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Screw the glue. A new way to make your lashes fabulous.

November 10th, 2015 No Comments

 I studied makeup application in high school and college, and I still can’t put fake lashes on myself.  Even when I have an artist apply them, they look a little too….Tammy Faye for my personal taste.

So, recently, when I was approached to test, review, and purchase (which is highly unusual) a new mascara system that promised dramatic lashes, I threw down the $30 for Younique’s 3D Moonstruck Fiber lashes.

The application is a three step process using two tubes.  First, you coat your lashes in the very lightweight black gel; then gently add black fibers from the second tube; finally, you lock them down with the gel.

I’ve been using Younique for months now because I wanted to make sure I really LOVED the effect before I passed it on to you.  The fibers were weird to work with the first couple of times.  Now I’m pro and love the dramatic look for going out at night and special events!

The pics here are from my sister’s wedding. I used my favorite Jouer cosmetics for a natural look and little pop from the fiber lashes.  A close up for ya here:


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The natural energy we always wanted!

September 2nd, 2015 No Comments

It’s only Wednesday and I’m soooooo exhausted.  But I’m still smiling and still moving because I’ve discovered:


I wouldn’t have believed until I tried it…and I wouldn’t have shelled out $46 for the little jar without tasting a bite and feeling its power instantly, so I’m hoping you’ll trust me now and thank me later when you order a jar and change your life.

One little bite of Bee Panacea

gives me more energy INSTANTLY

than a full cup of coffee.

Not that you or I care, but Victoria Beckham swears by it too.

This superfood jelly wakes me up within minutes at 4:30am in the morning and keeps me moving when I’m crashing at 3pm.  It’s more powerful on an empty stomach, but during the day I’ll feel energized within 20 minutes.

What I love is that I don’t have to do anything to get it: no grinding beans or waiting in line.  I just spoon out about a teaspoon and scrape it off into my mouth.  It tastes good, or better than you would expect I should say.

The ingredients are all natural, recognizable, and combine to help you with more than just energy:

You can find it at some Whole Foods or order it online here.

Energized and Smiling Head To Chin:


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Give me some T ‘n A

August 10th, 2015 No Comments

For such a suggestive title you would think I shot some good pics for this post.  Ahhhhh, nope.  In fact, these might be the most unattractive set of photos I’ve ever posted (that’s saying a lot after 9 years of blogging).  But they do the job to show you two great exercises to tone up you TRICEPS while strengthening your ABS….Get it now, T ‘n A ;)

The first one is a low intensity toner that also increases your heart rate while the second one is focused on using more weight and building muscle.

TRICEP SIDE STEP (cardio – low intensity)


Grab a light to moderate set of hand weights (1 – 8 lbs).  Start with your feet together, pull your shoulders down and squeeze your shoulder blades together.  Engage your abs and hinge into a 45 degree angle.   Keep your elbows nice and tight next to your ribs.



Step laterally to one side and extend your arms backwards, keeping your elbows in tight, squeezing your triceps.  Bring your feet back together and curl your arms back to the starting position.  Set your feet back together and repeat stepping the other direction.  Do 10 reps in each direction for a total of 20 tricep extensions.

As you move, your core stays engaged the entire time to protect your back.

This is a great move to do in between sets to get your heart rate back up.



Overhead Skull Crusher (high intensity – strength)

Sounds like fun, right?!


You’ll need a heavy dumbbell or plate and a moderate hand weight or ball for your legs (5-10 lbs.)  Lay flat on the ground, bring your knees up so your legs are at 90 degree angle.  Place the hand weight on your shins and you’ll feel your abs engage.  Pull them tighter so your lower back is flat on the ground.  Push the heavy plate straight over your chest.


Slowly lower the plate behind your head.  Your elbows will go back as well. Since the weight is big, you need more extension than a usual skull crusher.    Then press back up to the starting position.

Do 10 – 12 reps.

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Summer’s best salad

August 6th, 2015 No Comments

The other day I had the pleasure of meeting Joyce Chang, a remarkable, motivated woman and the Editor-in-Chief of Self magazine.  Amongst several topics we discussed, she told me two important things about her publication: their advice is offered by experts and backed up with scientific research (we can’t say that for every magazine out there), and “we do tons of salads.” Good to know! I get so bored making the same combos.

In that vein, I offer you my latest and greatest that I refer to as my Summer Fruit Salad. I take beautiful baby lettuces, herbs, and sweeten them up with summer’s best fruits.

