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Escape to the Mayakoba in Playa del Carmen, Mexico!

December 4th, 2010 No Comments

I have lived and traveled all over the world. I have truly been fortunate to have so many wonderful experiences.

And I’m so happy to be able to share one of them with you.

As an MTM reader, you can book your vacation to my favorite Mexican hideaway – the Mayakoba – with a HUGE discount on your stay The Banyan Tree resort.  Included will be dinner, spa, and golf on their PGA course.

Email me for more details on the package and how to reserve your suite.

The Mayakoba property in Playa del Carmen is one of my all time FAVORITE getaways. Housing 3 distinct resorts on one of the most beautiful Caribbean white sand beaches with an award-winning spa and a PGA golf course only ten minutes from a quaint little town, the Mayakoba is all you want and more in a vacation or second home.

I’ll show you some of my photos first. I took them with my iPhone, so they really don’t do the little slice of heaven justice. Please visit their website to really get a feel of how beautiful it truly is!

Let me give you a brief overview of all three resorts.  You’ll be staying at my favorite – The Banyan Tree – but all three are open for you to experience as a guest.


The Banyan Tree, which started in Thailand, is absolutely breathtaking. It’s for those of you who truly are seeking peace and quiet.  Tucked into lagoons, all of the rooms are free-standing, individual suites with private pools, huge tubs, a concierge, and even a romance manager.  Three restaurants – Tamarind, Saffron, and the in-house Mexican dining room – offer exquisite gourmet experiences.  The award-winning spa features technicians who were trained in Thailand, to give you an authentic healing experience.


The Rosewood is from the signature chain you might recognize.  With more modern decor, it attracts a younger, trendy crowd.  In my opinion the rooms can be corporate, but the outdoor tubs and showers in your suite remind you that this is truly a vacation.  Their spa has won several awards and their restaurants have unique concepts, like the tequila and sushi bar.


The oldest of the three, these accommodations were build to cater to families who like the feel of having a separate house to themselves. This resort also holds exceptional dining experiences and fun activities.


Winding through the property is a canal that is truly a unique experience.  Over 300 species of animals lives in the undisturbed mangroves that are protected by national law.  Take a boat ride and see all of the wildlife that has migrated to Mayakoba and decided never to leave.

There are inland and beachfront pools as well as restaurants for you to enjoy at each resort.  As a guest, you are able to visit any of the venues on the entire property including pools and spas.

The beach is notable because it’s on the Caribbean side, so the side is silky smooth and white, and the water is clear, turquoise blue.  Prefect for snorkeling, diving, or swimming with sharks.

The PGA golf course designed by Greg Norman is the only one that offers you through three different environments – tropical jungles, beach, and dense mangrove – in 18 holes.  As if golf isnt’ frustrating enough?!  This will be a challenge for you.


Playa del Carmen is one of the only Mexican towns I actually enjoy spending time in.  To me it seems like Mexico’s version of a European provincial town.  There’s one main street, that is admittedly touristy.  But!  That’s why you have me.  In my guide to Playa, I fill you in on all of the local hotspots so you can avoid the crappy food and instead feast on some of the freshest fish and fruit (yes, it’s safe) the country has to offer.  And of course I direct you to the bars worth your while :)


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to write me.  It’s my pleasure to help you plan your much deserved R&R.

(Full Disclosure: I am currently employed on a part time basis to help Mayakoba in part of their marketing campaign in Houston.  I do not receive anything if you book a trip to the Mayakoba, only the satisfaction in knowing that I have helped you escape to paradise!)

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