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Four ways to say “thank you” and express your genuine gratitude

November 26th, 2013 No Comments

Mary Rambin and her mom

Around the holidays I feel especially blessed when I hear people complaining about spending time with their family.  At that point I say, “they’re your family, make the best of it,” or just keep my mouth shut.  I feel sorry for those who can’t find love and support in their family.   I treasure treasure every single person in my family.  The idea of family is so satisfying for me, I give the same badge of honor and unconditional love to longtime friends.

This year, I had two friends I considered family let me down BIG TIME.  Oh my goodness, they broke my heart.  But life goes on I suppose.

For that reason, I think it’s important that each person in my life who I consider family or friend hear not just “I love you” but more importantly “thank you” for being in my life. 

Now, since we say “thank you” all the time, the gesture has a tendency to go in one ear and out the other.

So here are four ways I say “thank you”

so my loved ones hear me clearly and feel my gratitude.


People don’t turn away when you’re giving them praise.  They pay closer attention.  So when I say thank you, I follow it with specific instances in which that person made me feel safe, supported, and special.


At the end of the dinner or party, when you pull someone in for a hug, hold them there and say your thanks.  There is so much strength and meaning in a great hug, they’ll know you really appreciate them.


Now this is a signature Mary move.  I’ll take a normal posed picture and then insist on a “kissey picture” in which I kiss my friend (or above my mom) on the cheek.  Then I’ll email it with a specific note of thanks and love.  Sometimes I go a little farther to print it, frame it, and send it with a card that goes into how thankful I am to have them in my life.  The unusual picture is unforgettable and so is the sentiment.  My hope is that every time they see it, they will smile knowing they are adored.


This goes back to being specific.  In this scenario, you tell a story about your loved one to a group at your feast.  Your big ending is hopefully a laugh from the group followed by an ode of gratitude.  When the group sees your loved one, they’ll share your story.  The recipient will feel satisfied that he/she has affected your life in such a positive way.

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June 22nd, 2010 No Comments

My sister Leven’s new show Scoundrals is premiering tonight on ABC 9/8central.  Tune in to see her in action.  I’m so proud of you Nin!

Lev is the gorgeous blonde on the far right :)  Click here to watch the trailer.

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My Nin!

November 19th, 2009 No Comments

Look at my Nin!  Stunning!! She’s all grown up.

Tonight is her premiere episode on Grey’s Anatomy. Yep, you heard me.  I’M SO EXCITED.  And so very proud of her.

For weeks I have told her to NOT tell me what the H her character is up to.  I still love the show, and all of my doctors are coupled up so well….ugh.  If she goes after Dempsy I’ll have to take her down myself.

Anyway, clear your plans and/or set your tivo, and watch!  She’ll be on for a few episodes.

(Nin = my sister Leven.  BTW, she pretty funny to follow on twitter.)

April 7th, 2009 No Comments

The O & Co aged balsamic is amazing!

And the perfect way to say thank you to my Momma for helping me out over the last few months.

About few years ago I got her to put down the Ranch and get healthy with her salads. Now she’s obsessed with the Central Market brand balsamic so I’m going to blow her socks off with the sweetness that comes with age.

March 16th, 2009 No Comments

Running errands with Mom on this beautiful, warm (yay) day. :: Encore is closed on Monday, so we’re just getting all of our to-do’s done together. So much more fun with a friend than darting all over town by yourself. Mom’s inside, I’m answering emails in the car, without a care in the world (despite what you may have read). Off to go grab Mase and let him chase me around the yard.

March 14th, 2009 No Comments

Me: Ooo, these are cute. Chandelier earrings are back in now you know.

Mom: Were they ever out?

Me: Yes.

Mom: Not in Texas.

March 8th, 2009 No Comments

Look at you go Nin! I’m over here whistlin’ I’m so proud.

Follow my sister on Twitter.  Guaranteed her actress/fashionista butt isn’t at home working and listening to Lite Hits on a Saturday night.  Not that Hollywood has a good night life, but she’s into indie bands and always seems to be at some cool concert. Rock on Lev.

March 7th, 2009 No Comments

My dad and I used to spend Saturdays at the park, playing basketball, or race car driving. These days we still walk around Memorial Park. I love that some things never change.