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Expedia for Luxury Hotels ONLY: Kiwi Collection

August 30th, 2013 No Comments

Kiwi Collection homepage


Searching for a steal on a nice hotel can be a challenge.  Most of the time I’m not up for it.  Kiwi Collection does half of the work for you by only offering deals from 4 and 5 star hotels. They scour the world so no matter where you’re going, they’ll have a solid suggestions for you: boutiques, luxury chains, etc.  All of which are guaranteed to be top notch.

You can see for yourself as the site goes into great detail on the rooms (square footage, amenities, etc).  Their blog is also a great resource for hotel reviews, local hotspots, and city guides.


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Totally Fascinators!

January 26th, 2010 No Comments

— by Kallah Maguire, The Stylist

Stylesmith (Los Angeles, CA) and I Love Factory (Brooklyn, NY)


You need a hat.  No, scratch that, you need a fabulous “WHERE did you get that hat?!!” hat, that will make your life a more stylish place to be you!  Because I love you and want people to be whispering (in a good way) about you, I’m going to familiarize you with fascinators. They come in all colors of the rainbow, plain, bedazzled or feathered so you can wear a demure one during the day, and a fabulously multi-hued one at night.

I have two favorite spots to shop for these unique headpieces: Stylesmith in Los Angeles and I Love Factory in New York.

Your inner disco diva will be thoroughly satisfied with the sparkling selection at Stylesmith. If you are not a sparkle sister, not to worry, Stylesmith also has butterfly hats, feather headbands, and other delights to tantalize you!  Prices range $29 to $35 on average, so doable!  Especially since you’ll get %15 off of all your Stylesmith purchases now through the end of February, just enter the code “Kallah” at check out!

Perhaps you would prefer a more couture oriented fascinator?  I Love Factory makes delightful, hand sewn satin, feather, and pearl embellished hats, fascinators and headbands.  I can picture Daphne Guinness wearing I Love Factory to fashion week.  Their fanciful little creations will run you somewhere between $170 and $250 on average, but how stylish you’ll feel is truly priceless!

Have a love affair with a new fascinator!  The Love Affair is offering 10% off any I Love Factory piece purchased online during the entire month of February.  Just be sure to enter the special discount code mtm10 to get your discount until February 28th!


I Love Factory

ilovefactorybk.com Read their blog, and follow them on Twitter @ilovefactory

I Love Factory is sold online at The Love Affair (www.shoptheloveaffair.com)




Read her blog and follow her on Twitter @stylesmith

I Love Factory images courtesy of Shop the Love Affair and New York Magazines, The Cut.  Stylesmith images courtesy of Stylesmith

June 17th, 2009 No Comments

The recession has affected us all in varying ways.  Some of us have lost our jobs.  Others have taken pay cuts and some are just trying to hang in there until things get better and they can sleep again at night.  But the reality of the matter is that nonprofit organizations have been hit hard.  New York State funding has been hit hard because of the stock market and organizations are now looking to their volunteers and lower level donors to fill the gap where state and foundation giving once flowed.  

Executive Director of New York Cares Gary Bagley highlighted in a recent interview why it is important to get involved now more than ever:

  • With the recession, there are a greater number of people in need.  
  • It’s a historic time for service.  President Obama’s support for Serve America will make it possible for more Americans to do national and community service.
  • The recession is changing the way we view the needs of our community.  Whether unemployed, seeking meaningful ways to utilize time off, or genuinely moved by the great needs of our city, people are volunteering in greater numbers.  In February and March, twice as many people volunteered as last year.  Overall, there is a 15% increase.
  • New York Cares bridges the gap between the increasing number of people at risk and the growing group of volunteers who want to help.  

Click here to find out how you can show you care.

If you care, but don’t have the time to give.  DONATE – they quadruple every dollar donated through their volunteers.

June 13th, 2009 No Comments

When I saw this picture I instantly thought of NYC and all of the $5 umbrellas I had bought because I got stuck in the rain.  Next thought – how many times I had to walk in the rain because I didn’t have $5 cash.  Following thought – reblog.  Final thought – it’s a beautiful day outside, I’m going to go run the park before it gets too hot.

Summer days in Houston appear beautiful when you’re inside a cool air conditioned room looking out the window.  But when you step outside into no less than 95 degree heat, you instantly start sweating, and the sun feels like it’s scorching your skin.

