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So you think you know espadrilles.

March 6th, 2012 1 Comment

Bettye Muller has been making stylish shoes at Nine West prices for over a decade.  You can see by her personal style that she’s always pushing the boundaries of classics which is something those of us looking for versatile pieces can appreciate.

I noticed her brand in Neimans before, but it wasn’t until last year in Tootsies that I really latched on to her designs.

In this video we explore how to take espadrilles (and a cork heel) to a new level, pairing them with more modern and urban looks.  That’s right, they don’t only pair with denim and sundresses.

To shop the shoes you see in the video, go to BettyeMueller.com for retailers near you and online.  She’s pretty much everywhere.

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