’s sensibility, which makes it more fun to read :)

TheClymb Luggage tips


Thanks for the intro Mike!

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Expedia for Luxury Hotels ONLY: Kiwi Collection

August 30th, 2013 No Comments

Kiwi Collection homepage


Searching for a steal on a nice hotel can be a challenge.  Most of the time I’m not up for it.  Kiwi Collection does half of the work for you by only offering deals from 4 and 5 star hotels. They scour the world so no matter where you’re going, they’ll have a solid suggestions for you: boutiques, luxury chains, etc.  All of which are guaranteed to be top notch.

You can see for yourself as the site goes into great detail on the rooms (square footage, amenities, etc).  Their blog is also a great resource for hotel reviews, local hotspots, and city guides.


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Facebook as your travel agent for social scheduling

August 16th, 2013 No Comments

One of my favorite trips of all time was my week in Milan, a city I knew NOTHING about when I arrived. My experience there wouldn’t have been the same without Arnold, a British friend of my BFF Toby that I had connected with a few weeks prior to my arrival.  Arnold, who had lived in Milan for several months by that time was totally dialed into the local scene.  He showed me around town, took me to the hot spots for “aperitivo,” and invited me to watch Milan win the World Cup with his friends. We flooded the streets with the rest of the town that night and partied all night long.

That was a long time ago so Toby connected us via email.  Now you can do the same thing – find a friend of a friend in a city you’re visiting – with one click on facebook.

Since January of this year, Facebook has been rolling out features that allow you to search and engage in a very specific way.  With these improvements, you can book your social schedule when you travel or even if you just hang out in your ‘hood.


In the search bar at the top of Facebook, type in something very specific to find friends with similar interests.  For example: “friends who I work with that like to hike” or “friends who live in Chicago that like live music” or “friends who went to [your college here].”  It’s like making an instant invite list without having to brainstorm!

For travel, extend your search by typing “friends of my friends who live in London.” A list of people in London along with their photo and basic info will appear for you to browse.  Hover over the mutual friends link to see which friends you have in common.  Now you’re free to send them a message (or contact the friends you have in common) about meeting up when you’re in town.  To learn more, visit Graph Search’s Facebook page.


This feature JUST launched!  Facebook has teamed up with Open Table so you can make reservations at participating restaurants on their facebook page when you’re searching on your mobile phone.  You’ll see the link under the contact info.  So after you find your friends in London, you can search restaurants, and book a table without ever leaving Facebook.

These facebook guys are pretty clever.  Can’t wait to see what’s next!

(Image via)



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Last minute steals on hot hotels – Hotel Tonight

July 15th, 2013 No Comments
Hotel Tonight iPhone App

It’s summer time, be spontaneous, treat yourself to a little vacay!  You don’t have to escape the states or have a big budget to do it.  Since you’re also short on time, skip the hotel hunt and download the Hotel Tonight app to find just what you’re looking for RIGHT NOW.

Hotel Tonight lists available hotel rooms starting “tonight” at a huge discount in what seems like every major US city.  Hotels want to book their rooms just as badly as you want to stay there, so if you make a reservation at the last minute, you could score a great deal with this app.

The interface is slick and easy to use.  For each hotel, you’ll find pictures of the rooms, restaurants, and ammenities so you get all the info you would online. Each hotel is also categorized (basic, hip, solid, luxe, charming, etc) so you can filter your search.

The only downfall I’ve found after a quick browse through the app is the offerings are all over the map in terms of your current location. In other words, if you’re unfamiliar with the city you’re in, you could be excited to book a gorgeous room and then see it’s located 25 miles from you.

Also, the deals don’t register until noon in the local timezone so no need to be the early bird to get the worm.

(Click the pic to make it bigger!)

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How to get more luxury out of your vacation without spending a lot: Part 5 of 6 from Gary Leff

May 24th, 2013 2 Comments

W Koh Samui

Gary’s Tip #4: Sign up for the program.

By now, you’ve read several of my posts of MTM. so you must realize there are a few methods to my madness: loyalty programs being one of them.


Even if you sign up for a loyalty program RIGHT BEFORE you make a reservation at a hotel or fly an airline, do it.  You have nothing to lose only points to gain.  You might even realize you like the brand and want to frequent them more often.  The tip applies from big chains to little boutique brands.  Always make sure you’re a member of their loyalty program and give your frequent guest number with the reservation. Save those points! You can track them easily at free sites like AwardWallet.com.

Also, don’t worry about redeeming points as soon as you have enough for a free something. Having points can often get you the best values at some of the most expensive hotels. For the same points that the Grand Hyatt New York would have cost me, I spent New Years at the Park Hyatt Vendome in Paris and then in February at the Park Hyatt in the Maldives (think $900 per night for each). I never would be able to stay at such expensive hotels if I were paying cash, but by collecting my points I can and do all the time.

For other posts in this series and more tips from Gary, click here.  If you travel often,follow his blog for regular tips and current deals.  The man is an expert at discovering loopholes, online mistakes the airlines and hotels have to honor, and how to manipulate the fine print. You can feel free to tweet him questions @GaryLeff.  He’s super sweet so don’t be shy.

(Photo: View from W Resort Koh Samui, where you can use Starwood points.  Mary’s review here.)

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