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JetBlue Launches “Mint” Class for the Upgraded Economy Traveler

November 20th, 2015 No Comments

JetBlue just officially launched “MintClass” on long haul flights: most notably LA – NYC, SF – NYC, SF- Boston, and NYC – Barbados.

My go-to Conde Nast Traveler expert @GaryLeff says:

Jet Blue Mint Class Gary Leff quote

Affordable amenities are the story and success of the Jet Blue brand altogether, and now they’ve done it again.  For those of us who fly Economy Comfort because we can’t afford First Class coast to coast, we are very excited to get more bang for our buck!

Starting at $599 (just a little bit more than upgraded economy), you can fly 4 hours like you be buckled in for 20. Stretch out flat, watch DirectTV on a big flat screen, eat 3 meals catered by one of my favorite NYC staples Saxon + Parole, all the while covered in a big blankie. The Conde Nast Traveler writer LOVED her flight to Barbados, saying what could be a haul was a vacation in itself.


If you’ve been with me for a while, you know my bar for “luxury” and “first class” is pretty high. I won’t have my readers paying for an experience that is sub par or “economy plus” when the label claims luxurious. (Case in point this review of the Intercontinental Presidential in Cozumel).

This is where marketing comes in. Jet Blue isn’t calling their new experience”first class,” the branded term they use is “Mint Class.” Absolutely brilliant. The first class traveler would likely be disappointed by JetBlue Mint Class, but the Economy Plus traveler who pays for the upgraded seat and still sits in coach will be ELATED.

The key to getting the the affordable/same-as-economy-plus fare is the time you book your flight. Plan ahead and you’ll pay the base rate.

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Meet my travel gurus

April 26th, 2013 No Comments

Gary Leff and Mary Rambin


Finally we get to meet the man behind all of the travel wizardry!  This is Gary Leff who has been writing a guest series here on how to get more luxury out of your vacation budget without spending a ton.  I’ve been posting about him for years now, along with every other reputable publication that features travel.  This man works magic when it comes to wheeling and dealing to get the most out of airline miles, hotel deals, loyalty programs, you name it.  Before you fly or plan a trip, always check his blog.

I also learned Gary is one of the sweetest men on the planet.  His wife is a very lucky lady!

Paul Brady Conde Nast Traveler

Paul Brady used to be my travel editor at The Huffington Post and has recently moved up the ranks to Deputy Editor at Conde Nast Traveler.  Yay for Paul!  We met for the first time yesterday in Bryant Park since the weather decided to play nice.  Check out his travel features that focus on travel tips and news as well.  A couple of my favorites:  10 best travel destinations now, and biggest buzz-worth destinations with the best value.


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