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Rajana Khan’s collection for The Limited – Chic or Cheap?

November 8th, 2011 8 Comments

One of my favorite “affordable” (hand gesture quotation because you all get testy when I say something over $200 is affordable) jewelry designers Ranjana Khan, wife of Naeem Khan who designs over-the top fabulous clothes, is officially making her way to the masses via The Limited this month.  A couple years ago designers for Anthropologie knocked off her signature rhinestones on mesh designs and probably made a killing.  Now, she’s getting in on the action.

The question is, has she brought the same look and quality of her brand to the The Limited?

From the looks of the pics above I grabbed from NY Magazine, the answer is no.  In this video, you can see my RK piece up close.  (It’s stunning and works with so many different outfits.)  I wish this pic was more focused on her earrings than Karla’s amazing makeup so you could see the craftsmanship and details.

It’s obvious she’s referencing this design in her collection for The Limited, but the quality doesn’t even look close to the same.

Many of the clothing designers I’ve witness take their designs mainstream have done so more successfully than accessory designers.  You can’t fake gold or gem stones or good quality leather.  You just can’t. Look at Jimmy Choo for H&M. Look at Isaac’s shoes for Target.

Apart from the quality, the other disappointing factor to this line is the materials’  masculine sensibility.  One of the reasons I love RK jewelry is it’s bold but feminine nature.  None of the pieces I saw seem feminine at all.

Well, I guess we can hope I’m wrong when we see it with our own eyes.  I really do admire her as a person and appreciate her work.

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November 3rd, 2008 No Comments

I get letters from readers all the time asking where can they find cute affordable clothes.  My answer is usually H&M, Zara, Loehmann’s, sample sales, etc. 

I found a new one!  On this week’s episodes of TMI, we are ALL wearing The Limted.  And we all love the looks!

The Limited has great, classic pieces at an affordable price.  I know what you’re thinking, that’s where your mom shops.  It’s true, their clothes aren’t exciting BUT they are easy to mix and match.  None of the clothes above, even Julia’s dress, is over $100.

As for the accessories, Julia’s headband is J Crew and her earrings are Celeb Style Jewelry (the style is Oprah, and yes, that’s why I got them for her), Meghan’s necklace is vintage, and my necklace is H&M that I borrowed from Julia.

Affordable style, it can be done!

(Note, I borrowed the clothes for the show.)