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How To Apply A Smokey Eye for Fall – Paint by Number Instructions

October 25th, 2011 2 Comments

Instead of updating my “going-out” wardrobe (because, well, I just don’t go out much anymore), I’ve decided just to add color and density to my eye makeup. Easy and affordable solution!

The trendiest colors right now are maroon and blue tones, which luckily come together in my Eve Pearl “Sapphire Eyes” compact (above).  Both pop out against black and purple, the trendy colors for fall and winter.  (That is, if you’re not color blocking.  If you are, opt for a natural look with your cosmetics.)

Creating a smokey eye is basically paint-by-number and then blending it all together.  The thickness of the brushes help you manage the darkness of each color.  You’ll notice that my products and brushes are all from department store brand names.  In my opinion, all shadows and brushes are not created equal.  Since you’ll use them a lot, I suggest the splurge.   (Save the money on foundation and concealer that you have to replenish often.  I like Revlon and Almay.)

Here are the steps to my method:

1) Apply a natural color from your brown to the bone with a soft brush.

2) Using the same soft brush, start with the darkest shade at the outside corner of your eye and then line the crease with the dark color.  You’ll notice the shade gets lighter as you go from the outside corner to towards the inside corner.  Then clean the brush on a towel.

3-4) Apply lighter colors just to lid.

5) Take load an angled brush with a neutral taupe and smooth over the crease and above it.

6) Darken the corner and bottom of the crease with a deeper shade.

7) Line your eye with a charcoal or black powder or pencil.

8) Use your powder brush to clean off any excess eyeshadow that might have fallen under your eye.

9) Define your brow with a pencil or powder.

You can follow the same steps with blues too. If you’re looking for something even more dramatic, create this cat eye.

Products I used above:

Here’s the outfit that called for the pop of color:

This look is a little young for me, but I was fed up with “sophisticated.” During my NYC days, I called my all-black ensembles “Natasha Head-to-Toes” (remember Serena?):

(Full Disclosure: Stila, Eve Pearl, Jouer, Assets, Laura Mercier sent via PR forever ago.)


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Plan your next trip in a few quick clicks

April 7th, 2010 No Comments

Plan your next trip in a few quick clicks

(written for The Houston Chronicle)

Planning a getaway to a place you’ve never been isn’t easy. Instead of spending hours searching for the best bang for your buck, let the Web plan your next vacation.

Use these seven sites to find the best accommodations and excursions within your budget and create an iron-clad itinerary.

Airfare alarm: Yapta.com tracks ticket prices from all of the major airlines and alerts you when the fares for the flights you want drop. If you already purchased your ticket, they will also help you get a refund for the difference.

Pack more clothes: Purchase tiny toiletries from 3Floz.com and have room in your suitcase for an extra outfit. Of course, this is also helpful for carry-on luggage. Their inventory is impressive, so you’re sure to find products you love or have always wanted to try.

Bid for a big bed: LuxuryLink.com allows you to bid on vacation packages all over the world offered by high-end hotels and resorts.

Relax at home: AirBnB.com lists extra rooms, apartments and houses for rent that you will find to be as cozy as your own home. There aren’t hotel amenities, unfortunately, but you will find the prices to be more amiable.

Find some fun: On Zicasso.com, you enter in your destination and budget, and the site generates a list of things you might like to do.

Get organized: Once you’ve made all of your reservations, forward the confirmation e-mails to TripIt.com, which will generate an itinerary you can share with friends via Google Calendar, Gmail and LinkedIn.

Stay Connected: If you have to keep in touch with co-workers or family while you’re away, join Skype.com, which lets you talk and video chat with other Skype users for free. You can call phones from your computer for a very small fee as well. iPhone users can download a free app and make calls anywhere they have Wi-Fi access.

Mary Rambin is a native Houstonian who writes a lifestyle blog, MoreThanMary.com.

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Motorcycle Mama

November 13th, 2009 No Comments

Have you found your “motorcycle” boots yet?

I am loving my Tory Burch that are neither grungy nor clunky. They are motorcycle inspired :)

Here’s the secret to the tend: distressed with buckles. That’s really all you need. Zippers work too. But they’re the ultimate casual, trendy boot. I’m not so grungy, so I chose a pair that is more my style, a little more chic. Find something that suits you.

I’m Free! Head to Toe

November 10th, 2009 No Comments

I’m Free! Head to Toe

— Fendi sunnies

— Emerson Thorpe jumper

— Mom’s python Manolos

— Tory Burch tote

— Minimal jewelry

— Order of Dismissal thanks to Sid McNiece and his team

Everyone else in the courtroom was in jeans (and mostly t-shirts). That just seems so disrespectful! Show your judge some love with some slacks and a button-down.

But I’m not one to talk…

The judge wasn’t happy I was away from the courtroom for longer than 15 minutes earlier today, so she taught me a lesson (to not cross her) by having me come back after lunch. You know what? It worked. I saw my insurance bill in the $2k range and so I bowed my head and said, “My apologies. I’m very sorry.”

It was sincere and effective :)

I Thought It Was Going To Be Cooler Today Head To Toe

October 20th, 2009 No Comments

I Thought It Was Going To Be Cooler Today Head To Toe:

— Oliver Peoples sunnies

— Old H&M blouse

— Charlotte Russe tank

— Rock & Republic jeans

— Tory Burch military boots

— Chan Luu wrap bracelet around Tiffany watch

— Stingray cuff from Encore

— Moe clutch

Running errands around Beverly Hills and sweating!!

Thanks for taking the pic M.

Connecticut: Tory Burch Obsessed

February 15th, 2008 No Comments

Connecticut is obsessed with Tory Burch! She seems a little too classy to have her brand plastered all over her collection. I’m a little disappointed because her style is so unique you can recognize her pieces without it.