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You gotta make it match – A How-To on Bronzer

July 8th, 2014 No Comments

Blonde girl tanning


One of the frustrations we never really talk about during the summer is skin tone.  Staring into the mirror, we are blinded by convenience and cheapness.  In other words, we apply our pale, everyday makeup on our suntanned faced so we don’t have to buy new products.  We just HOPE it absorbs in and the tone evens out.   The other scenario is when we try to conceal a sunburn; unfortunately, our dehydrated skin sucks out all of the moisture from the lotion before we can even apply  powder.

Let me set us of all, straight: we’re not fooling anybody!

Eva Longoria bad makeup


Not to worry, you don’t have to buy all new cosmetics.  Lotions and bronzers will help pull you through with glowing features.

Lauren Conrad is a good example of the look we want: skin-kissed, all over, with exactly the same color.  Her face matches her neck which matches her body.  Here’s how you do it:


Dermalogica hydrating serum

Jouer Cosmetics Primer


Dry skin caused by too many outdoor activities not only expedites the aging process, but also creates a huge obstacle to getting your skin tone even.

For years I’ve been using dermalogica skin hydrating booster after a day in the sun.  It refreshes your skin almost instantly.  Jouer just came out with a moisturizing primer ($38) that does the same thing so your face doesn’t have to steal moisture from your foundation.



Guerlain Terracotta 4 seasons bronzer

After an extensive search online, I can’t find anyone who claims they know THE BEST bronzer on the market.  Many people mentioned Chanel, which no longer seems to make their bronzer.  The other favorite was Guerlain Terracotta 4 Seasons Tailor Made Brozer ($76), but their Terracotta Bronzing Powder ($52), that comes in 7 colors, looks more approachable to me.  My suggestion to you would be to spend a day in a department store and figure out your favorite.

Jouer Cosmetics Bronzing powder

I use Jouer cometics matte bronzer with my powder brush over my “everyday” foundation powder.  I’m not that tan so a little color does the job for me.  If you need more color, consider using a matte bronzing lotion by itself or adding it to your foundation.


The TRICK is to start at under the cheek bone, jaw bone, or hair line and then whisp out from there.  Applying the darker color this way, it will be heaviest in the areas of your face that are naturally shadowed.  Conturing bonus!

(Headline photo via Jouer Cosmetics Instagram.  Jouer generously sends me products.  I write about the ones I love.  Just like I do with everything else!)

If you’re looking for makeup to wear IN THE SUN, that will hold up against all of the surf and sweat, click here.

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MTM gift guide giveaway 2013

December 11th, 2013 3 Comments


Readers, it’s that time!  Most of you should know the one very simple rule by now.  Share this gift guide on your social platform and be entered to win one of four gift bags stuffed with my favorite goodies.For each platform you share on, you get an entry.  Share AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT!  If you add a gift with a link to purchase in the comments, you’ll get two entries.  Easy enough?!

To enter, simply share something like this:

@MaryRambin just posted her #MTMgiftguide giveaway. LOVE some of her ideas and great products to win! http://ow.ly/rFLFy


**Make sure to include the link and tag @MaryRambin #MTMgiftguide so I know to enter your name.  Remember, you can post as many times as you want.  Each post puts your name in the hat AGAIN!

There will be one grand prize winner (who will receive goodies below along with Sol Republic headphones and a Glow and Go Mask from January Labs), 2 runner up gift bags with all of the following products, and one goodie bag for a guy.



The Gift Guide

My Top Picks for Women

My Top Pics for Men

Electronics anyone would love:

Accessories for athletes and active people:

Discount sites to browse

Brands to shop for…

Still stumped? How about random stuff my family loves:



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“Pink is my signature color.”

April 9th, 2013 1 Comment

Mary Rambin wearing "Whitney" Jouer lipstick

Love me some Steel Magnolias! “He doesn’t know whether to wind his butt or scratch is watch.” It’s been too long since I’ve watched it…

I really thought red was going to be my color for Spring, but “Whitney,” a new color from Jouer, has pulled me over to the dark side (those of you who remember my Julia days can understand why I have an aversion to the shade).