Summer Fruit Salad

  • Mixed greens (stay away from anything peppery or bitter)
  • Torn fresh herbs (dill is the most important, flat parsley, cilantro)
  • A mixture of your favorite summer fruit (strawberries, blueberries, peaches, red grapes, plums)
  • Optional: cucumber, avocado
  • Brianna’s dressing (either Blush Wine or the Poppy Seed which I  dilute with lemon juice so it’s not so thick)
  • Grilled Chicken
  • Toasted walnuts or slivered almonds
  • Goat Cheese (go to the cheese shop and get one that’s smooth, not too tangy)

Optional: Roasted your own chicken

This actually takes the salad to another level because it’s so tender.

Chicken breast with bone and skin on.  Make a marinade of EVOO, chopped rosemary, thyme, basil, garlic, salt and pepper.  Or you can use a pre-made pesto to save time. Shove under the skin and lather the breast.  Roast at 450 until cooked through.  Remove skin and cut up.

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Thank God for closure.

August 5th, 2015 No Comments

If you’ve been with me for a while, you know a few years ago (two and a half to be exact), my heart was shattered by the man I called the love of my life.

I’m not going to dive back into the details because moving forward is about looking ahead not looking back.

What I’m realizing now is that we can have TRUE CLOSURE in life.  So many times I have heard myself say, “I’m over it,” whatever it might be, but in my heart I know that’s not the truth.  Last week, I finally experienced real closure on my past love and woke up liberated, like the weight of the world had been lifted off my shoulders.

Closure came after going out with him twice over the past two months.  The first time I was scared to death, but armed with a well-rounded life and a killer blowout, I made it through dinner feeling confident.  So to my surprise, when I got home, I broke down into tears on the couch.  My outburst wasn’t due to uncontrolable love for him though…it was my first sense of release!

But, I didn’t know why or how or what was better now….It took date #2 to get that straight.

This time I think he planned so I would be wearing a bikini, he always loved me in a bathing suit…thankfully that doesn’t bother me in the least.  We spent the day in Laguna laying out by the pool, reminiscing about our past life together, eating at the bar like we used to, and snuggling under the stars at an outdoor concert.  It was sweet and comfortable, but not emotional. THANK GOD.

After these two dates, I have come to find out our extraordinary love is history.  Those memories only survive in stories, really wonderful stories.  Our friendship will never die, our chemistry will always be charged, but the desire to be with each other is finally gone.


Everything seems to be so much easier now.  I feel more rested; the tension in my neck has subsided; daily activities are effortless.  I never realized before how heavy his emotional baggage was for me.

After a few days of thinking around this concept of “closure” I’ve come to realize a few important things I can apply to other conflicts in my life in an attempt to find a resolution and a feeling of satisfaction.

1.  Give it time.

I’m one of those people who likes to confront conflict head on and get it over with.  Carrying a pit in my stomach is one of the worst feelings, in my opinion.  “Why not just talk about it now and move on?” is my thought.  Because time allows emotions to settle and the real issue to reveal itself.

If I had seen my ex last year and gone out on these two dates, I’m not sure I would have come out of with closure.

2.  Let go of control.

It’s very rare that people do what we want them to do. All we can do is make the best decisions for ourselves.

As hard as it was, I moved on and built a life that makes me very happy.  If I had seen him in a state of misery or even transition, I wouldn’t have been strong enough to meet him again with confidence.

3.  There is no need to blame.

In my relationships, I never assign blame. How can we confine a relationship, something so volatile, to one instance?  A big part of my ability to find closure was that I didn’t have to forgive him.  I never had any resentment towards him.  When we split, I fully understood his reasons and I accepted them as his reality.  I hated the circumstances, but I accepted them. With that perspective, I realized I had no control of him and had to move on.

4.  Learn from your loss.

When you come out the other side feeling like you’ve gained something, it’s easier to move forward.

When I felt nostalgic, I let my mind stumble down a road of memories which inevitably led to a waterfall of tears.  Those moments allowed me to know how meaningful our relationship was.  This wasn’t loneliness I was experiencing, it was loss. And when I knew I didn’t want to lose again, to feel like this again, I realized all of the things I had done to contribute to our demise.  So many trips to that past have changed me to be a better person.

4.  If you’re scared, it’s important enough to do it.

Going out with my ex for the first time I was tingling with fear and excitement.  That’s how I knew that no matter what happened, I had made the right decision to see him again.  Those kinds of strong emotions, the ones that overwhelm you, shouldn’t be contained forever.

