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Your Nutritionista: You’re Probably Not Eating Enough: Cauliflower

April 17th, 2010 No Comments

Your Nutritionista: You’re Probably Not Eating Enough: Cauliflower

Cauliflower is one of those somewhat forgettable vegetables. Or at least, I tend to forget about it. Is it so blah in my mind because it’s white? Because it has sort of a neutral taste? It’s not that I don’t like cauliflower, I just don’t remember that I like it very often.

Click the link to see why Cauliflower is more than just a sponge for whatever spice you put on it.  Apparently it’s actually nutritious.

Leah also gives you links to some simple recipes that sound pretty delicious.  I don’t think I’ll stop thinking about the “mashed potatoes” until I make them.

Nutritionista will be back on MTM every Thursday dishing out healthy tricks and tips when we relaunch the site. YAY!

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Don’t Diet!

January 13th, 2010

A reader emailed me her current dilemma with dieting and I think a lot of us can relate:

Hey Mary,
I’ve been trying to get started in a healthier lifestyle routine, and sometimes I need more of a boost than to hear “have lots of fruits, veggies, and water, say no to junk food and watch your portion control.” That’s obvious, it’s just hard to do after years of eating/drinking whatever I like.

I feel like I need something more regimented in the beginning – rules – on what I can and can’t eat. A friend of mine told me she once found success with the “South Beach Diet” program. I’ve never been on one of these fad diets. What are your thoughts on them? What do you think would be a good way to get started?

Obviously I’m looking for a lifestyle change, I just need that kick in the ass that one of these diets/books may provide in the beginning so I learn to love/get used to a healthier lifestyle. There’s just SO much out there, and many times they aren’t compatible. Obviously exercise would be a big part of it as well, but I think that’s easier than changing the way I eat.

Any thoughts?

Dear Reader,

You’re right about a few things:  getting motivated is difficult and diets books never agree on a method.

But as you said, you’re looking for a lifestyle change so a fad diet isn’t going to be your best bet for the long haul (for any healthy form of weight loss actually).

Don’t think of yourself as going on a “diet.”  Try to balance your day with well-rounded meals that focus on veggies and fresh foods, but also incorporate foods you enjoy.  Baby steps in the right direction will be the key to a true lifestyle change.  Don’t tell yourself “no,” just enjoy enough of what you love until you are satisfied.  That cookie will be there tomorrow!

Exercise will be helpful in more ways than just shedding pounds.  You’ll feel some of the weight of the world lift off your shoulders, your priority will be you and not other people and their problems, and the chemical change will motivate you to maintain a healthy course in other parts of your life.

Keep checking into MTM for tips on fitness and food.  Between our resident trainer, Nutritionista, and myself, we’ve got you covered.

Hope this helps and have fun on your journey!

BTW, do you mind if I post your question anonymously?

Post away! I’m just confused about whether I should avoid alcohol, dairy, carbs, etc. for a time – so my body will stop the super craving. I just feel like I need some static rules to get me started.

Ok, start here:

Try to avoid white stuff – sugar, bread, flour.  But don’t cut them out completely. Try restraint before you go to restriction.  Telling yourself no will make you want more and is not the way to truly change your diet, in my opinion.

Eat something green (that isn’t COVERED in sauce) before lunch and dinner.  It can be a single veggie or a salad.  This will help curb your appetite for whatever follows (and help your body absorb the nutrients in the greens).

If you’re hungry during the day, reach for a single piece of fruit, raw veggies, or unsalted nuts (without dried fruit).  If you’re in need of something sweet, grab a Lara Bar.  Also if you know you’re really not hungry, have a cup of tea.  I like black or peppermint.

For dinner, try not to reach for carbs unless you’re really still hungry after you allow your meal to sit for 20 minutes.  Eat protein and veggies until you’re satisfied, not stuffed.

Allow yourself a reasonable portion of dessert once a day.  Sometimes you won’t want it.  Yay.  If you do, love every bite.

In these guidelines, you’ll see you have the liberty to choose what you like, but a few rules to help you make healthy choices based on how you feel.  Don’t starve yourself so you over-eat, eat slowly and often.

I hope this helps!

Snack Attack – Ambrosia Apples

January 7th, 2010

Snack Attack – Ambrosia Apples

Do you ever go into the market and realize you have no idea what the difference is between the 10 varieties of a fruit?

“I just want an apple!” you think.

