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August 7th, 2012 No Comments

MoreThanMary has never featured advertising and never will.  I have never written a fluff piece for a freebie and never will.

I ALWAYS give my honest experience with products and services.  Period.  You can read my transparency policy here.  Since space on MTM and my time is limited, I screen products before I write about them or consider them for sponsorship.  MTM is a place I hope to help my readers and enrich their lives with valuable things I believe in.

The only way I will feature banners and sponsored content on my blog is with my endorsement.  If a reader sees a banner on my blog, they know I personally use and love the product and they don’t have to question clicking it.  By maintaining this integrity for 4 years, I have earned the trust and loyalty of my readers who love bringing my favorite products, services, recipes, destinations, you name it, into their lives.

For brands I love, it’s my absolute pleasure to work with you on creating an engaging experience for my readers.  While we have set prices, every package is created to fit your goals and budget.

For more information on MoreThanMary readers and the opportunity to sponsor the blog, please contact me – Mary@MoreThanMary.com – or Amy Dunk at Amy@trendpublicrelations.com.

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