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The necklace you all loved on Facebook, buy it now with my discount code!

November 23rd, 2015 No Comments

Mary Rambin Nameplate Necklace 2015


Last week I posted this pic on Facebook to share my post about a new 3D mascara and all of your comments were questions about my necklace!

The beautiful and delicate nameplate necklace is a design by Ana Corporan of Brevity Jewelry.  Leven gave one them to all of her bridesmaids before her wedding.

Brevity Jewelry Custom Signature Nameplate Gift

My super-trendy hipster sister wears hers everywhere so we had all been fans of it for a while.

With a quick visit to Ana’s website, I found out you choose from one of their fonts or customize the signature with your own writing!  You can also write a message instead of a name.  Pricing starts at $195 depending on what kind of metal you want (stainless steel, silver, gold, etc).  Click here to explore your options.

It’s the PERFECT gift for someone special – your friend or spouse you’ve already bought everything else.

Brevity Jewelry Custom Nameplate



From now until Nov 30,

get 15% off your purchase using discount code:


If you want it for Christmas, you need to order by December 8.


Stay tuned, Holiday Gift Guide where everything is under $150 on the way!

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Men and women can get hooked on Miansai

September 2nd, 2014 No Comments

Miansai bracelets

Welcome back from vacation MTM readers!  It’s been a lot of work (on a new venture) and a lot of play in Montauk.  One of the things I brought home with me from the East coast was my first piece from Miansai, a jewelry collection of wrap bracelets, metal bangles, and necklaces for both men and women.



Two years ago I ran into the line as it was growing up in Saturdays SoHo store.  My bf had read about them in GQ and insisted on picking up a bracelet while in NYC.  As we were choosing one, I thought to myself, “I like this for me.”   The brand has blown up in NYC, opened their own storefront on Crosby in SoHo, and even had a pop up airstream at Navy Beach, which is where I ran into them again.

Miansai Airstream Montauk Navy Beach

My friends and I browsed all of the pieces.  Prices for bracelets start at $55. So many options between the different color bands (leather, python, or rope), dipped metals (gold, rose gold, or silver), and clasps (hook, anchor, loop).  They give you the opportunity to mix in a little color to your everyday wrist wraps.


I also love the bangles.  Substantial and heavy, they look good solo on your wrist or in your favorite group of bracelets.  Other accessories include a new line of watches (starting at $495) and canvas shoes called Saludos.


In the end, my friends bought bracelets and I went with a gold anchor pendant on a sterling silver chain.  I haven’t taken it off since!

 Mary Rambin wearing Miansai

What I love about their designs is that they’re simple yet noteworthy.  They draw attention and respect without bling or a high price.

Shop on Miansai.com  and follow them on Instagram @Miansai.

Visit the store at 33 Crosby, NY NY.

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Time to get festive. First up: freaky!

October 8th, 2013 No Comments


Let the games begin. Halloween leads us into the happy season of holidays.  (CLICK THE PIC TO ENLARGE)

I think Halloween is fun when you have kids. They get such a kick out of the pumpkin carving, costumes, candy, etc.  You can’t NOT have fun in their company!  For me, as an adult, Halloween falls into the category of events that never live up to their hype.

Plus, I dress like a slut on daily basis so I don’t need the “costume ” excuse.

KIDDING, just kidding obviously.

Many of my girlfriends actually love Halloween.  In that vein, here are two brands that make fashionable accessories to get you in the spirit:

Both are reasonably priced and fat free so you can celebrate without guilt.

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Rajana Khan’s collection for The Limited – Chic or Cheap?

November 8th, 2011 8 Comments

One of my favorite “affordable” (hand gesture quotation because you all get testy when I say something over $200 is affordable) jewelry designers Ranjana Khan, wife of Naeem Khan who designs over-the top fabulous clothes, is officially making her way to the masses via The Limited this month.  A couple years ago designers for Anthropologie knocked off her signature rhinestones on mesh designs and probably made a killing.  Now, she’s getting in on the action.

The question is, has she brought the same look and quality of her brand to the The Limited?

