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The “LOW” Leather Leggings That Keep Up With “HIGH” Fashion

November 17th, 2015 No Comments
Club Monaco Leather Leggings
For years now leather leggings have been a winter essential.  Why have they not made their way into my closet:  they’re so damn expensive! For the $1k price tag I want something that fits like a Saint Laurent stiletto: comfortable, snug, and sexy. This year I resolved to hunt down a pair and hand over my card happily.  After weeks of shopping, I had tried the standard J Brand, Rag & Bone, Vince, Helmut Lang, and a handful of boutique designers.  None of their cuts fit my chicken legs and tiny ass.  Even my Intermix stylist was shocked.
It wasn’t until I was browsing for work clothes in Club Monaco (my vote for conservative chic corporate attire) that I stumbled upon this front panel leather and spandex combo.  When I first saw them I thought to myself, “Those are cheap….and totally cheating.  I want the real deal.”  Then I saw the price tag…. “Well, for $99 on sale, it wouldn’t hurt to try them on.”
 Club Monoco Leather Leggings 2015  Mary Rambin

I actually love the way the panel cuts in and gives my legs more definition.  The spandex is just what I needed to hug my barely-there bum!

For 1/10th of the price I now have an edgy, sophisticated pair of “leather” leggings I love MORE than anything I tried from the contemporary powerhouse brands.  People stop me and ask if they’re IRO or Rag, when I tell them faux by Club Monoco, fashionista jaws drop.

High Low Leather Head to Toe:


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Club Monaco Accessories Winter 2015

Other things I loved pictured with Mason:

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Printy Princesses

September 3rd, 2013 No Comments


If you don’t wear Roberto Cavalli or Pucci regularly, printed pants are probably new to your wardrobe.  I feel like the gateway to the trend was bright colored jeans which have been around for almost two years now.  When the colors couldn’t get any brighter, designers reached for prints.

I personally love prints, colors, anything that makes a statement. Here’s a pic me stumbling down the famous tree outside of The Fairmont Hotel in a Jean Paul Gautier beach scene graphic skirt. It’s been a favorite of mine forever.

Mary Rambin printed skirt 2013

I’ve picked up some camo jeans for fall, but they’re not nearly as fun as Hilary Duff’s print.  She’s inspiring me to be a little more daring in my next purchase.

You can see we’ve all chosen a solid top and sophisticated/simple shoes to go with our prints.  Should you want to incorporate one more print, try it with your bag.  Another fashion rule of thumb: only one animal print/skin per outfit.

If you want to play with prints and still be on the more conservative side, opt for black and white and pair it with a tank.  You only have about a month left to get away with the summery B&W combo so take advantage while you can!



(Photos via People.com. Collages made with Instaframe app.)

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April 6th, 2010 No Comments


Cargo pants are coming back for men and women.  I’m not sure whether I’m happy about that or not.  I’m completely against men wearing them because it makes their outfit look like a disheveled mess.  If they wore a pair that fit and washed them every now and again, I might let it slide.  But the worn out, bulky, sagging pocket pants they decide are acceptable are far from it in my book.*

(*Note: At this point, men I date who are smart, witty, entertaining, and cute can wear anything they want.  Because at the end of the day, who really cares what they’re wearing.  And yes, I truly believe that.)

As for women in cargo pants, my gut says gross, but on second thought, I think they would be a comfortable, interesting alternative to jeans and leggings for casual errand days.

So, cargo pants for women.  Cute or crazy?

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