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Duke has a new fan!

July 27th, 2010 No Comments

My friend Jim went to go see Duke, my real-life sartorialist, to pick up a few new pieces for his wardrobe.  Jim is a t-shirt and jeans kinda guy and will occasionally throw on a colorful button-down for dinner.  He appreciates brands and details in design, but isn’t compelled by them. So I sent him to see Duke, and he had a blast shopping the racks at Neimans in Beverly Hills.

Here’s what I love about Duke, he’s personable, knows his clothes, and his only desire is for you to leave happy, whether that’s overloaded with bags or empty handed.  Shopping with him is truly a delight.

If you’re in LA, shoot him an email and stop in to say hi.  He works on the men’s floor, but girls, you don’t have to twist his arm to get him downstairs.

Happy shopping!

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Totally Fascinators!

January 26th, 2010 No Comments

— by Kallah Maguire, The Stylist

Stylesmith (Los Angeles, CA) and I Love Factory (Brooklyn, NY)


You need a hat.  No, scratch that, you need a fabulous “WHERE did you get that hat?!!” hat, that will make your life a more stylish place to be you!  Because I love you and want people to be whispering (in a good way) about you, I’m going to familiarize you with fascinators. They come in all colors of the rainbow, plain, bedazzled or feathered so you can wear a demure one during the day, and a fabulously multi-hued one at night.

I have two favorite spots to shop for these unique headpieces: Stylesmith in Los Angeles and I Love Factory in New York.

Your inner disco diva will be thoroughly satisfied with the sparkling selection at Stylesmith. If you are not a sparkle sister, not to worry, Stylesmith also has butterfly hats, feather headbands, and other delights to tantalize you!  Prices range $29 to $35 on average, so doable!  Especially since you’ll get %15 off of all your Stylesmith purchases now through the end of February, just enter the code “Kallah” at check out!

Perhaps you would prefer a more couture oriented fascinator?  I Love Factory makes delightful, hand sewn satin, feather, and pearl embellished hats, fascinators and headbands.  I can picture Daphne Guinness wearing I Love Factory to fashion week.  Their fanciful little creations will run you somewhere between $170 and $250 on average, but how stylish you’ll feel is truly priceless!

Have a love affair with a new fascinator!  The Love Affair is offering 10% off any I Love Factory piece purchased online during the entire month of February.  Just be sure to enter the special discount code mtm10 to get your discount until February 28th!


I Love Factory

ilovefactorybk.com Read their blog, and follow them on Twitter @ilovefactory

I Love Factory is sold online at The Love Affair (www.shoptheloveaffair.com)




Read her blog and follow her on Twitter @stylesmith

I Love Factory images courtesy of Shop the Love Affair and New York Magazines, The Cut.  Stylesmith images courtesy of Stylesmith

Custom Create Your Favorite Cake — Merengue Bakery

December 14th, 2009 No Comments

What a site for fashionista eyes…and tummy!

Check out this cake Mike’s bakery made the other day.

At Merengue, Mike says they can make ANYTHING into a cake. Looking at this, I believe him.

I guessed this beauty was easily $1k (after seeing that douche on Million Dollar Listing pay $700 for a 2D photo of himself on a cake. And yes, I watch that show).

Nope, it’s only $450!

With your holiday party on the horizon, a custom cake would be pretty impressive! Prices start at $80 – some chick just made her rapper boyfriend a mic for his birthday for less than a hundy.

Merengue is in Monrovia, but they deliver to Los Angeles. Cakes take a week from order to delivery/pick up.

15% off if you mention MoreThanMary!

For more info:

626-358-5650, ask for George or Norma.


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A Few Days In LaLa Land

December 11th, 2009 No Comments

Readers have emailed recently asking about what to do on their upcoming trips to Los Angeles.  So I offer you a weekend guide that hits all of the hot spots and makes sense geographically (which is VERY important considering the traffic).

Please note that when I say “shopping” that does not imply you have to purchase anything, it just means it’s fun to meander in that area and see the stores.

First of all, you should try to stay at one of these hotels:

  • $$$ Beverly Hills – Peninsula, Montage, Four Seasons
  • $$$ West Hollywood  – SLS or The London
  • $$$ Santa Monica – The Viceroy or Shutters
  • $$ West Hollywood – The Chamberlain
  • $$ Santa Monica – The Huntley

A Day in Hollywood

  • Breakfast: The Griddle
  • Stroll down Hollywood Boulevard
  • Lunch: Baja Fresh, In-N-Out, or if you’re really being touristy hit Pink’s hot dogs.
  • Afternoon: same as Weho below just reverse it.  Start at American Rag
  • Dinner: The Hungry Cat, Magnolia, Vinolio, Katsuya
  • After dinner: there are clubs EVERYWHERE, and it all depends on which night you’re out.  Ask a friend or the concierge for some recommendations.

