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Heat chic

April 29th, 2014 No Comments


I’m exhausted…but in the best way.  The work for my client’s event, The Palm Springs Photo Festival is a pleasure and an honor.  I’m amongst some of the most talented photographers in the world and people who are striving to create work like theirs.  I’ll post pics this weekend.

As we are in Palm Springs, it’s HOT.  I mean like butt sweat hot….

A couple of weeks ago I posted about the trends from Coachella, which takes place in the Palm Springs desert.  Since I’m working, I can’t go all out hippie like that crowd, but a nice tank and presentable shorts/skirt are casual and conservative.  Accessories are simple but add just enough personality so I don’t feel like an LL Bean ad.


Beat The Heat Head To Toe:


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Bob ‘n weave

March 18th, 2014 No Comments



Whether you like it or not (that would be me), the woven trend resurfaces every spring and hangs around until September.  This year is no different.  Go trendy, preppy, indie, or hippie with it.

From top left clockwise:

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A brand that fits the bill every time

August 13th, 2013 2 Comments

Mary Rambin mason dress horse

Now that I’m out of Atlanta and have been living in NYC and LA, I’ve been out and about more. You know what that means: dress up time!  Don’t get me wrong, I’m still in spandex most days, but I’m also putting together more outfits for dinners with friends, and even a couple “ensembles” for events.

In doing so I look for clothes I can reinvent a million different ways.  Right now my hunts lead me to the same designer label: mason.  Mason – like my little man!  Because my dog’s name is mason I’ve always had my eye on this brand.  These days the pieces are making it off the rack and into my closet because they fit the bill in so many ways:

  • Unique designs/cuts
  • Simple and chic
  • Reminiscent of some of my favorite labels: Helmut Lang, Yigal Azrouel, Theory.
  • Affordable: $350+
  • Available at stores I frequent: Tootsies, Intermix, Barney’s, Neiman’s.

This turquoise silk dress is the perfect example.  I kept my accessories simple when I went to the horse races at Del Mar (above) and then went a little more funky for Leven’s Percy Jackson 2 Premiere below.

Mary Rambin in Mason Summer 2013

Here’s another Mason dress I’ve worn at least 5 times since I bought it in April.  I’m actually shocked the only picture I can find of me in this dress is one of me devouring a macaroon at Addison.

So I slipped it on quickly for you.

Mary Rambin Mason dress spring 2013

The dress is really a simple LBD, but the snake-embossed leather and dramatic neckline make it so much more interesting!

Before you get back to whatever you’re doing, I thought I’d leave you with a laugh.

Mary feeding horse carrots 2013

The horse in the picture, Basamati, and I had a little thing going in the barn.  I fell in love with his sweet face, he nussled me and kept beaconing me to his pen.

Mary Rambin with Basmati

Obviously we know what he wanted: more carrots :)  Unfortunately I ran out just as my friend Mendy said, “smile with him and I’ll snap some pics.”  You know me, I’m all for it.  As she’s snapping away, Basmati smells carrots on my hands and since he can’t see my they’re empty, he starts to nibble….

Mary Rambin surprised by horse

OMG, I think, and then:

Mary Rambin getting bit by a horse

CHOMP!  On my thumb!!!!  It all happened so fast. Mendy was snapping away so she caught the whole thing!! I thought my thumb was a goner, but somehow I pulled it away intact.  Whew.  And LOL.  All at the same time.  Every time I look at that picture I almost laugh to tears.  It’s like some stereotype from a Will Ferrel movie: blonde goes up to pet the pretty horses and loses a hand.  Haha.

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My spring uniform

May 28th, 2013 No Comments

Mary Rambin Denim Vest 2013

As soon as the warm weather sets in, I ditch my jeans for skirts/shorts and don’t bring back full length pants until fall.  I have no idea how men deal with heat in denim.  From a fashion perspective, pants in the summer is probably one of the only major drawbacks I can see to being a man….

I digress.

Mary Rambin accessories 2013

My real clothes “uniform” (as opposed to my spandex one shown right) follows a pretty simple template as you can see.  I just swap out the bottom and I’m good to go. This year’s combinations include a denim vest to give the outfit some casual character and then top it all off with statement sunnies and cuffs. As much as I love scarves, I can’t handle them in the heat.  The ballet flats are often exchanged for wedge sneakers, but both will be replaced with sandals soon (like my new favorite Crocs!)

Wedge Sneakers Spring 2013


The wedge sneakers are HUGE in NYC right now.  Every other person at SoulCycle has a pair and I see them all over the street.  I bought my white Ashes at Intermix to jump on board and give my look a little edge.  They go with everything, especially sporty spandex, but I don’t LOVE them.  At least when I bought into the Ugg trend way back when the furry boots were comfortable.  I am almost willing to go on the record saying my stilettos are more comfortable than the wedges.

Below are my head to toes for these pics.  Links are provided in case you want to snatch up one of the pieces.  I get at least ten compliments on the Helmut Lang skirt every time I wear it .  Yesterday a mother and daughter pulled over on the side of the street to ask who made it!

Helmut Lang Kinetic Wrap Skirt

My Uniform: Swap Out The Skirt Head to Toe

Funking it up

Wedges: My Ash BeaWedge Sneaker top left.  Others were spotted around NYC.

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Be fabulous, why not?!

April 16th, 2013 3 Comments

Fady at Tootsies 2013

I know, I know, Fady is a little bit much, but isn’t that the fun part about fashion?! I love going into Tootsies to see what he’s wearing that day. As a manager of the store, the man has to have style and I love how he always takes it above and beyond.  He turns heads and that’s what style is about.

