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I’m Taking You Out tonight

April 16th, 2011 No Comments

Check out the fans singing along with Luke.  Atomic Tom puts on an awesome concert, and I’m betting you’ll get to see for yourself soon!

If you haven’t already (because Lindsey and I have both written about them recently), download the Atomic Tom album.  There is a song for everyone who appreciates alternative rock.  I’m not sure if you know this, but I hate bands that scream at me.  So let me assure you, that even though these guys are loud, they’re articulate and play solid music.  Just want to clarify that.

My favorite songs:

Take Me Out (their single you will be jumping to in no time)

Play That Dirty Girl

The Moment

This Is How We Like To End, You Always Get What You Want, We Were Never Meant To Be, Let Let Go Tonight….actually, I like the whole album now, but I started off with the first three.

They are touring like CRAZY, so if they hit up your town, you’re in for an awesome show.  And DO NOT hestitate to say hello afterwards.

The best way to find them is on twitter @atomictom.

Check ’em out before they get big (it’s always more fun to watch your favorites in small venues, ya know).

Here’s an intro before you go:

Luke’s voice is killer; his style is legit; and his heart is made of gold.

When you meet Phil, check out his shoes.  Love!

Eric can “lay it down” with the best of them.

Tobias is the funny guy…and always brutally honest about poo.

I have to tell you, the guys are not only talented, but also great people. Proof that hipster rockstars decked out in skinny jeans and ripped t’s pulling off hair do’s we could never dream of are actually real people too.

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