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A Watch for Everyone

February 13th, 2008 No Comments


I keep coming back to this Toy Watch.  I haven’t seen it in person, but it looks like it would look great on a man or woman. $195 at Barney’s (click pic) or check out the website www.toywatchusa.com

Women’s Watches are Tricky

February 13th, 2008 No Comments

Women’s watches are tricky!!!!!

Men’s watches I feel like, they should be big, masculine, with a hint of personality.

Women’s watches have become a whole new “trendy” accessory in the last couple of years.  From the the square Cartier, square-faced Michele, Chanel Ceramic, the Toy watch, and now the resurgence of Swatch, women’s watch style is all over the place!

Now, I don’t know about you, but I can’t switch it up from a Cartier to a Chanel becasue of the trend rollercoaster.  So I look for classics that will transcend trend.  For theh last 7 years I have worn a classic Tiffany stainless steal roman numeral white-faced watch (I know, I hate Tiffany too, but it was a graduation gift, and it definately doesn’t look like Tiffany).  I usually wear it layerd with 2 two-tone (silver/gold) David Yurman bracelets to make it more fun.  This classic look has stood the test of time.

So here’s what to look for and what to stay away from to help you on your search (if you are on such a mission).

WHAT NOT TO WEAR (simply because the look is out and I’m sorry to say, but the brand just isn’t what we’re looking for):

  1. Ebel and Omega, expensive and not cute at all
  2. Fossil
  3. Kenneth Cole
  4. Anne Klien
  5. Gucci or Fendi
  6. Guess or Juicy
  7. Timex and Seiko
  8. The watches you see EVERYWHERE that I mentioned above


  1. Michele, there are plenty of other styles in the line that aren’t the square face with diamond detail.  The watch above is Michele for $445 and I absolutely love it! Classic, stylish, and the band color is chanagble.  I’m loving white watches right now. (Click on pic)
  2. Movado, ranges in price, and will always be a classic that goes with everything
  3. If you’re throwing down (or someone else is) Cartier (love the Santos and LOVE styles), Patek Phillipe, or Raymond Weil
  4. Rolex will always be “in” but unless it’s something really special, I know you can find something more affordable and a little more stylish.
  5. Swatch, why not get a fun one, the price is good, and maybe you’re in the mood to be fun.

***A note on watch size: The oversized male watches are still in, but I think there is something to be said for the vintage thin band watch.  You have to have very small hands to pull it off, but it can look really great by itself, or with a bunch of bracelets.

Remember, you wear your watch daily so you want it to go with a lot of stuff and represent you.

Great places for a steal: Ebay and Overstock.com