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JetBlue Launches “Mint” Class for the Upgraded Economy Traveler

November 20th, 2015 No Comments

JetBlue just officially launched “MintClass” on long haul flights: most notably LA – NYC, SF – NYC, SF- Boston, and NYC – Barbados.

My go-to Conde Nast Traveler expert @GaryLeff says:

Jet Blue Mint Class Gary Leff quote

Affordable amenities are the story and success of the Jet Blue brand altogether, and now they’ve done it again.  For those of us who fly Economy Comfort because we can’t afford First Class coast to coast, we are very excited to get more bang for our buck!

Starting at $599 (just a little bit more than upgraded economy), you can fly 4 hours like you be buckled in for 20. Stretch out flat, watch DirectTV on a big flat screen, eat 3 meals catered by one of my favorite NYC staples Saxon + Parole, all the while covered in a big blankie. The Conde Nast Traveler writer LOVED her flight to Barbados, saying what could be a haul was a vacation in itself.


If you’ve been with me for a while, you know my bar for “luxury” and “first class” is pretty high. I won’t have my readers paying for an experience that is sub par or “economy plus” when the label claims luxurious. (Case in point this review of the Intercontinental Presidential in Cozumel).

This is where marketing comes in. Jet Blue isn’t calling their new experience”first class,” the branded term they use is “Mint Class.” Absolutely brilliant. The first class traveler would likely be disappointed by JetBlue Mint Class, but the Economy Plus traveler who pays for the upgraded seat and still sits in coach will be ELATED.

The key to getting the the affordable/same-as-economy-plus fare is the time you book your flight. Plan ahead and you’ll pay the base rate.

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Dear @JetBlue, you ROCK!

October 22nd, 2010

Airline customer service sucks these days. Truly.  Not to mention having to deal with all of the new fees and regulations during your travel.  We all have our nightmare tales.

Well, it’s time for a good story – and I’ll keep it short.

I left my clutch purse, notable contents including credit cards and Nano, under the seat on my flight home from NYC to Houston last week.

I called Jet Blue to search the plane when it landed  back at JFK.  They didn’t find the clutch, but a representative did call me that same night to inform me they had done a thorough search.  So I left a message at Jet Blue at Hobby airport, thinking it was a waste of breath, but I had to try to reach someone.

The next day a man called me back from Jet Blue at Hobby to say he had my purse in his hands and everything I described was inside.  Al (the man) offered to Fedex it to me asap, but when he recognized my address, he said he would gladly deliver it to my house.  And you know what? He did.

Unbeknownst to him I was media or that his generosity would get any acclaim, he still went through all of the effort to return it as soon as he possibly could.

Al, thank you for going above and beyond!  Jet Blue, thank you for hiring loyal and trustworthy representatives and being a company those caring individuals are proud to exceed expectations for.

(Full disclosure: I receive a media discount on some of my JetBlue fares.  And I used their twitter handle in the subject line because I know they are avid about engaging with their customers via twitter.  The corporate office should know about how outstanding their service is on the field.)

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Back to the Big Apple :)

May 11th, 2010 No Comments

This trip might come as a bit of a surprise to you. But I’m so excited to be heading up back to my island home.

Here’s what my travel to get there entails:

5am CST – Pry eyelids open

7am – I leave on a JetBlue plane.

11:30am EST – Pry eyelids open again as plan reaches the gate.

11:34am – I set foot into the great state of New York.

1pm – Mani/pedi with Lucy at BB Nails (I haven’t had a mani/pedi since Sarah’s birthday, yikes!).  My love Adrien is joining me!

2:30pm – Meeting #1

4:30pm – Meeting #2

6pm – Drinks with a few of my favorite peeps (minus one new mommy).

7:30pm – Dinner meeting.

9pm – Pass the F out.

Obviously it’ a work trip, but I’m squeezing in a little me time.  And of course, spring hasn’t hit NYC yet so I’m forced to lug multiple pairs of boots across the country.  Whatever, the trip could yield some great partnerships, so keep your fingers crossed.

Below are pics with captions from my entire trip.


If you’re flying an airline that shares a terminal with Southwest, 9.5 times out of 10, the security line won’t border on obnoxious, it will be full blown ridiculous.