But then you say to yourself, “but not a red one…or a granny apple….I wonder what this multi-colored one tastes like…”

One day the produce guy at Whole Foods saw me wandering the apple isle and said, “Would you like to try the Ambrosia, it’s the best.  It’s only in season a few months out of the year, you should enjoy them now.”

He gladly cut me a slice to sample and let me tell you, they are indeed delicious!  An ambrosia apple isn’t too sweet and has a texture that is somewhere between a red and granny apple.  It’s juuuuust right.

What you’ve learned today: Ambrosia apples are damn tasty.  Start up a conversation with the produce guy to learn more about your options.

My Top Ten Food Trends of 2010

January 7th, 2010

I already posted some predictions from Bon Appétit, but if I could predict the top ten food trends of 2010 (especially as they relate to nutrition), here’s what I’d pick.

—By Nutritionista

1. Real sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup. 2009 was all “is he or isn’t he?” in terms of corn syrup’s real threat. But with news that some corn syrup-producing plants are also producing a less benevolent byproduct (mercury), I’m thinking manufacturers are going to be switching over to another sweetener. PepsiCo has already done this with their “throwback” line of drinks (made with real sugar). I’ve tasted the throwback Pepsi and actually prefer it, though I’m not a pop drinker to begin with.

2. Chia is the new flax. Flaxseed, though still a nutritional powerhouse, will be overthrown by new kid on the block chia. Understandably so. Chia seeds have 11g of fiber and 4g of protein per ounce, and they’re just as versatile as their flaxy friend.

3. Cutting way back on meat. Like I’ve mentioned before, as meat manufacturers’ practices become more transparent, people will start reevaluating their need for meat. Vegetarian proteins, like beans, will start becoming the star ingredient.

4. Local over organic. Though both are and will continue to be important for many people, buying local is starting to be emphasized over buying organic.

5. Rejection of “diet” foods. People are no longer fooled by the promise of “low fat” and “low sugar.” They want real food that tastes great but won’t give them a heart attack. We’ve seen the evidence on artificial sweetener already.

6. Healthy fast food. Everybody’s doing it. Have you guys seen the commercials for Taco Bell’s Drive-Thru Diet (aka, the “eat fewer calories and you’ll lose weight, you morons” diet)? However they can swing it, fast food chains will continue to try and jump on the health bandwagon.

7. Paying more for higher quality food. This goes along with #3 and 4. People are willing to shell out more dough if it means their food will be pumped with fewer hormones and chemicals.

8. DIY produce. I know many people whose goal for 2010 is to start their own veggie garden. Community urban gardens are also rising in popularity. If you want to start your own, check out the five must-have books for urban gardeners.

9. Let’s do potluck. Instead of fancy-pants dinners, people are trying to cook more. That’s a great thing! Expect to get invited to potlucks instead of restaurants for celebrations.

10. Roasting every vegetable in sight. From kale chips to eggplant bacon, people are always creating new and delicious things with vegetables.

7 Foods You Should Reconsider Eating For The New Year

January 1st, 2010

Link: 7 Foods You Should Reconsider Eating For The New Year

7 Foods You Should Reconsider Eating In The New Year

December 31st, 2009

Link: 7 Foods You Should Reconsider Eating In The New Year

Popcorn is a given, canned tomatoes I could have guessed, but there are a few foods on this list you wouldn’t want the FDA to let slide under their radar.

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Delicious Dish — Roasted Tomatoes

December 31st, 2009

Delicious Dish — Roasted Tomatoes

It’s cold outside so warm up your veggies.  Here’s a one pan wonder appetizer or meal for a single gal.

Parmesan, Bread Crumbs, Olive Oil.

Bake at 450 for 8 mins. Done.

(via rewbog via nutritionista)

Nutritionista note: whole wheat bread crumbs

MR note: Less cheese, add basil.  Top with balsamic vinegar after baking.

Delicious Dish – Dr. Laura’s Bitelette Apple Crisps

December 24th, 2009 No Comments

A super easy and healthy dessert to top off a home-made meal.

All you need:

Preheat oven to 300.

Core, peel & slice an apple. Place in an oven-safe container and break up two gingerbread bite-lettes over the top of the apple. Heat in the oven at until it is until soft and a bit caramelized.

(from Dr. Laura of Laura’s Wholesome Junkfood)

MR Note – Looking to impress your guests:

Serve with a dollop of ice cream (obviously) in a martini glass.  It’s that easy!

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