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A THOUGHTFUL Valentine’s Day gift guide (with a great discount code!)

February 6th, 2012 2 Comments

Just when you thought the hunt for the perfect present was finally over, there’s another Hallmark holiday that strongly suggests you show your love with a gift.  What I like about Valentine’s day is that the gift(s) you give are truly about the thought, not the necessity or price tag.

Obviously I don’t know who you’re shopping for, but I thought it would be fun to offer little sentiments that might be appropriate along with items that represent them.  Make a card with the phrase and then the gift can be one of my suggestions or whatever pops into your head!

You were all sweet enough to participate and offer thoughtful gifts in January, so you’ll find those below as well.


My suggestion: tweet or link to this post on your Facebook so your lover will have a little guide to help him shop.


“Because you are my inspiration,

I want to give it back to you all year long.”

A subscription to Quarterly.com is probably the coolest idea I’ve heard as a gift idea in a LONG time. It’s thoughtful and delivers awesome gifts all year at an affordable price.  THANK YOU reader Chelsea for your recommendation!

Let me explain how Quarterly works.

For $25, you subscribe to one of their contributors you find interesting.  Four times a year they will send you a gift they love and believe you will enjoy.  The people and companies Quarterly has on board are innovaters in their space and seem incredibly interesting.  For example:

In this case, as a gift, you subscribe your friend and pick out who you think they would love.  See, it’s thoughtful, effortless, and affordable!  Click here to gift Quarterly.


“Because I can’t get enough of your lovin’ and cookin'”

It seems like all of you enjoy your time in the kitchen, so this rec isn’t as taboo as it used to be.

Reader recommendations:

(Image via She Knows)

“I want your beautiful eyes to only be for me!”

I am absolutely obsessed with KBL sunglasses for men an women right now.  They’re classic styles with a little unexpected color to give them an edge.  I know what you’re thinking, it’s hard to buy sunglasses for someone, but these look good on pretty much everybody. And they can always be returned.

For women I love my style – Warren’s Dancer – and the Malibu.   Sun Ghost 62 in light gold works on both men and women (this will be my next purchase).  Guys would also love a pair of Star Guitar.


Ask and ye shall receive sometimes!  I scored you 20% off your entire purchase.  Glasses start at $160 which is already reasonable, now you can deduct 20%.  Buy one for you and your valentine.  Or just share the code :)

At checkout simply enter MTM20 for 20% off.  Code lasts until April 1, 2012.


“Because it’s your favorite thing to do.”

Buy clothing or gear for their favorite activity: Lululemon for athletes, Nike or J. Lindenberg for golfers, Nike for tennis players, REI for hikers.

“My love for you shines brighter than the sun!”


“I want to take your clothes off and (fill in the blank).”

I guess I’m a sucker, but I always fall for a nice bottle of wine and some hot music. So you could prepare:

  • CD/Playlist of songs that turn you on
  • Basket of goodies – massage oil, CD, chocolates, candles, whipped cream, you get the idea ;)
  • Go to reputable wine store so you can get a good rec
  • Learn to make a cocktail he/she loves or you think he/she’ll like

If your music library isn’t extensive, join Rdio, MOG, or Spotify – three services that stream you unlimited music for a low monthly fee.

Let me make a recommendation here.  DON’T go out to a big dinner and drink too much before getting your groove on.  This is why I think making dinner is best because you can make something light.  Too much food makes you tired and you could fall asleep before the magic happens.  I know I don’t have to tell you, but maybe you need to hear it. :)

YOU CAN’T GO WRONG WITH THIS RECIPE FOR DINER. It’s a light and healthy chicken pot pie that is easy and something everyone loves.

(Image via)


“I want to do nothing else but you.”

Plan a weekend getaway at a suburban resort.  No need to get on a plane for a little weekend escape of rest, relaxation, and (fill in the blank!). These are my current favorites! Texans should also consider the Saint Cecilia in Austin and Fredericksberg Herb Farm.  Readers in Phoenix look into Intercontinental Montelucia. Florida residents click here for ideas.


“I’m looking forward to another wonderful year with you.”

No doubt this picture I took of Becca and her new hubby David at their Starbucks wedding will make it to a frame.  My feeling is you don’t need a big event to celebrate your love and friendship for someone.  So why are we just tagging fleeting moments instead of framing memories?!

Grab your favorite photos of your honey or friend and make a little reminder of your fun times every day.

  • Framed photo (see, this gift seems a little more interesting with the phrase attached with the fun memory you’re referrencing)
  • Shutterfly calendar** (Thanks reader Amy)


“I’m having the time of my life and I owe it all to you.”



Watches don’t have to be a huge purchase anymore.  There are all sorts of interesting styles at affordable price points.  Look for Nixon (above on Amazon) and Michael Kors (above on Shopbop) online.  Also shop Editor’s closet for big discounts.

Editor’s closet ALWAYS has a watch sale around holidays.  You can find some good looking styles for under $100.  Click here to see if they have one up now.


“YOU are truly my best friend.”

And diamonds are hers.  Not really, but it’s a fun play on words, and diamonds will make her melt.  There are plenty of discounts to be had. I know it sounds cheesy, but check out Just Jared or Robbin’s Brothers if designer pieces are too expensive.  You can always place them in a separate, unmarked jewelry bag and box when you give her the piece.  Make sure to keep the original box if it doesn’t fit or she’d like to return it.

For something more unique and affodable, browse etsy.  I found the one above for $195 in about 2 seconds.

Reader Stephanie loved these diamond in pearl earrings she got for Christmas.


“You can be comfortable and still smokin’ hot.”

TOM’s shoes just keep coming out with cuter fabrics and styles! For women, they’ve just released a line of ballet flats.  Guys are STILL discovering TOMS so you can get him a classic pair.  If he’s hard on his shoes, buy the style with the enforced sole.

**Thanks reader Lily!

“Because you deserve a little splurge.”

Reader/blogger Julie and I are on the same page with this recommendation.  We buy our girlfriends expensive lipglosses and candles we know they’ll love but would probably not splurge on for themselves.

In this same vein, I’m going to HIGHLY suggest Lalicious Body Scrub. I know it seems like a nothing gift, but this stuff is impressive. It’s all natural with sugar to exfoliate your skin and coconut, almond, and essential oils to moisturize it.  You feel like silk after you get out of the shower!

“Something To Accent Your Natural Sweetness.”

There’s also perfume, which we don’t often buy for ourselves.  You probably aren’t familiar with these two brands; I wasn’t before this year.  Both offer an interesting twist on fragrance.

Juliette Has A Gun from Romano Ricci.  I love “Not A Perfume” which is light, fresh, and perfect for spring.  The main note is Cetalox.  $85 on Amazon

“I am good” roll-on perfume I take with me everywhere!  They have a variety of fragrances for $30.


For men, instead of cologne, buy a scented deoderant.  The smell is a lot more subtle.  Barney’s has the best selection, but you have to be in the store to shop it. 

Mark Birley Deodorant Block, $28.50 @ Barneys

Malin + Goetz Eucalyptus is another good one.

“Because you like to rock out anywhere and everywhere.”



It seems like everyone is talking about his Jawbone Jambox ($199).  If you didn’t give it for Christmas like Julie (whose husband loved it), then this is a no-brainer for V-day.


I hope you’ve found this helpful! After the insane amount of time I’ve spent on this, I hope you see it as my little gift to you.  I love you guys.  Thank you for all of your love an support over the years.

I wish you all a day full of love. x


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