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Love the Luu.

May 25th, 2010 No Comments

New Chan Luu in Tootsies! Pearl set is $365, the plain is $295. Not too bad for an accessory you’ll wear constantly.

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I’m Still Wrapped Up In Chan Luu

April 6th, 2010 No Comments

You know I’ve been wearing one of my two Chan Luu wrap bracelets over my watch and bracelets on a daily basis for over a year now.  And honestly, I’m still not tired of the look.

For the Spring/Summer collection, she’s using new metals and stones in all different sizes and shapes.  Usually I would tell you to choose the more versatile brown leather with gold or silver beads, but I think I’ve worn my blue leather wrap with two tone metals more.

These are my favorites.  Prices range from $190 – $295.

Check out the whole collection here.

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Something to Make Her Smile

December 1st, 2009 No Comments

My holiday gift guide for your friend, lover, and love of your life.

Cheap and easy (around $50 or less):

Under $100:

A little bit more:


  • The best bling I know – Erica Courtney huggies or eternity band (email Naomi) – so your girl can shine everyday – don’t worry, they’ aren’t ridiculous.  Both are at the top of my wishlist.
  • LuxuryLink.com – vacation of a lifetime that won’t break the bank
  • Cashmere chic – Ralph Lauren cashmere circle cardigan ($1098 – I can’t find it online, comes in black, creme, or my favorite purple) – here’s a less expensive cable navy version, or an even cheaper  alternative I like too! I have this cashmere zip up and absolutely love it.
  • A fun watch you won’t have to pay off – My faves are Glam Rock and Brera.  Both run $500-$995 available at Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills or Barneys. Glam Rock example.  Brera for women is new on the market and unavailable online to my knowledge – Love the gold chronograph with white rubber band.

Helpful Websites:

Not at all glamorous, but I would be so excited to receive:

  • A car payment
  • Amex or Visa gift card
  • Gas card
  • Mani/Pedi/Wax (click for LA, NYC, Houston locations)
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You Know I Love Jumpers Head To Toe

September 16th, 2009 No Comments

You Know I Love Jumpers Head To Toe:

  • Chan Luu Necklace
  • Emerson Thorpe* silk jumper
  • Marc Jacobs shoes

*At first the rep told me the line was called Emille.  But the tag inside says “Emerson Thorpe.” (I bought from the showroom directly.)  Huh.  I’m going to figure this out because I love the line, and it’s affordable.

July 30th, 2009 No Comments

Still loving these looks:

  • Simple ring on pointer finger (celebstylejewelry.com)
  • stacked bracelets and watch (blue Chan Luu was a recent gift, other stuff I’ve had almost a decade)
  • Sam Edelman gladiator sandals
  • natural colored finger nails (Esse Ballet Slippers)
  • bright pink toes (Esse, but I can’t remember the name)


June 23rd, 2009 No Comments


I’ve been a fan of Chan Luu for years, but haven’t thought about her collection lately.  Now, her wrap bracelets – one of her signature pieces – are re-emerging in boutiques as a trendy accessory.

Recently I noticed my friend Lezlie had a couple wrapped around her wrist with her watch and a few other bracelets.  So much cuter than bangles – not to mention less annoying. 

Later that week I was introduced to CL’s rep at a ZaZa event and before I could even get up the nerve to ask (or she knew my job as a blogger) she offered me a discount! Me turn down a discount?  No! So, I bought Mom and I the brown leather wrap with sterling silver beads – a versatile piece to go with everything.  Neither of us leave the house without them now.

Prices start at $170 and can escalate to over $450 for the 14k gold ones so the discount was a welcome surprise.  But I can honestly say I would pay the full $195 for the one I bought (maybe not some of the crazy colored ones…).  It’s a classic piece that will certainly find it’s way to the back of my jewelry box at one point, but when I discover it again down the road, I’ll fall in love with it all over again.