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December 4th, 2010 No Comments

From 6 years of blogging and being a “digital personality” I’ve accumulated a ton of photos and videos. The best place to see photos of me is on my Instagram, and I’ll offer you a few here as well:

Mary Rambin 2013

Hello, this is me!  (I thought a quick self portrait would be more appropriate than a professional shot.)

My name is Mary Rambin, I’m a 31 year old entrepreneur living in Santa Monica, California.   Originally from Texas and well-traveled, this gypsy is happy to have settled herself down on the west coast.  I went to USC for college, so LA has been home before.

Mary Rambin Head to Toe

I got into blogging via fashion.  In 2006, my girlfriend and soon-to-be business partner Julia said I should blog about how I put together outfits.  So I came up with my “Head To Toe” posts in which I give a full description of what I’m wearing. I didn’t think people would care, but they did….thousands of them.  In 2007, I started blogging professionally with a start-up platform we called NONSOCIETY.  From there we developed a web series called TMIweekly.  Both were the first of their kind to generate revenue solely from sponsorship (no advertising).

Mary Rambin Green Juice

I also became known as an online resource for juicing and colonics after I posted this video of My First Colonic. At its launch, I was a brand ambassador for BluePrint Cleanse and began writing about the benefits of cleansing.  People thought I was crazy then.  Now juicing is all the rage!

Mary Rambin and her dog Mason

I’ve had my dog Mason for 4 years.  He’s my little man…the most well-behaved man I’ve ever met ;)

Mary Rambin SOULCYCLE pic


Aside from blogging, I’m also a marketing strategist and SOULCYCLE instructor in the Los Angeles area.  Marketing strategist isn’t as glamorous as funky spandex, but it is fulfilling to help brands reinvent their identities, build new websites, and distribute their new-found voice across social platforms.


As for my videos….

While I am capable of producing, hosting, and editing my own work, I really just love the on-camera stuff.  It’s way more fun.  Plus, I’m not an actress, don’t want to be, so I just get to be myself and have a good time.

My most popular video of all time, the one that really launched my career as a video blogger and online resource for cleansing was the one of my first colonic, which I linked to above.

Because of the response (which was both positive, negative, and appreciative), I went on to do more reviews on treatments and other topics people might be curious about:

Like getting Botox before you’re 30:

Or being tasered!

I hope you see I got tasered only to bring attention to the fact that a taser is a good means of protection for women.

Wrapping the perfect present is actually one of my reader favorites:


Other video reviews include:


My NYFW coverage is my other notable contributions to the web.  I started by taking blurry iPhone photos from the front row (then everyone else caught on) so I went to video recaps daily.  Of course, that edge didn’t last long, so I went live with LiveStream to put the whole event online without being censored.  Even today, I haven’t seen anyone else do that.  Below are a few video recaps from the 2010 collections.  Go to my YouTube Channel for more.


I’m not big on them, but I did cover a few red carpets as a brand ambassador for Kodak.

I also do a lot of How-To videos:

And then there’s the lifecaster in me that posts milestones in my life.

Like chopping off my hair after I took out my extensions. This video got 24, 000 views!

There are so many more fun ones! But I think you get the idea.

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