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I’m in awe of this man’s writing.

June 16th, 2011 No Comments

Frank Bruni’s article in last Sunday’s New York Times “Seattle, A Tasting Menu,” starts:

“We had asked where they were from in an off-handed fashion, my companion and I. We weren’t especially concerned. But in provenance-conscious, environment-attuned Seattle, such a question can all too easily be heard as a challenge, a taunt: assure us that these mollusks weren’t the denizens of some distant seabed, relocated through a lavish outlay of fossil fuel. Prove to us that they’re bivalves from the ’hood.

And her inability to do so could be seen as delinquent, punishable by up to six months of hard labor in a community garden.

“They’re definitely local,” she stammered, nodding hard.

“From around here,” she added, lest we misconstrue the concept of local.”

Click through to read his chronicle of Seattle’s  locavore culture.  Whether or not you are curious in Seattle or it’s cuisine, you will absolutely have an interest after you consume Bruni’s words.  Take in each one slowly, breath, and hesitate the urge to devour :)

(Photo taken with Hipstamatic)

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Blogs for foodies who WANT to cook at home

May 5th, 2011 No Comments

If you’re looking for solid recipes and you can’t quite find what you’re looking for in my cook book (aka MTM recipe archives), check out some of my favorite resources:

Speaking of Mark Bittman, if you missed his article on how to make white fish a dozen ways which is just like the one he wrote about soup, you should click through to print the 12 super simple variations in 4 categories: broiled, sauteed, roasted, and poached.

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The New York Times wants to keep our attention!

March 9th, 2011 No Comments

Did you do a double take when you saw The New York Times Magazine in last weekend’s Sunday edition?  They said they revamped the mag  to be more “alive and dynamic” as an attempt to keep our attention amidst the digital revolution of journalism.  The cover is pretty old school in comparison to the previous one, but I like the change.  The throwback look serves as a reminder I’m reading a real paper. There a new additions to the content as well.   In my option they did a great job!  I’m biased because The Times is one of my favorite publications of all time, but there’s a reason for that.  The writers have the ability to pull you in deeper into their articles with every word.  We could say, with that kind of talent, the layout shouldn’t matter, but I suppose it does.

The mag also launched a new blog called The 6th Floor.  Named after their location in The Times building, the blog has a catchy tag line “Eavesdropping on The NY Times.” Unfortunately the inside scoop on what goes on inside their four walls is not what they post.  It’s a space for their staff members to “share ideas and opinions.” Although the content is edgy, the voice of the blog is still conservative.  I’m hoping the writers grow to use a more conversational tone and actually let us into their world as employees for The Times.

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