Whitney is actually more hot pink than it looks in this pic.  I tame it with a little mauve lip liner and then pop with my go-to top coat, Revlon “Shine City.”

Whitney Head to Chin

I’ve been wearing Whit for a week and haven’t switched to another color no matter what the outfit. I just keep my makeup palllet neutral. One of the reasons I like the pink over red is the fact that I can wear a little heavier eye liner with it. Red really demands a simply eye so you don’t look like…well, you know.

Now, anything pink catches my eye and I instantly want to buy. Of course shopping in Bergdorfs the other day that wasn’t a possibility, but you can see why I was intrigued.

Pretty pink shoe from Bergdorf GoodmanRenee Caoviall loafers

I have yet to find a loafer that I like and looks good on me. With my long feet, that’s a hard bill to fit! And now that the weather is getting warm, I think I’ve missed the boat until fall.

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Are you feeling frisky?

February 26th, 2013 No Comments

Red Lipstick "Simone" Jouer


When I was in NYC for fashion week, one undeniable trend I saw was a bright red lip.  At one point I walked through a doorway and three women all flashed me a smile rimmed in red.  It was crazy!  I’ll throw on some red when I’m feeling frisky, but on a regular day you’re more likely to catch me with a more subdued “Elizabeth” berry smirk for color.

If you’re wanting to follow the trend and laquer up in red, the hue of the season is warm and orange as opposed to cool and berry. (You might recall this post in which I describe the difference.)  You’ll also want to make sure your lip is matte instead of glossy as the look is more “hip” than “glam.”  You can’t go wrong with Jouer’s “Simone” – a favorite of mine (also shown above).

One thing I noticed and loved about these bright red-lipped women is that they used the bold color to distract from their lack of makeup.  Not a “natural” look, but almost no makeup at all.  It’s almost like they just substituted lipstick for chapstick.  It’s an unusual combo but it totally worked.  I think I’m going to try it in my sweats and see what kind of reaction I get at the grocery store.  How’s that for real-life application?!

If you are more of the au-nautural girl (another trend in makeup for spring) consider going with a matte PINK.  You can choose anything from fushia to petal to almost nude.  As long as it’s matte, it will still be striking.  Check out Jouer’s new shades (available soon on their website):

Jouer pink lipstick Spring 2013


The one thing you need to do BEFORE wearing a light colored opaque lipstick is hydrate your lips.  Make sure they aren’t dry because unlike the bold colors, the lighter pinks can’t conceal dry or scaly lips.  I suggest a hydrating balm or chapstick the night before.  Thankfully Jouer’s lipsticks are all moisturizing so they can help you out!

(Full disclosure: Since I was introduced to Jouer over two years ago, I’ve been a huge fan. It’s great quality and price for your everyday basics. I receive their product via PR and purchase it myself on a regular basis. That reminds me….I should do a post on my makeup bag.)


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Win my favorite cosmetics!

December 4th, 2012 No Comments


If you’ve been with me for a while, you know Jouer is one of my favorite makeup brands for everyday wear.  I fell in love with them when their publicist sent me a box of product a few years ago.  I have gotten A LOT of free cosmetics over the years and none have become an instant favorite like Jouer.

I know it’s hard to put your faith a new brand, which is why I try to do as many giveaways as I can.  This holiday, I’m giving away two big swag bags with products I love including Jouer cosmetics.

Click here to see the guide and the details to enter the giveaway.  It’s too easy not to!

Right now, I’ve put Jouer’s “Elizabeth” hydrating lipstick ($20) on my MTM Holiday Gift Guide as the perfect gift for girlfriends and moms.  They don’t know what they’re missing.


“Elizabeth” is a “rose” color:  a very soft red that tops off your makeup with a pop of color instead of dominating your look.  It’s doable during the day and great for casual nights out.  I’m more of a nude girl when it comes to lip color, so I was surprised I loved it so much when Neal put it on me in my makeover at Henri Bendels.  Since then I’ve been wearing it every other day and get compliments every time I do.  My girlfriends have all been fans, so “Elizabeth” became an obvious choice for their Christmas gift!

