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10 reasons you (yes, you!) will like playing golf

August 19th, 2013 No Comments

Mary Rambin Playing Golf Grand Del Mar

Stop shaking your head at me and just read for a second. If you’ve been with me for a while you’ve watched me fall in love with golf, and I think you might consider picking up a club and taking a lesson.

I’m not going to BS you and tell you I was drawn to the golf course by the thrill of the game.  All I hear from my guy friends is how poorly they play and how shocked (and proud) they are they can finish 18 holes after shotgunning beers at 8am.  Woohoo!  More like booooo.

My whole family plays golf and is actually really good at the game. We have belonged to a country club in Houston since before I was born. My grandfather was a member at Augusta National.  Yet still, no golf for me.

So….I finally learned the game for the love of my man.  SHOCKER!  I actually took lessons before our trip to Pelican Hill and surprised him with my skills. My ex-boyfriend is an avid golfer and I thought, “If I’m going to be with this man forever, golf would be a fun thing for us to do together.”  I mean, I moved to Atlanta so golf was a drop in the bucket.

Now, years later, I’m so glad I understand the fundamentals, enjoy a game here and there, and even love watching golf.  Once you know how hard the game is, watching the pros place the ball is almost like a magic trick. I digress.

The Grand Del Mar Golf Course

10 reasons you’ll LOVE playing golf:

  1. Social: Playing with friends is fun. Once you say you play, you’ll be surprised how many of your girlfriends do too. It’s a great activity for couples!
  2. Escape: The courses are beautiful.  You’re outside, enjoying nature, with your friends, and without your phone (they’re not allowed).
  3. Challenge: Each shot presents a different challenge.  You have to know the yardage, which club to use, and how to hit it right.
  4. Sweatless: By this I mean cardio-less.  It’s a challenge without being physically demanding. But, if it’s hot enough, you’ll sweat just standing there.
  5. Satisfaction: When you hit the ball and it goes flying off into the distance, you feel like a champ. It’s rare, but totally worth it.
  6. Therapy: The game is so disconnected from normal activities. You have hours to talk about things that usually don’t get into the conversation.
  7. Career: On the other hand, you can establish solid bonds with your co-workers, bosses, and people in your industry.
  8. Age:  You can play the game when your hair is blue.  And by that point, you’ll be really good at it!
  9. Lessons: I really enjoyed taking the lessons and learning something new.  Taking the hour in my day to do something for myself that was fun, hard, and I didn’t leave sweating was refreshing.
  10. Outfits: Silly, but true. I wear Nike tennis skirts and Nike sleeveless golf shirts.  Apparently only in blue, white, and black. I think pink is a bit much.

Recently I played The Grand Del Mar course, just north of San Diego. The whole resort is absolutely beautiful (video tour coming soon).  Designed by Tom Fazio, the course offers a true challenge.  I went through three boxes of balls in 18 holes.  No joke.  Our caddy Sean helped my game, so it could have been 4 boxes. In this video, Sean shows me how to properly fix a ball mark on the green.  It’s an ettiquete play and important to know.


(Photos taken at The Grand Del Mar while I hacked up the course.  Full disclosure: round of golf was comped during our weekend stay. Thanks to the course and Sean for hosting us!)

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My spring uniform

May 28th, 2013 No Comments

Mary Rambin Denim Vest 2013

As soon as the warm weather sets in, I ditch my jeans for skirts/shorts and don’t bring back full length pants until fall.  I have no idea how men deal with heat in denim.  From a fashion perspective, pants in the summer is probably one of the only major drawbacks I can see to being a man….

I digress.

Mary Rambin accessories 2013

My real clothes “uniform” (as opposed to my spandex one shown right) follows a pretty simple template as you can see.  I just swap out the bottom and I’m good to go. This year’s combinations include a denim vest to give the outfit some casual character and then top it all off with statement sunnies and cuffs. As much as I love scarves, I can’t handle them in the heat.  The ballet flats are often exchanged for wedge sneakers, but both will be replaced with sandals soon (like my new favorite Crocs!)

Wedge Sneakers Spring 2013


The wedge sneakers are HUGE in NYC right now.  Every other person at SoulCycle has a pair and I see them all over the street.  I bought my white Ashes at Intermix to jump on board and give my look a little edge.  They go with everything, especially sporty spandex, but I don’t LOVE them.  At least when I bought into the Ugg trend way back when the furry boots were comfortable.  I am almost willing to go on the record saying my stilettos are more comfortable than the wedges.

