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Something to Make Her Smile

December 1st, 2009 No Comments

My holiday gift guide for your friend, lover, and love of your life.

Cheap and easy (around $50 or less):

Under $100:

A little bit more:


  • The best bling I know – Erica Courtney huggies or eternity band (email Naomi) – so your girl can shine everyday – don’t worry, they’ aren’t ridiculous.  Both are at the top of my wishlist.
  • LuxuryLink.com – vacation of a lifetime that won’t break the bank
  • Cashmere chic – Ralph Lauren cashmere circle cardigan ($1098 – I can’t find it online, comes in black, creme, or my favorite purple) – here’s a less expensive cable navy version, or an even cheaper  alternative I like too! I have this cashmere zip up and absolutely love it.
  • A fun watch you won’t have to pay off – My faves are Glam Rock and Brera.  Both run $500-$995 available at Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills or Barneys. Glam Rock example.  Brera for women is new on the market and unavailable online to my knowledge – Love the gold chronograph with white rubber band.

Helpful Websites:

Not at all glamorous, but I would be so excited to receive:

  • A car payment
  • Amex or Visa gift card
  • Gas card
  • Mani/Pedi/Wax (click for LA, NYC, Houston locations)
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Fab Faux

May 8th, 2009 No Comments


Thanks to Mary, it’s a new more accessorized me.

Check out my new faux snake skinned teal Brook Bag by Karen Zambos ($121). The quality is outrageous, and it’s even sturdy enough to haul my laptop around the city.


Lookin’ good lady!

(I have been dying for her to get a new bag.  The Fendi was on it’s last thread!)

April 14th, 2009 No Comments


Something we didn’t mention in the spring style edition of TMI are faux skin bags, shoes, belts – basically any accessory you can think of. You can get cow or lamb embossed skins to look like croc or python, but I’m in love with Zambos & Ziega Brooke Bag ($121) that is completely vegan. It’s durable, sturdy, really cute, and….affordable!

It’s the perfect carry-all to compliment your spring wardrobe.  Especially if you’re into prints.  Mixing and matching patterns and textures is one of the harder trends to follow right now, but with a solid colored faux skin acting as one of them, you really can’t go wrong.

April 14th, 2009 No Comments

Right now only two colors are available online: teal and ivory, but I’m sure the other colors are soon to follow.  I took this picture in Karen’s showroom so I know they’re around somewhere!

UPDATE: The other colors (chocolate brown, camel, and gunmetal) are fall colors and she will be putting them online for pre-order.

If you have to have one NOW (which it is my strong belief you do. I’m in love with mine from H&M but it’s long gone from the racks.), then I think the Ivory would be my first choice. Although the teal is a denim color which would go with anything too. Tough call!

April 11th, 2009 No Comments

My Karen Zambos top is on sale!! ::

I told Karen that everyone needs to have this sexy spring top.  Voila, it’s not online and ON SALE (50% off) for you!  And check out the hot model :) 

April 11th, 2009 No Comments

Looks like my selections were a hit for TMI this week. (Whew) A big thank you to Mom and Karen Zambos for our fab wardrobe!


Another fantastic outfit, courtesy of stylist Mary & Mary’s mom’s store, Encore!  Thank you Mary’s mom!!!

April 11th, 2009 No Comments

TMI Head to Toes: ::

Julia: Not sure what brand dress from Encore, Shane and Shawn shoes, Megs: Karen Zambos, Me: Worth from Encore and Citzen jeans.

April 11th, 2009 No Comments

My TMIweekly Head to Toe!

Blouse- Galliano from Encore (Yes, I plug ::my Momma every chance I get) check out her new tumblr that features Encore’s designer accessories.  It’s a designer resale store, so you can buy all of the clothes we wear on TMI and lightly worn designer shoes, bags, and sunglasses for a fraction of their retail price!)

Skirt … Karen Zambos
Shoes … Shane & Shawn

 (via juliaallison)