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The necklace you all loved on Facebook, buy it now with my discount code!

November 23rd, 2015 No Comments

Mary Rambin Nameplate Necklace 2015


Last week I posted this pic on Facebook to share my post about a new 3D mascara and all of your comments were questions about my necklace!

The beautiful and delicate nameplate necklace is a design by Ana Corporan of Brevity Jewelry.  Leven gave one them to all of her bridesmaids before her wedding.

Brevity Jewelry Custom Signature Nameplate Gift

My super-trendy hipster sister wears hers everywhere so we had all been fans of it for a while.

With a quick visit to Ana’s website, I found out you choose from one of their fonts or customize the signature with your own writing!  You can also write a message instead of a name.  Pricing starts at $195 depending on what kind of metal you want (stainless steel, silver, gold, etc).  Click here to explore your options.

It’s the PERFECT gift for someone special – your friend or spouse you’ve already bought everything else.

Brevity Jewelry Custom Nameplate



From now until Nov 30,

get 15% off your purchase using discount code:


If you want it for Christmas, you need to order by December 8.


Stay tuned, Holiday Gift Guide where everything is under $150 on the way!

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Reflecting on your sunglasses style

May 19th, 2015 No Comments


If you’ve been with me for a while, you know I’m a proven sunglasses whore.  I would hate to tally my running total on designer frames.  After the past two years of shopping at Selima et Benjamin in the Brentwood Country Mart, I’m embarrassed to realize that most of that money I spent previously went towards flashy brands like Chanel, Gucci, or Tom Ford instead of well-made frames and lenses sold by brands like Salt, Benjamin, Dita, Tavat, Randolph Engineering, Thome Brown, to name a few.

 The other thing I love about the boutique, owned and operated by local Cindi Montoya and her sunglasses-designer husband Benjamin, is that their collection is always on trend (if not ahead) AND secures designers’ exclusives.

So what better place to explore some of the summer’s best trends for us to adopt?!


Wham, GLAM, Thank you Thierry Lasry.


Theirry Lasry

Thierry Lasry is like the Tom Ford of the sunglasses world, a trend in himself. He creates “elite-looking” frames for women that make even a mommy trucking around soccer gear feel sexy.  Every woman on the westside owns at least one pair.   His oversized cat-eye is fabulous, and the acetate which comes in bright translucent hues, striking opaque colors, two-toned ombre, and multi-colored tortoise make them the statement piece of your outfit.  Thankfully as flashy as they are, you won’t see a brand in sight.  You’ll know them by their  signature metal temples, the latest of which is matte as seen on his biggest fan, Anne Hathaway below.

Anne Hathaway in Theirry Lasry

Prices start at $435.  Buy them at Selima, certain Intermix stores, and online at ShopBop or EyeGoodies


I bought my mamma a pair for her birthday!



A little pop of reflective color goes along way, ladies who love Lulu.

Wildfox is like the instant solution to updating your outfit.

In one pair, you can combine any of the popular trends you want:

Thick acetate
Bright colors

I love the Catfarer pair I bought above because it takes my very plain workout wear to being fun and funky.

Their whole collection is that way, so hit up Wildfox.com and shop around.  Prices start around $160.

Along with Beyonce and Alessandra Ambrosia, my sister is a huge fan.

 Leven Rambin in Wildfox sunglasses


Trendy, Tactful, and Timeless


Salt Summer 2015

Salt, started by 8 guys from Oliver Peoples, delivers a variety of trendy designs in a much more subtle way.  You’ll pay more for them and wear them for a lot longer than a pair of Wildfox.  All of their lenses are polarized.  I adore the Odin avaitors I’m wearing in the opening shot of this post.

Other trendy options you should try:


Round metal frames by brands like Ralph Lauren, Benjamin, and Wildfox. You can find some great vintage ones too.

Not many people will tell you to get heavier, but when it comes to Jacque Marie Marge, that’s his schtick right now.  The French designer turned LA local only distributes his frames to a few retailers, so if you find a pair, grab them.  Otherwise, many other popular designers are going heavier on the frame.

Celine New Pretty Sunglasses

I’m sure you’ve already seen the cross-bar on these Celine frames (which Cindi is usually sold out). Now you’ll notice that little connecter everywhere.  Historically on an aviator or a throwback style, the cross-bar has befriended the hipsters and subsequently the fashionistas.  Like the thicker acetate above, you’ll either love it or hate it.