(This one at Hobby zig-zags and fills the entire terminal.)

Check it out. “That guy” who spilled half her bag in the security line pulled it together and made her flight.

Always my first stop in NYC: BB Nails on the corner of Lex and E 30th. Litterally I get off the plane and take a taxi straight here. Of course, I had to make the appointment with Lucy at least a week in advance. She’s that good! The number here is 212-689-1892.

How sweet is my Megs to come meet me to catch up?! I love this lady.

I’m off to meet G and Charlotte for lunch uptown. Trying out a new iPhone app for pics, what do you think? This effect doesn’t really fit the photo, but it’s my favorite thus far. More to come on this later.

I love surprising people with sweet treats. Usually I make them, but in NYC I have so many favorite bakeries, I pick one per trip and stock up to distribute to friends, people I take meetings with, etc. Such a simple gesture that always makes them smile.

The trick is to bring something people love and wouldn’t get for themselves (cupcakes from Sprinkles/Crave/Buttercup) or truly unique that people might not know about.

Today I picked up unbelievably delicious brownie bites from Bouchon bakery at Columbus Circle on my way to meet G. Another favorite is the cinnamon toast from Stumptown coffee. In Houston I go to Dapaco’s in the Heights for tres leches cake. As for LA, my go-to is Delucious cookies from Food+Lab.

I got my daily dose of Charlotte in person today. She’s such a good baby!!

For more of this precious face and tips from her beautiful mommy visit G’s blog www.georgiegirlnyc.com

The real deal in action.

G is quite a stylish mommy. She makes motherhood look so simple and glamorous! Love her Tory Burch shades and Steve Madden flats.

Maybe One Day Head To Toe:

— Marc by Marc Jacobs sunnies

— Yumi-Mazao trench from Encore

— Black leggings

— Fendi boots

— Faux snake clutch from vintage store on 19th street in Houston

I’ve always wanted a white trench, but it’s so impractical for New Yorkers who need outerwear that can look clean even though it’s embarrassingly dirty. For Houston and LA, a white trench will get a couple months of good use without looking worn.

As for a mommies, a white anything probably got pushed to the back of your closet. Just shows you the “Maybe One Day” isn’t necessarily around the corner for me.

After my last trip to NYC, I had put all of my boots away for summer. But never underestimate New York weather to throw a wrench in your plan. These Fendi boots have actually lasted through 3 years in New York, and with a little shine, look as good as new. (Side note: Did you see the video Adrien, Sarah, and I made on the roof of Gawker when Adrien was strutting his stuff in these boots? Too funny. Oh the memories!) Ok, he’s done. 10 minutes and 6 bucks later, these boots are ready to walk again.

Is it just me or is it true that the NY Times is a much better read in print than online? I lead a digital life, but you really can’t beat reading The Times (or WSJ or Vogue) in your hands. Some things just don’t translate. And it’s nice to go old school from time to time. Just my opinion.

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Frequent Flyer FAQ’s

October 16th, 2009 No Comments

As you know I travel a lot, which means I get to experience all of the reservation options and accommodations airlines are offering these days.

Thought you might find a quick comparrison useful in your upcoming travel.

Best discount shopping sites:

  1. Yapta
  2. Priceline
  3. Expedia


  1. Jet Blue
  2. Delta
  3. Frontier

Most Comfortable:

  1. Virgin
  2. Delta
  3. Frontier
  4. American

Least Comfortable:

  1. Continental
  2. Jet Blue
  3. Southwest

Inflight TV:

  1. Virgin
  2. Jet Blue
  3. Delta
  4. Frontier

Best Food (To Purchase On Board):

  1. Delta (very healthy menu!)
  2. Virgin

Best Free Food:

  1. JetBlue

Worst Free Food:

  1. Southwest
  2. Continental


  1. JetBlue
  2. Delta


Delta’s staff is a little cooky, but my transcontinental flight with them was the easiest and most comfortable of the year.

Jet Blue, Continental, American, and even Virgin are in desperate need of a little makeover.  Continental, which used to set some sort of standard for coach travel is now really far behind in terms of comfort and accommodations.  I’ve heard they have new planes with tv’s, but I have yet to sit in one.

Fly Frotier when possible.  Their terminals are limited, but they are one of the best in the air.