I’ll admit I get a little intimidated to ask for his opinion when I’m trying things on, but he’s always sweet to help and without fail adds the perfect finishing touches to take my outfit to “ensemble” level.

For example, he picked out a killer bangle to “funk up” this very traditional Reem Acra gown I got from RentTheRunway.  For the life of me I can’t find the professional photos from Nick and Dominique’s wedding so this one will have to do.  Trust me, that bangle I’m wearing is absolutely fabulous and it made me feel complete from head to toe.  (Watch my video: How to get dressed for an event – black tie, wedding, etc – on a budget.  I have a little checklist to help you!)

Mary Rambin in Reem Acra RentTheRunway

What I’m loving about being back in LA and NYC is feeling comfortable incorporating a little more flare into my outfits.  The South can be so traditional, and in the life I was living, I didn’t want to, care to, or dare push the envelope too far.  Now, I’m running around in spandex and hooker boots, throwing on necklaces and heels instead of simple studs and Uggs, silk blouses instead of tank tops, bright lipstick instead of chap stick, and having fun with fashion again.  And with that comes a big smile – our best accessory :)


Mary Rambin smile 2013

(Full Disclosure: RentTheRunway generously provided the gown in exchange for an honest account of my experience using the service.)




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Everyone wants to know about this jacket

April 13th, 2013 1 Comment

Mary Rambin leather jacket

I’ll admit for the price it was quite a find!

It’s BCBG $368 from Saks, although I’m sure they sold it at many department stores. Reader Wilde found it online at Saks if you want it.  A friend of mine mistook it for Rick Owens, and every time I wear it someone always says, “that’s a fabulous piece” like I paid a bundle for it.

In comparison to the other $700+ leather jackets around it on the floor, I liked it the most.  The reason I believe it’s less expensive is because the shell is strips of leather on top of a spandex blend fabric.  I love it because it’s thin and stretchy (great for my big shoulders), not clunky like most leather jackets.  The collar has the ability to stand up a little.

What I love about it is that it goes with EVERYTHING AND raises the game of my preppy outfits to have a cool factor they didn’t before.  I bought a white bomber jacket that does the same thing.  I wear it mostly with my workout clothes to be honest.  You know me, always in my spandex!

For more on the leather jacket trend, click here for my post.

As for the rest of my head to toe:

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Challenging spring trends should prove to be fun

February 6th, 2013 No Comments


Some trends that have just hit the racks are what I call the four P’s of spring:

1. Prints
2. Peplum
3. Pink
4. Pedestrian

**Click the image to see it bigger.

You’re probably saying to yourself, those are nothing new. That’s true. It’s just how designers have used them this season that makes them interesting.

Instead of just wearing one print, designers are now juxtaposing prints that don’t necessarily match on one piece. Color palettes and even themes are different. In one outfit, you can pretty much wear any two, three, or even four prints (if you’re daring) and get away with it….IF you do so with confidence. Try it out on a small scale first, then go more playful as the season unfolds. It’s a new way of thinking (at least for my generation) so it should be fun!

I’ll give you peplum tops as not being new, but I think they might be for your closet. They’ve been around in RTW collections for 3 seasons now, so if you don’t have one yet, it’s time to jump on board.

Pink is brighter than ever in every style, print, and form. Find something in neon you don’t have already.

I’m calling jersey combinations “pedestrian” because it’s what I consider comfortable daytime wear. Californians have been running around like this for what seems like centuries, but they have a more boho look about them. This look is more fitted and detailed (see the rouching in the skirt) as opposed to shabby chic. In terms of tones, you see in the picture above a combination of cool and warm neutrals; kind of like how we combo silver and gold these days but on a cotton scale. (Nice work Tina!)

If you have any questions on how to wear these, feel free to leave them in the comments below.

(Photo taken at Tootsies flagship store in Houston. To stay up to date on latest trends and designer pieces to hit the floor, follow them on Twitter or Instagram @shoptootsies. It’s a guilty little pleasure of mine:))

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Per your request, my head to toes

June 19th, 2012 2 Comments

Last week when I posted my Head to Toe, I got several email requests for more info on what I wear everyday.  Honestly, I haven’t done this in a while, really since I left LA, because my outfits aren’t as exciting as they used to be.  You can imagine as a consultant who lives in the south, works from home, frequents the gym, and cooks often, I don’t get dressed up often!

I always encourage you to write me and ask questions, so now I will answer your request!

Going from top left clockwise.

Movie Night:

BBQ party:

Saturday Golf:

  • Nike tennis top
  • Assests cami
  • Nike tennis skirt
  • Havianas

I ALMOST forgot to snap this pic and jumped out of the car before we took off, hence the flip flops.  After the game I played I was anxious to get outta there :) If you’re a golfer, I highly recommend tennis clothes instead of golf apparel.  Much more comfortable and flattering.  More of my golf outfits here.

Client Dinner:

The finishing touch to this outfit was the bright pink lipstick that, for some reason (probably just that my iphone sucks), you can’t see.  If you’re going to wear dark neutral pieces, I always use a pop of color in my lipstick or jewelry.

Pretty much what I wear everyday:

Because I wear workout gear most days, I try to jazz it up a little bit so I don’t look like a total gym rat. If you’ve been with me for a while you know I love scarves.

Date Night:

  • Claudia Lobao hoops
  • Gold and lapiz heart necklace
  • BCBG dress
  • Theory long spandex tank underneath
  • Bone bracelet from Vietnam
  • Dolce Vita heels
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