5.  Know exactly what you want the outcome to be.

When you go into any meeting, you have a goal: win their favor, make the sale, get the contract signed, whatever it is. The same holds true here.

When I told people I was going out with my ex, they all said, “Don’t have sex with him, you’re not going to have sex with him, right?”  Right.  If sex was what I wanted all along, I knew he would be a phone call away.  Closure, which is what I was after, is much harder to get and exponentially more satisfying. (I’ll look back at that and probably disagree later;))


By no means am I suggesting this a formula, just hindsight presenting some signs to point me in the right direction.


The only issue I’m left with now is a very high bar for the true love of my life.

Or possibly he was the one and we missed our chance? If that’s the case, I feel blessed to have experienced that degree of love.

At 33, I’m optimistic.  Life is more fun that way.  At the very least, I look forward to sharing my life with some extraordinary people.



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Class Pass isn’t the only fitness app in town now

August 3rd, 2015 No Comments


We all want to be in shape, but making it fit into our schedule and budget isn’t always easy.  For the past few weeks, while I’ve been absent from the blog, I’ve felt that same pressure you do, and I teach 5 classes a week!  Being super busy with two clients, running the studio, and traveling, my weight-training fell to the waist-side along with my blogging.  Oh the guilt that set in!

ClassPass has been the best game in town to satisfy the budget issue.  With a $99/month membership, you can go to participating studios in any city and attend classes they post on CP up to three visits a month.  If you want to go to a class that’s not posted, or you want to go more often, you have to pay the normal rate.

These two new fitness apps/programs are filling in two HUGE holes in the ClassPass system. You’ll see that Wildfire goes after the fitness fanatic, the other goes after the sporadic.

The drawback for all three is that not all studios participate.  For example, if you want to go to SoulCycle, which is super exclusive, you have to book directly through them.

Finally, both are fairly new to the market and therefore not widely available. Keep an eye out when they touch down in your city.


Wildfire gives you unlimited classes in the studios on their roster for $149/month.  So if you wanted to RYDE 3 times a week, go to a bootcamp once a week, and do yoga once a week, maybe throw in a barre class, you’re getting over  $100/week of classes for about $27.





ZenRez is for the person who can’t plan ahead, just needs to get into a class NOW.  Find last minute classes in your area with availability and book a spot for a fraction of the price.   I’m not putting RYDE4 on ZenRez simply because our classes are already HALF of what most studios in the are charge.

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Hours in the sun without an inch of sunburn!

July 7th, 2015 No Comments

After countless hours of the Mexican sun over the Fourth of July holiday, I’m happy to report there is not an inch of skin on my body that is burned!!

I coved myself neck to toe in Nivea.

Nivea Invisible Protection, SPF 50

Spray on oil I rubbed in. Survives beach runs and shower rinses.

Pretty amazing stuff.

(Please excuse alignment, WP apparently hates me right now.)

Neutrogena Clear Face SPF 55

Not one spot on my face is red thanks to Neutrogena.

And after the sun set, I rehydrated with Darphin on my face and neck so I could do it all over again :)

Darphin Revitalizing Oil

Darphin Revitalizing Oil

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Add this exercise to any routine, especially if you don’t have one

July 6th, 2015 No Comments


This weekend I had a lot of different conversations about exercise, most of which will fuel my posts over the next few weeks. Because it doesn’t really matter what I’m doing, I’m a fitness crazy person.  The point is for you to take the information, hopefully learn something, and be inspired to try new things.  Change comes from change, right?

The first step to getting in better shape is to exercise, which a lot of people don’t do.  That mental barrier is the hardest one for all of us to break down.  Then, once you get over saying no, you have to choose a type of exercise you will commit to.  Then, there’s the intimidation factor, the budgeting of time and money, the exhaustion that already dominates you day.  The list goes on right?!

This exercise is easy and challenging, works your whole body, you can do it anywhere, with or without weights, to start your day or end your day.

It’s a “don’t think just do it” kinda thing.

If you don’t workout at all, do this exercise to ease back into it.  You’ll see results fast if you do 20 reps, three times.

If you’re already active, throw this in between weightlifting sets to raise your heart rate, before a yoga class to warm up, after a spin class to build strength, you get the idea.

JUST DO IT. It’s too easy not to.

3 sets of 20 reps (ten on each leg).

Don’t worry about rotating, that was just to show you the move from all sides.

Off you go!

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