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To each couple, their own love.

January 8th, 2012 1 Comment

My friends Becca and David got married this morning!!!  Both head to toe in Lululemon.  In front of the Starbucks.

They met at Starbucks, and David proposed there.  One day last week, they decided it was finally time to get married, and Starbucks was the obvious choice. A text invite was sent to their friends and that was it.  Wedding planned!

Surrounded by a group of friends and complete strangers who just wanted to witness the joyous event, they exchanged heart-felt vows and were legally married within minutes.

The scenario wouldn’t be my choice, but it wasn’t my wedding.  The point is that they loved it.  It suited their style.  So many people get caught up in the fanfare.  Who cares.  The point is to love and laugh and be genuinely happy.

I believe they nailed it :)


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A pleasant surprise

February 3rd, 2011 3 Comments

I have a few girlfriends in Houston who profess their love for Starbucks EVERY morning.  I know, I know, I shouldn’t pass judgement.  To each her own.  But I will contest that whatever alternative you have at your disposal will be much more satisfying.

Yesterday running errands in the Galleria, I decided to hit up Teavana, the herbal tea store around the corner from Starbucks.  I know absolutely nothing about tea blends, but I figured they could whip up a warm, yummy concoction.  I told the guy, “I want something hearty and not too sweet.”  He busted out the Cocoa Praline Tart blend and I was instantly sold. With no added sugar, syrups or milk, he made me a delicious chocolately tea in 5 minutes.  Much better than a nonfat mocha on so many levels!

All of that being said, I opt for a bottled water over Starbucks…which is obviously healthier.

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Grow your music library for free!

January 5th, 2011 No Comments

Starbucks coffee might suck, but their music selections are pretty solid.

Come to think of it, Starbucks is a respectable company.  They do everything else right – charity, community, free wifi – with the exception of coffee.

In an effort to expand their cool factor, they’re offering you a free song every week.  I’ve liked the few tunes I’ve downloaded thus far.  Hit up their site and to grab the latest link.  That’s 52 songs and a savings of at least $50 bucks. No arguments here!

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Snack Attack!

August 20th, 2010 No Comments


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Brands We Love To Hate Making A Play For Our Hearts

March 24th, 2010 10 Comments

If I have a choice, I will buy my coffee anywhere but Starbucks.  Even the gas station (which actually has a decent cinnamon drip).  But I have to admit the cookie-cutter coffee house really saved my tail today, AND I learned a few tricks they’re employing to actually reach out and show me they care about my business.

Let me tell you the scenario first.

I went to Empire Cafe (a cute coffee house in Houston) to set up shop on this dreary day, enjoy a decent coffee, and get some work done.  To my surprise, actually more like SHOCK, they didn’t have Wifi.  I found this out 15 minutes before I needed to be on Skype for a call.

So I raced over to the nearest Starbucks, ordered a coffee, and inquired about Wifi, which STILL isn’t free (in the US).  Seriously?!  Yes, businesses are still trying to scrape an extra couple of bucks off of our necessity to be connected.

Because it was three minutes until my call, I would have gladly paid, but the barista offered a better solution.

“You know, if you register a Starbucks RED card, you get free wifi with any of your purchases.  They say you only get two hours, but I’ve heard it actually can last up to a day or two.  And, you get free syrup, soy, and refills, even if there is no money left on the card, but you have it in your possession.”

Huh, that’s cool. So I put $20 on the card to pay for future lattes.  Seconds later he saw my iPhone and said, “Oh, you have AT&T, then your wifi is free anyway.  I’ll refund the card if you want.”

Let’s review, Starbucks and AT&T, two of the most annoying brands of the decade, are taking initiative to satisfy their customers BEFORE we complain.  I’m impressed.

I’ll still choose the coffee house over SB and Verizon when they finally get the iPhone.  Unfortunately their strategy isn’t strong enough to outweigh the burned beans and dropped calls, but I think it’s notable they’re coming around.  And, I’m excited to save a dollar when I order my short double soy latte.

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Thanks, Starbucks… Kind of.

May 8th, 2008 No Comments

Love how Starbucks tells you how many calories in an attempt to alleviate your guilt, but they neglect to list the fat grams. Smart cookies aren’t they?!

Double Shot with a Side of Soy Please

March 31st, 2008 No Comments

Me: Say something funny Megs Megs: Sleep deprivation This post is brought to you by Starbucks espresso shots and Sugar Free Red Bull. Thanks for your support in our current venture.