From the looks of the pics above I grabbed from NY Magazine, the answer is no.  In this video, you can see my RK piece up close.  (It’s stunning and works with so many different outfits.)  I wish this pic was more focused on her earrings than Karla’s amazing makeup so you could see the craftsmanship and details.

It’s obvious she’s referencing this design in her collection for The Limited, but the quality doesn’t even look close to the same.

Many of the clothing designers I’ve witness take their designs mainstream have done so more successfully than accessory designers.  You can’t fake gold or gem stones or good quality leather.  You just can’t. Look at Jimmy Choo for H&M. Look at Isaac’s shoes for Target.

Apart from the quality, the other disappointing factor to this line is the materials’  masculine sensibility.  One of the reasons I love RK jewelry is it’s bold but feminine nature.  None of the pieces I saw seem feminine at all.

Well, I guess we can hope I’m wrong when we see it with our own eyes.  I really do admire her as a person and appreciate her work.

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Guess how much 1 gold ring and 1 gold necklace are worth?!

August 18th, 2011 2 Comments


Wait for it…

Think about it….


Holy cow. My friend Lesie is beside herself!

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Easy money honey

August 3rd, 2011 No Comments

Can you believe that little bitty pile of old jewelry is worth over $400??

The picture is a sales receipt from one of Amy’s – aka GoldBuyingGirl– customers.

On my way to a meeting with her now.  We’re revamping her website, setting up her blog, and getting her active in social media.  She has a such a strong personality; I can’t wait for it to shine through online.

And after seeing receipts like this (and my mom’s for over $1200!) I might consider hosting a gold buying party.  More to come on that little venture.  You might be in interested too.  From the little I’ve heard, it sounds too good to be true.

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My Summer of Silver Accessories

June 7th, 2011 No Comments

Silver has taken first position ahead of gold in my jewelry box this summer.  Over the past 2 years I’ve evolved from mostly gold to two-tone mix it all up to mostly silver.  Thankfully my mood corresponds with the trend.

From left to right:

  • Rings: Old turquoise from a stack w/diamond eternity band, Stephen Dweck crystal gunmetal band, Indian inspired triange design from Fredericksburg.
  • Necklace: Elizabeth and James from Tootsies
  • Earrings: Stephen Dweck shell flowers taken from mom by force
  • Bracelet: I don’t remember
  • Hoops: A gift from the designer herself Claudia Labao

I’ve simplified my accessories a lot.  Less is always more in my book.

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Help me pick out jewelry for my event this weekend. Please!

April 20th, 2011 5 Comments

I’m going to a cocktail party on Saturday night and I need/want to look impressive.

Because I’m in Houston, I have to make a miracle ensemble pop out of my closet. Thankfully I have some timesless designer pieces left over from my red carpet days in NYC.

Here’s what I’m starting with:

Remember this Alaia dress I first wore to the Sex in the City premiere almost 3 years ago?!

Goooooodness.  Not the best night for those extensions.  Although, in all fairness, I had been shooting a promo with Cisco all day.

As for the dress, I still love it and get a million compliments on it every time I wear it out.

I could probably pull something together, but when I really want to go big, I call upon the best in bling biz, my friend Erica Courtney.  She’s adorned every celeb you can think of AND little ole me :)

Her pieces make all the difference!

Below are the options she’s sent for me to wear with the white Alaia dress and one of the three pairs of shoes you see up there.  I’m leaning towards the green silk Moschinos or the jeweled Nine West (can you believe it?!) so keep that in mind.

The first pair is my favorite, but I don’t think the color is strong enough to shine through my hair.  Although I could wear it up….. The blue is the most striking, but is the tone too powerful?

The great part about Erica’s designs is that you can mix and match the huggies, middle pieces, and pendants because they’re all detachable.

As for the rings….I’m not sure they go with outfit.  Plus these days I prefer simple bands over statement pieces.  Not sure why that is, but I noticed that the other day.  I’ve toned down my jewelry A LOT!  Her gold diamond huggies are on my wish list because they would make even my sweats look elegant.

Ok, your turn. What do you think?!!!  (Tumblrs, please click through and post your comments….pretty please :))

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