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Are you doing your yoga??

August 20th, 2012 No Comments

I will be the first to admit, I’m not!

Suzy, new momma and instructor at Joy Yoga Center in Houston, reminded me on their blog I need to get back into it.  I used to do this pose (see their how-to here) and enjoy it.  Now I have no idea if I have the balance and core stability.

When I’m in the yoga groove, it feels so good to be strong and limber all at the same time.  Once a week, that’s all I need.  But WHY is it so hard to get to the studio?!  You know what I’m saying, right? Slowing down life completely to do yoga is such a challenge for me.

Recently I’ve been going to Stellar Bodies, which is one of those pilates reformer studios, to get resistance training without the weights.  It tones and my muscles like yoga and allows my mind to keep moving.  As a workout it’s great, but it’s a copout for my mind, which desperately needs the disconnected time you can only find in yoga.

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Houston, grab this Groupon and save $257 on the best yoga in town.

April 23rd, 2012 2 Comments


I have no idea why Joy has decided to offer this STEAL Groupon at Joy Yoga Center.  All of the classes I attend are always full.  I took Jessica’s class for the first time yesterday.  Amazing.  A really interesting flow sequence!  Plus, her playlist sounded like she ripped it from my Rdio.

The deal is: 25 yoga classes for $25

You’re saving $257 dollars.  That’s pretty unbelievable!  My favorite instructors at Joy are Stacey Ramsower, Susan Underwood, Natalie Maisel. and of course Joy.  You really can’t go wrong with anyone.  Happy downward dogging!

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My strategy to toned triceps

October 24th, 2011 3 Comments

A reader emailed me last week about toning up her arms, specifically her triceps.  My strategy to keeping my arms slim and muscular are fairly simple.

  1. Yoga – between the long downward dogs and countless chaturangas, my arm muscles are firing on all cylinders for an hour straight.
  2. Spin – Added bonus to this particular cardio exercise.  Your tricep muscles are engaged while your hands are on the bars.  I add tricep dips for added definition.
  3. Weights – I lift weights at least twice a week.  On cardio days I’ll pick up light weights and do lots of reps of many different exercises.

Pretty straight ahead.  In the last year, yoga has actually changed the shape of my arms and legs, bringing more definition than ever.  Chaturanga, aka “yogi push up,” is a large part of that.  The catch is that you really need to do it properly so you don’t stress out your shoulders.  In the video above, Stacey (my favorite instructor at Joy Yoga in Houston), demonstrates how to do it properly and get the full benefits.

The keys to Chaturanga:

  • Exhale on the way down
  • Inhale into upward dog or cobra keeping your shoulders back (not down)
  • Exhale, pulling your belly in, as you lift your hips to downward dog

Advanced yogis can throw in an extra push up (lower down once, push up, lower down again, move into upward dog) to increase your strength and definition.

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