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The MTM Holiday Gift Guide 2012 + Giveaway

November 30th, 2012 18 Comments

‘Tis the season of gift giving to those we love, work with, and barely know. (You know it’s true in some cases.)  The thing is, we all want to extend the gesture of a gift to show that we care and appreciate someone, no matter to what degree, and we want the gift to be thoughtful, useful, and affordable.  Following are several lists that will hopefully satisfy all three for the different people in your life. Some of the items might seem mundane, but you should know the QUALITY of the products makes them a standout gift the recipient will appreciate.

Here’s the giveaway: 

Of course I want to give you guys a little something special for the holiday!

Tweet, Pin, or Post (on Facebook) this gift guide with this link http://ow.ly/fIajM and you will be entered to win a MTM Holiday Swag Bag which will include a few of my favorite products:  SOL Republic headphones, Jouer makeup, Archipelago body products, and much more! (You’ll see some of the items featured below with a *.)  Posting ends Dec 15.  Make sure to tag your post on all platforms @MaryRambin so I’ll see it!  You can get your name in the hat twice by offering your favorite gifts in the comments section below.  Links to any products are greatly appreciated!


(Moms, girlfriends, in-laws, etc)


(Dads, boyfriends, guy friends, in-laws, etc)

Co-workers, Acquaintances, Stocking Stuffers


Also see the Valentine’s gift guide I created this year.  I constructed it around how you feel about your partner :)

Also, keep up with my Gift Guide Pinterest board.  I’ll add more stuff there as the weeks go on.

When you’re ready to wrap these guys up, watch my How-To videos to create the perfect package and bow.

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Do you know the difference between red lipstick and red lipstick?

October 9th, 2012 1 Comment


Fall makeup this year is about bold eye colors – green in particular – and red lips. Finding the right red can be tricky, so here are some helpful tips:

  1. If you wear cool color eyeshadows (blues, purples, and gray), wear a red with a blue hue like the picture on the left.
  2. If you wear warm colored eyeshadow (brown, bronze, gold, orange), wear a red with an orange hue like the picture on the right.
  3. With green eyeshadow, you can go either warm or cool, but I say ditch the red and opt for a mauve or nude so your eyes pop.
  4. For a natural look with a bold lip, try something more mauve instead of red.
  5. Buy one bold red lipstick and manipulate it with different lip liner. This way you can change the color (and even the hue) depending on your outfit.
My favorite brands for red lipstick: Tom Ford (Tainted Love, Scarlet Rouge, or Cherry Lush, the one I own, is warm), Jouer (Simone, which looks warm to me), Chanel, and Revlon. As I said, you really only need one tube to last for years (unless you’re Meghan Asha who pulls it off everyday!) so make the splurge. If you go to a department store, one of the artists can help you as well.
If you’re not ready to make the big leap to blaring red, try Jouer’s Elizabeth which is still bold, but not as aggressive.
A couple thoughts on application:
  1. For best saturation and endurance, apply with a lip brush.
  2. Create a pouty lip by lining your lips with a darker liner over the red lipstick. Darken from sides and bottom, leaving the middle part of your lip bright red. Apply a clear coat of gloss on top and DO NOT rub your lips together.
  3. Click here for my secret to long-lasting lucious lips while out at night!

UPDATE: Refinery29 posted a very helpful guide today on How To Chose A Red Lipstick .

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Update your daily makeup routine with these essentials.

August 21st, 2012 No Comments

You’ve seen Jouer Cosmetics on my blog for a while now.  It’s a product I was introduced to via PR and haven’t set it down since.  In this video you’ll see why I love the products so much: they’re practical, made of quality ingredients, and have useful packaging that saves so much room in my makeup bag.

A quick list of my favorites:

I will say there is one product I do not like from the line:  the mascara.  It makes my lashes look short and brittle.  According to Neil they’re revamping that product!

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