A Day in West Hollywood

  • Morning: Healthy Breakfast at Urth Cafe, shopping on Robertson (Kitson, Lisa Klein, Reiss, Chanel concept store, etc)
  • Noon: Spin class at Equinox West Hollywood (guest fee is $25), shower at the gym
  • Lunch at Toast, Joan’s on Third or Fred Siegel
  • Afternoon: Shopping on Melrose West to East – Marc Jacobs, DVF, Madison, Fred Segal, BCBG clearance store.  Drive east on Melrose, turn right on La Brea and hit American Rag just south of 1st street.
  • Dinner: poolside with a view of the city at Asia de Cuba, Katana or Katsuya for a trendy scene, Koi is still my favorite for Japanese in the area, Mozza Pizzeria, Boa for steak and scene, Jones is hipster and American with  and really good pizza.  Phillipe (like the one in NYC) is the latest craze.
  • After dinner: 1912 or Chateau Marmont

A Day in Beverly Hills

  • Breakfast: coffee and muffin from Coffee Bean
  • Shopping down Rodeo and Beverly
  • Lunch: poolside at the Beverly Hills Hotel ($$$) or the grilled chicken special (order extra hot) at Il Tramazzino on Canon.  Pick up a cupcake at Sprinkles for dessert (or later).
  • Afternoon: Barney’s and Neiman Marcus (see Charles for women’s shoes or Phil for men’s clothes)
  • Mani/Pedi at Golden Nail
  • Dinner at Maestro’s for Steak or Spago.  SLS for unique experience.  Expensive, but you have to splurge once right?
  • After dinner: drinks at The Montage or Four Seasons.

A Day on The West Side/Santa Monica

  • Breakfast – Coffee Bean or Peet’s
  • Morning hike up Temescal Canyon or through Will Rogers Park
  • Lunch at Frida’s in Brentwood Country Mart (order the chicken mole tacos in  lettuce wraps, so good!)
  • Shopping on Montana
  • Drinks watching the sunset at Casa Del Mar
  • Dinner at The Ivy, Cafe Montana, Father’s Office (supposedly the best burger, that’s all they have), The Wilshire
  • After dinner: The rooftop restaurant at The Huntley

A Day in Santa Monica/Venice/Malibu

  • Breakfast At Urth Cafe on Main Street
  • Stroll Venice beach and people watch
  • Lunch at the original Billy Blues BBQ in Venice
  • Drive up PCH to Malibu
  • Day at the beach and/or shopping at the Malibu Country Mart
  • Dinner:  For really good Italian Georgio Baldi ($$$ unbelievable food and you will see a celebrity), The Sage Room, or Tivoli Cafe in the Palisades.  Nobu for Japanese.  Moonshadows is a beautiful and fun spot, but the food is nothing special.

For a day at the beach: set up near The Pier in Hermosa Beach or Malibu.

You’ll notice I didn’t mention any malls or The Grove.  You’re on vacation, please don’t go to the mall.  I’m also not a big fan of Westwood, so I don’t see it as a “must.”

And… you really should find time to hit up In-N-Out Burger at some point.  Don’t forget to order your burger “animal style.” :)

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Really + Disappointing – R+D Kitchen (Santa Monica, CA)

December 10th, 2009 No Comments

Really + Disappointing – R+D Kitchen (Santa Monica, CA)

After hearing Andy rave about the cafe on Montana and having one great experience with the chain (at the Dallas location) under my belt, I was expecting great things from R+D Kitchen when we ventured west for dinner on Sunday night.

Founded by the owners of Houston’s, R+D has to meet a certain standard.  We expect flavorful dishes and friendly service in a comfortable atmosphere.  In most cases two outta three ain’t bad, but in this scenario it’s really disappointing.

The menu failed me completely.  Apparently, the restaurant was opened as a testing ground for new dishes for Houston’s and Watergrill, but due to popular demand, began serving a few items regularly.  “Few” being the opperative word here.  The whole menu consists of maybe 20 boring options (including apps) and a couple of nightly specials.  We dined on pasta from a box topped with rubbery chicken meatballs and cold brocolli as well as the boiled cod special, which actually didn’t make me cringe but didn’t blow me away either.  When the server tells you the burger is the best thing on the menu, that should be a sign you did not choose the restaurant wisely.

With Cafe Montana only a few blocks away, I really don’t see the need to waste your time at R+D unless you’re looking for a lite bite in a bar setting or just need a reason to get frustrated.

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December 10th, 2009 No Comments

“This is LA to me….I’m not here for the weather, I’m here for you.” (Awww)

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December 10th, 2009 No Comments

T minus 3 hours until I see this beautiful face…and we reinact this very picture! Adrien has already insisted we head straight to Urth Cafe when he lands. No complaints from me! After a feast at Koi with Otto last night and a little late night pool game at Barneys you would think I’d be still snuggled in bed. But instead I’m up and at ‘em for an early workout: spin + chest and back. Off to sweat out the martinis and baked crab and crispy rice with tuna and cod and…you get the idea.

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December 7th, 2009 No Comments

Lunch today at Boxwood Cafe of the famed Gordon Ramsey in The London Hotel. The hotel and restaurant have received terrible reviews. People are almost angry after eating here. But it is probably one of the most beautiful, modern hotel interiors in the city.

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