But, I still feel like I need to be outside on ANY day that is hot and sunny because they are few and far between.

What?  Huh? But you’re in Houston and you’re moving back to LA where the sun never sleeps.

Indeed. Very true.  But after three years of trudging through NYC, in torrential rains, chilling winds, and down sludgy sidewalks, I have come to see sunny days as a commodity.   There’s this urge inside of me that demands I spend as much time outside as possible because tomorrow might not bring another day this beautiful.  I need to do everything possible outside so I can enjoy everyone of them before the wind and rain retakes the city.

At first I thought this was silly, but now I’m so glad to realize the value of sunny days that lift my spirit and keep me motivated.

(Photo via j-p-gwhen it rains, it pours via *surfer rosa*)

For A Local Cup of Jo – MuggedNYC

May 28th, 2009 No Comments

For A Local Cup of Jo – MuggedNYC

I’m tired of deffering to Starbucks for a quality soy-latte.  And there aren’t enough Think Coffees around….or that place on Clinton with free wifi that’s so trendy…

If you’re like me and have no idea where these cute cafes are in your neighborhood, check out MuggedNYC.com – which is like Yelp for coffee.

It tells you all about the teas and lates, as well as the amenities and atmosphere.  Basically, the info you need to know if you want to plop your ass down there with your laptop for an hour or two.

Right now, the directory contains mostly downtown shops, but contribute your favorite java spot and help it grow.

(Tip via this morning’s Thrillist.  Subscribe to get a daily dose of cool in your city here.)

Casual Cocktails in NYC

May 28th, 2009 No Comments

Looking to enjoy the summer heat with a cocktail in hand?  It’s actually not as easy as you would think in NYC.

My NYC inside source (aka Sarah who has tried them all) offers you her list of local spots you can overindulge without overspending.

Water Taxi Beach – it just used to be in Queens but now they’ve opened one in Manhattan @ SSS. Always a fun time. Kind of cheesy but in a good way. Turns super fun at night.

Frying Pan – buckets of Corona (6 for $30) pretty good deal, decent food, on a boat & pier so can be a bit rocky but tons of fun, and always a few tables of hot guys.

Me Bar @ La Quinta rooftop – I know this sounds random, but it is so fun and cheap, I promise.

Sixth Ward – nice garden, typical irish bar.

The Delancey – kind of a dive , but has a good roof.

Loreley – a great little pub, good garden, good food, clean, great music.

The Park – it isn’t exactly outside, it has an atrium but the garden is cool, has a dance floor inside, probably the most expensive on this list though but still not too bad ($8 vodka soda)

MR Notes:

B Bar and Grill – Not a party, but would be fun with the right group. One of the best Portabello sandwiches I’ve ever had. Big patio. Tasty sangria.  A fun diner atmosphere. Open 24/7. 

Worth Every Penny

May 16th, 2009 No Comments


Best authentic Japanese massage in Manhattan.

Agreed.  I love this place.  And it’s cheap!


May 14th, 2009 No Comments

FINE DINING ON CLINTON STREET (between Houston and Delancy)

For the last week I have been raving about all of the oh so cute spots on Clinton street.  I didn’t get to try them all, but the food I did sink my teeth into was fantastic.  No need to dress up for the LES, just come hungry!

Clinton Street Baking Company: Known for it’s brunch, but serves amazing American food all day.

Frankie’s 17:  Has been on my NYC Favorite Italian list since I first visited over a year ago.  The prices have gone up a smidge for their classic dishes, but still totally worth it.  A GREAT DATE SPOT – unique location, good food, intimate atmosphere, and affordable!

Donnybrook:  This bar (which should be serving food shortly) takes me back to living in Notting Hill.  Local crowd makes for a good happy hour or pre-dinner drink.

San Marzano:  BYOB pizza place that will deliver to Donnybrook.  I wouldn’t say it’s the best pizza, but if you’re around the area, definitely stop in.

Fat Hippo:  Probably the most creative, satisfying, affordable full meal I’ve had in a while.  The pulled pork stuffing is out of this world.  Don’t expect to just walk in, people are catching on.  

Alias:  I didn’t get a chance to go, but Sarah insisted I add it on the list.  Apparently their fried chicken is finger lickin’ good.

NEARBY RESTAURANTS ON RIVINGTON: Verlaine (lounge + food = a good time.  Order the calamari) and ‘inoteca (another Sarah favorite for Italian, but a little too crowded for me)