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Per your request, my head to toes

June 19th, 2012 2 Comments

Last week when I posted my Head to Toe, I got several email requests for more info on what I wear everyday.  Honestly, I haven’t done this in a while, really since I left LA, because my outfits aren’t as exciting as they used to be.  You can imagine as a consultant who lives in the south, works from home, frequents the gym, and cooks often, I don’t get dressed up often!

I always encourage you to write me and ask questions, so now I will answer your request!

Going from top left clockwise.

Movie Night:

BBQ party:

Saturday Golf:

  • Nike tennis top
  • Assests cami
  • Nike tennis skirt
  • Havianas

I ALMOST forgot to snap this pic and jumped out of the car before we took off, hence the flip flops.  After the game I played I was anxious to get outta there :) If you’re a golfer, I highly recommend tennis clothes instead of golf apparel.  Much more comfortable and flattering.  More of my golf outfits here.

Client Dinner:

The finishing touch to this outfit was the bright pink lipstick that, for some reason (probably just that my iphone sucks), you can’t see.  If you’re going to wear dark neutral pieces, I always use a pop of color in my lipstick or jewelry.

Pretty much what I wear everyday:

Because I wear workout gear most days, I try to jazz it up a little bit so I don’t look like a total gym rat. If you’ve been with me for a while you know I love scarves.

Date Night:

  • Claudia Lobao hoops
  • Gold and lapiz heart necklace
  • BCBG dress
  • Theory long spandex tank underneath
  • Bone bracelet from Vietnam
  • Dolce Vita heels
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Hand-me-down head to toe

October 11th, 2011 1 Comment


  • Mom’s chocolate brown hat
  • Claudia Laboa silver hoops
  • Stepmom’s leopard silk vest
  • H&M and Charlotte Ruse tanks
  • Gap jeans
  • Calvin Klein faux python heels

When I cleaned out my closet for my tumblr sale, my mommas did too. You know, it’s not about clothes not being fashionable anymore, it’s more like you’re just tired of wearing the same thing for years in a row. That’s my feeling anyway. As the recipient, I’m loving that my “new” hat and blouse spice up my jeans and tank uniform. Scored the hat just in time for this terrible hair day I’m having.

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How to be the “All-American” man this spring.

April 19th, 2011 No Comments

-Andrew Woj, the Straight Guy’s Stylist

Clockwise from top

H&M striped crew neck tee

BDG royal blue shorts (from Urban Outfitters)

Varvatos oxford shoes (bought at Buffalo Exchange)

H&M large-print gingham in red (on sale for $10)

H&M small-print gingham in grey (on sale for $15)

J.Crew long-sleeved striped crew neck

Sperry Top Siders, J.Crew 7″ classic chino shorts (bought at Buffalo Exchange).

OK, so from these labels, you know I don’t mean “Made in America,” but classic American style.  The trends hitting the stores right now for spring are obvious: casual, comfortable, classic.

Guys, it doesn’t get much easier and cheaper than this!!!

But it’s always helpful to have a few guidelines.  A few things to keep in mind when you’re picking up your American inspired pieces:

  1. What would JFK do? Whenever I need an idea, I flip through the internet and look at Jack on vacation with the family.  He was always flawless.
  2. Go commando! When you’re shoe shopping, think of shoes that you can wear without socks.  Nothing says spring fashion like ditching the clunky boots and chunky socks, so embrace it!
  3. Brighten up.  I normally don’t go for a lot of colors, especially red because of my naturally rosy cheeks, but it’s time to go bold or go home. Instead of your usual khaki shorts, try a solid color chino.

A couple “timeless” pieces from your closet that we don’t consider “classic” –  plaid shorts, cargos, relaxed fit jeans, crocs.  As for shirts, when in doubt, if it’s wrinkled, it’s not a classic.

Now that I have all my new spring clothes, I’m just waiting for the warm weather to permanently set in so that I can sit outside and down a nice cold beer.

The perfect spring style.

March 22nd, 2011 No Comments

Fedora to loafer, Nina hits spring perfectly on the head with this outfit – a neutral colored combo of men’s and women’s pieces for a femme and sophisticated style. Everything she’s wearing is from a chain like H&M (top) and Urban Outfitters (jeans) with the exception of her shoes.  Check out her dad’s vintage Brazilian loafers (tumblrs click through for the pic).

Although she’s a size 9, she still had to stuff the toes with tissue.  And she’s 5′ 9″ so it’s easy for her to wear a longer shoe. But I’ve seem plenty of small men’s shoes recently in vintage shops if you want the authentic option.

On the other hand, you could complete this look with a sandal or striking neutral stiletto.  Nina’s  other accessories are simple, but you could throw on a chain or statement necklace too.  The versatility of this outfit is endless.  Reinvent it a million times!

The best part is that it works for the varying spring weather.  When the temperature drops from hot to cold within an hour, you’ll be content and comfy all day long with the light denim and flowing top.

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This Is As Corporate As I Get Head To Toe

April 24th, 2010 No Comments


This Is As Corporate As I Get Head To Toe:

  • Beach bum hair
  • H&M knit top
  • Assets tank*
  • Pants from Tootsies
  • Christian Dior faux croc shoes
  • LV clutch

I think I look better in person than in pictures. But again, I’m not really sure I care.

(Full disclosure: Assets Tank free via PR)

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I Thought It Was Going To Be Cooler Today Head To Toe

October 20th, 2009 No Comments

I Thought It Was Going To Be Cooler Today Head To Toe:

— Oliver Peoples sunnies

— Old H&M blouse

— Charlotte Russe tank

— Rock & Republic jeans

— Tory Burch military boots

— Chan Luu wrap bracelet around Tiffany watch

— Stingray cuff from Encore

— Moe clutch

Running errands around Beverly Hills and sweating!!

Thanks for taking the pic M.


July 30th, 2008 No Comments


CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? Shopping at H&M in LA is a pleasant experience.  There’s no one in the store on Sunset (just west of La Cienega) and everything is in it’s proper place.

Totally unlike NYC, where it looks like a tornado hit the racks, and you have to throw elbows through lollygagging tourists to even reach the clothes.

They’ve just recieved the first fall delivery so it’s a good time to stock up.  You’ll find a huge selection of jewel toned tops (tons of purple!), wide and skinny leg pants, and a few coats.

Head to Toe: Girls at Dune

June 2nd, 2008 No Comments

Our group of girls before we headed to Dune (Hamptons) for Heft’s birthday.

My Head to Toe:

  • H&M dress
  • Jonathan Kelsey shoes


  • Missoni Top
  • Sean John jeans
  • Jimmy Choo shoes
  • Soho Gem Vitrine necklace

Usually when we go out, Julia likes it when we all coordinate outfits. As Julia wasn’t with us, Megs and I decided to clash as much as possible! (Although, to Julia’s credit, the pictures do look better when the 3 of us match.)