Bouncing Around Brentwood Head To Toe

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Subscribe to your personal style

February 11th, 2014 No Comments



With NYFW going on right now, we’re reminded fashion is important.  We really need to subscribe to these “new” trends.  If you watch the shows, you’re given a heads up as to what’s coming so you can even plan your attack of the racks ahead of time.

Living in LA, I care less and less to the concept of fashion.  I wear what I love.  Because it feels good, it looks good.  My personal style evolves with what I absorb, not what I research (like it used to back in my NYFW days.)  It’s so liberating!

Ironically, the idea that street style, not runway glam, wins on the street is a trend in itself.

My sister is case and point.  Please don’t get me wrong, she’s exemplary of so many trends.  The notable part is how she makes them her own.

For the Kreation photo shoot (some pics above), I wanted to portray Venice culture: a SoCal hipster vibe.  Leven asked me, “What do you want me to wear?”  My response, “Anything you want.  You always look so cute.”  knowing full well her personal style would be beyond anything I could conjure up.  This is how she arrived.  Nothing appears to match, but it does.  Each accessory catches you eye and holds your attention.  Down to the writing on her shirt and rhinestones on her jacket….PERFECTION. Casual, glam, funky, and unique.  Trendy? Who knows or who cares.  She looks and feels fabulous!

So this post has nothing to do with what you should wear or how to spice up your wardrobe. My friend January wears 4 colors: black, white, gray, and beige.  Nothing spectacular about the pallet.  What’s stunning is how she wears it.  Every outfit, even her workout gear, looks chic.  She loves it and therefore so do you.

Subscribe to your style.  Push it in different directions.  See what you love, know what you hate, and let your clothes make you feel good.

(Photos by Kelly Fajak)

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Support good people

April 10th, 2013 2 Comments

Leven’s boyfriend Geoff set out to produce a surfing movie with Ryan Phillipe in New Guinea.  The story they ended up with is so much more than just undiscovered waves; they found a truly untouched culture.

Since the crew was a group of surfers, NOT journalists, they were allowed entry into a press-free zone.  During their journey they observed and interacted with the locals who let them into their world.  What they experienced was extreme cannibalism, human rights issues (rape, torture, etc), and at one point appear to fear for their lives.  It’s all real and it’s all on film.

Geoff Clark on Piers Morgan

Now they need the money to finish ISOLATED, a project that has been in the works for 6 years.  Piers Morgan got wind of it and had both Geoff and Ryan on his show as guests. The Surfrider Foundation is another big supporter.

Let’s support the cause, help the people who brought this to life, and possibly change the lives of those isolated in a culture we would never survive in.


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The latest from Leven

January 9th, 2013 No Comments

Her spread in Vanity Fair Italia.  So proud of her!

And jealous of her long hair!

Have I ever mentioned that?  Well, it’s on record now :)

Next up from Nin is Percy Jackson 2 which will come out on August 16.

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No, it can’t be.

September 10th, 2012 No Comments


It’s official, I’m on LA time. Yawn…
I can’t believe the weekend is over already…

While I work on today’s post, I offer up these cutie patooties, Polly Pa Pa and the famous @sookierambin. Lev brought them over to play this weekend :)



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Leven’s new movie looks awesome. SO PROUD of my sister!

July 31st, 2012 No Comments


Lev spent months on the coast of Northern California shooting this movie and learning how to surf.  Tough job!  She’s totally addicted to the waves now and says it’s the best workout she’s ever done.

The movie is rated PG so it’s suitable for all ages.  It comes out in October.  For more info, go to LiveLikeJack.com.

I’m working away over here and am looking forward to getting back to you guys next week!  I’ll be in NYC this week to hit the refresh button on my brain and stock up on content.  Follow me there on tumblr, instagram, facebook, or twitter.  On all platforms I’m @MaryRambin.

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Before she was the “Sexy Siren” of Hunger Games

March 23rd, 2012 1 Comment

Leven Rambin before Hunger Games

Before she was the “Sexy Siren” starring in Hunger Games as Glimmer, Leven was my cutie pie little sister!

Well, she still is, but she’s so grown up now!

It’s so funny, we she was really little, she was super shy.  Then, she hit middle school, and all of a sudden she was the star of the school plays. One demo reel later,  she was instantly off to LA for audition season. She landed her second audition ever for All My Children at age 14.  It feels like it happened so fast.  She’s been working consistently on tv (Grey’s Anatomy, Terminator, Scoundrels, etc) ever since.  Quite a career in 7 years.  So proud of my Nin!!!

How excited are you to see the book come to life?

If you’ve read the book you can understand why it’s going to be hard for me to watch the Games….

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