Below are my head to toes for these pics.  Links are provided in case you want to snatch up one of the pieces.  I get at least ten compliments on the Helmut Lang skirt every time I wear it .  Yesterday a mother and daughter pulled over on the side of the street to ask who made it!

Helmut Lang Kinetic Wrap Skirt

My Uniform: Swap Out The Skirt Head to Toe

Funking it up

Wedges: My Ash BeaWedge Sneaker top left.  Others were spotted around NYC.

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Time to get your butt in bikini shape

April 1st, 2013 3 Comments

If you haven’t already been sunbathing over spring break :)

In this video I show you 4 exercises other than your basic squats and lunges that you can do to tone up your glutes.  Reader Anne wrote in and said that squats and lunges cause pain in her knees, and she would love to know glute exercises that didn’t.  Between my trainers and a physical therapist, we came up with these 4 that are great at isolating your glutes.

You can do them with or without weights.  As I am trying to build up a little muscle back there, I use heavier weights:  10-20 lbs.  I also have to be mindful of my lower back which inhibits me from going heavier, but you can!

Also check out this squat-row combo  and this video for more ways to tone up your glutes.

Finally, I have to apologize for the production value of this video. The girl who helped me was so sweet to shoot it, but it didn’t come out the way I had hoped.  As the years pass somehow it’s getting harder to find people to help me shoot these things…..

(Video head to toe: bead head hair, Nike top, Lululemon pants, Reebok shoes)

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“Dressing up” for NYC means simple & sleek

August 14th, 2012 No Comments

Georgina, my longtime NYC girlfriend and popular blogger, asked me the other day at lunch: “This can’t be what you wear every day?!”

I’m happy to say it is!  This was my outfit that afternoon.  I was about to hit up my first SoulCycle class after our lunch.

My daily outfits are super comfy and usually workout gear because when I’m not a my desk, I’m at the gym or running errands. (In other words, who really cares what I’m wearing.) Client meetings are another story, but those ensembles aren’t what I would call inventive, unique, or trendy.  Although, the reason Julia had me put my outfits online in the first place (remember StylebyMaryRambin!) was because she said, “normal people don’t think getting dressed is as easy as you do.” Well, ok.  That was the start of my blogging career, so I guess I should stick with it.

When I was in NYC last week, it was SOOOO refreshing to see people with a fashion sensibility filling the rooftop bar at The James Hotel.  It was like candy for my throbbing fashionista tooth!  As the week unfolded, I rocked a couple of fun outfits, but never fully accessorized them like I used to when I was living in NYC.  I feel like as I get older, less is in fact more for my personal style.


West Village Happy Hour Head To Toe

Stephen Dweck earrings
Striking red lipstick from Jouer

BCBG top from Tootsies that gets a million compliments
Alice + Olivia shorts
dolce vita shoes

With @Christina Ngo, Marketing Goddess (more of her style here):

Kenneth Cole dress
Nine West shoes

Rooftop Bar Head To Toe

Claudia Labao hoops
Pale pink lipstick from YSL
Shoshana dress from Bangkok
Bone bangle from Vietnam market
dolce vita shoes

Big Night Out Head To Toe

(we went to Beauty & Essex and Avenue)

Claudia Lobao hoops

Pale pink lipstick from YSL
Diamond solitaire necklace
Alice + Olivia jumper
Guiseppe Zanotti shoes
Moe CLICK bag

Big-ass “moon rock” looking ring from Buffalo Exchange ($12!)

Dining Out at the Latest and Greatest in NYC

(my review coming soon)

Miguel Ases earrings (see a closeup here)
Pale pink lipstick from YSL w/coral Chanel gloss
H&M top I scored earlier that day
Assets cami I wear underneath everything ($20 at Target)
Alice + Olivia shorts
dolce vita shoes
Moe CLICK bag
That same big-ass ring from Buffalo Exchange

Sunday in Soho Head To Toe

Mossimo from Target tank
Alice + Olivia shorts
Mossimo from Target sandals (see first pic)
My Pinch – who is getting really good at posing for pics!


Please note:  A pale pink lip does not photograph well!  I don’t either for that matter (people actually tell me that all the time now “You’re much prettier in person.”  I take it as a compliment, but as a blogger my heart breaks just a little.)

