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I’m Free! Head to Toe

November 10th, 2009 No Comments

I’m Free! Head to Toe

— Fendi sunnies

— Emerson Thorpe jumper

— Mom’s python Manolos

— Tory Burch tote

— Minimal jewelry

— Order of Dismissal thanks to Sid McNiece and his team

Everyone else in the courtroom was in jeans (and mostly t-shirts). That just seems so disrespectful! Show your judge some love with some slacks and a button-down.

But I’m not one to talk…

The judge wasn’t happy I was away from the courtroom for longer than 15 minutes earlier today, so she taught me a lesson (to not cross her) by having me come back after lunch. You know what? It worked. I saw my insurance bill in the $2k range and so I bowed my head and said, “My apologies. I’m very sorry.”

It was sincere and effective :)

You Know I Love Jumpers Head To Toe

September 16th, 2009 No Comments

You Know I Love Jumpers Head To Toe:

  • Chan Luu Necklace
  • Emerson Thorpe* silk jumper
  • Marc Jacobs shoes

*At first the rep told me the line was called Emille.  But the tag inside says “Emerson Thorpe.” (I bought from the showroom directly.)  Huh.  I’m going to figure this out because I love the line, and it’s affordable.