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Per your request, my head to toes

June 19th, 2012 2 Comments

Last week when I posted my Head to Toe, I got several email requests for more info on what I wear everyday.  Honestly, I haven’t done this in a while, really since I left LA, because my outfits aren’t as exciting as they used to be.  You can imagine as a consultant who lives in the south, works from home, frequents the gym, and cooks often, I don’t get dressed up often!

I always encourage you to write me and ask questions, so now I will answer your request!

Going from top left clockwise.

Movie Night:

BBQ party:

Saturday Golf:

  • Nike tennis top
  • Assests cami
  • Nike tennis skirt
  • Havianas

I ALMOST forgot to snap this pic and jumped out of the car before we took off, hence the flip flops.  After the game I played I was anxious to get outta there :) If you’re a golfer, I highly recommend tennis clothes instead of golf apparel.  Much more comfortable and flattering.  More of my golf outfits here.

Client Dinner:

The finishing touch to this outfit was the bright pink lipstick that, for some reason (probably just that my iphone sucks), you can’t see.  If you’re going to wear dark neutral pieces, I always use a pop of color in my lipstick or jewelry.

Pretty much what I wear everyday:

Because I wear workout gear most days, I try to jazz it up a little bit so I don’t look like a total gym rat. If you’ve been with me for a while you know I love scarves.

Date Night:

  • Claudia Lobao hoops
  • Gold and lapiz heart necklace
  • BCBG dress
  • Theory long spandex tank underneath
  • Bone bracelet from Vietnam
  • Dolce Vita heels
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I finally bought a new pair of running shoes!

May 21st, 2012 1 Comment


After much deliberation and hunting, I finally bought a pair of Brooks running shoes to carry me through the summer. Some of you suggested them so they were on my list to try.  It was love at first slip on I tell ya.  I’m not a big runner, but with all of the upcoming travel and my twice a week Blast900 classes, I’ll be running more and need something more supportive than Nike Frees, which they just brought back on the market.

Here’s what I like about the Brooks PureProject shoe: The sole is light and almost as flexible as a Nike Free.  Inside there is substantial cushion so I land softly and a noticeable arch support that makes it fit like a glove.  The design is not my favorite but it’s tolerable.  I had to search for this color combo because it’s now discontinued.  The purple one would have been fine, but I have a purple pair of Nike Lunars I wear to lift and lunge in.  (It’s super sturdy.)

On the Brooks website, they have a quick Shoe Advisor questionnaire that will help you decide what model is best for you.

During my search, I kept my eyes and ears open to see what other people are wearing.  Readers and Blasters have a huge love affair with Newton. I wasn’t a fan of the “Action/Reaction” technology that propels you forward.  You can see the elevation in the right photo. They have two different levels of lift, but both were too aggressive for me.  It’s meant for a runner who lands on the front of their foot and I am pretty heavy on my heels.  Plus, the shoe didn’t fit as snug as the Brooks.  It’s too bad, because like all of the other women who own them, I LOVE the colors!

In Atlanta, Newtons are to running shoes as Lululemon is to workout clothes.  Great quality, fun female-friendly colors, and have become a trend. In fact, Deka, where they have the largest selection of Newton’s, is right next door to Lulu in Buckhead!

I think it’s hysterical that right after I tweeted one of my instagram pics above, I got this response from @Blast900.

Asics are also making a comeback in Atlanta.  The shoe is too stiff and not at all cute which took it out of my consideration quickly.  Houstonians love Nike Frees.  Again, I think it’s the colors because most of the women I see wearing them are just lifting weights and not running.

Thanks again for all of your suggestions!


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One of my favorite sales: 20% off Nike Clearance w/this code

May 15th, 2012 No Comments

No workout gear for me today.  Love the dress to wear to a casual pool party.  The hat got me excited for football season!!

Use discount code GRANDSLAM and get 20% all clearance items. 

They have a good selection of tops with built-in bras right now!

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You always ask where I get my colorful workout gear – here’s your answer!

February 28th, 2012 No Comments

All of the colorful gear you see me wearing I most likely found browsing through the Nike Clearance section WITH an additional discount code.  Nike and Lulu are expensive!  So I wait patiently until I can make a big score.  Thankfully many people don’t like wearing bright colors, so my favorites are usually there waiting for me.

During the last sale I bought tons of color so this time I went for the basics.

I suggest you hit up the turquoise Dri-fit capris and some of the sports tops with built in bras.


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