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May 13th, 2010 No Comments

Dearest Tatiana,

Thank you so much for this post.

I have totally forgotten how much I love target.

I finally had to let go of my third Bendels makeup bag and I’m tired of spending $50 on a plastic POS that only lasts 3 months (my travel wears it out).  Target has much more affordable options.

AND, with your link to the new collection, I continued on to check out their Modern Home furniture that has the right look and price for this gypsy who isn’t ready to buy couture for her casa.

Many thanks!

(catching up on my dashboard can be so much fun!)


I’m realizing more and more that I can literally get EVERYTHING I need at Target. That makes me happy because that means I can get everything I need at an affordable price and in one trip! Maybe that’s why I can’t get out of there without spending at least $50!

I recently had to retire my toiletry bag, it had definitely seen better days. I knew Target would have something new and spiffy and they sure did! I picked up this gorgeous aqua colored one but there were many others that I loved just as much. And all of them are under $20!

P.S. Here’s a little Target tip for you: on Tuesday they got a new home decor collection and the theme is “Keep calm and carry on!” Check it out here.

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April 6th, 2010 No Comments


Cargo pants are coming back for men and women.  I’m not sure whether I’m happy about that or not.  I’m completely against men wearing them because it makes their outfit look like a disheveled mess.  If they wore a pair that fit and washed them every now and again, I might let it slide.  But the worn out, bulky, sagging pocket pants they decide are acceptable are far from it in my book.*

(*Note: At this point, men I date who are smart, witty, entertaining, and cute can wear anything they want.  Because at the end of the day, who really cares what they’re wearing.  And yes, I truly believe that.)

As for women in cargo pants, my gut says gross, but on second thought, I think they would be a comfortable, interesting alternative to jeans and leggings for casual errand days.

So, cargo pants for women.  Cute or crazy?

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Surviving The Flood of Faux

December 15th, 2009 No Comments

We’re all low on cash which means brand name clothes are not at the top of our “I NEED” list.  Instead, we opt for one of the cheaper alternatives we find flooding the market.  Forever 21, Target, Zara, H&M, Old Navy, the list goes on of retailers that offer trends for less.  But perhaps we should be spending the extra buck for quality pieces.

Before you roll your eyes, let me explain.

The Uggs I bought three years finally got the boot to the trash last week.  After winters of New York rain and winter sludge, travels all over the world, and post-workout sweaty feet, the super soft suede and plush interior had accumulated enough dirt to the point of being flat out disgusting.  Understandable.

Instead of purchasing another pair of obviously durable Uggs, I opted for a cheap imitation from Target for $25.  When I saw the price, I hesitated.  “There is no way these will last as long,” I thought.  But for that price, I didn’t care if they only survived a year.

Well, they probably won’t see the end of the week. At least on my feet.

I chose to break in the boots (we’ll call them Fauxs) on my road trip from LA to Houston; a journey requiring zero walking with a controlled climate.  All I needed was the comfort.  The Fauxs failed on all levels.  The polyester fur interior made my feet sweat and freeze at the same time and didn’t even attempt to mold to my foot like Uggs.

So now when I go to purchase another pair of Uggs, I will actually be spending $25 more on for being frugal.  Ahhhh, and there’s the rub.  I’ve decided this actually wasn’t me being cheap but thoughtless.

Three years from one pair of shoes, suede no less, is pretty impressive and therefore arguably worth every penny.  Even if I bought 8 pairs of Fauxs to simply sole my feet in the same amount of time, the quality of Uggs is worth the cash.

Looking back on my wardrobe’s history, I’ve discovered there are other things you should spend more on to get the most out of your money.  My list entails:

  • Overcoats
  • Trench coats
  • Jeans
  • Stilettos
  • Everyday boots

Most people would include black pants and white button down shirts.  But unless you’re wearing suits daily, I don’t think those apply anymore.  The pieces I listed go through the wringer.  You need to spend money on them.  You need to ensure the fabric and stitching can bare the weights of the elements, and maintain their shape and sheen.

Of course there are exceptions.  I have an Arden B sweater from freshman year of high school (over a decade ago, ehem) that still looks new. The blended mesh sleeveless turtle neck could tell you horror stories of what I have put it though.  Likewise, so could my pricey Burberry trench.

The concept of spending more for durability is certainly not front page news, but I believe it’s worth mentioning in a time when we applaud each other for cheap finds even though they will never be treasures.   Bottom line: when you’re thinking about pinching pennies sometimes it is wiser to spend a few dimes, even in a recession.

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Dreams Come True!

December 13th, 2009 No Comments

Dreams Come True!

If you want a knockout designer dress for New Year’s, but don’t want to fork over your bonus for the downpayment, try RentTheRunway.com. They offer Herve Leger and several other brands with sexy silhouettes.


[Love: Covet] An Amazing New Years Eve Dress

The above 3 dresses (left, middle, right) are all Herve Leger and will never be in my closet pending some insane miracle someday, but I want something 1/44th as amazing for this new years, anyone have any affordable recommendations?

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Cooking Couture- Butterfly Strings Aprons

December 8th, 2009 No Comments

Butterfly Strings Aprons

I can’t stand aprons with silly sayings, ruffles, or made of solid stiff fabrics.  If I’m having guests over for dinner or even if I’m just sauteing some veggies for myself, it’s still more fun to throw on something nice.

Introducing a new line of aprons for cooks who like to look cute while the work.  Butterfly strings aprons are a patchwork construction of vintage fabrics my friend Amy finds from all over. Which means no two are alike (You know I love being unique!) She says,

“everything we do is based on the philosophy that it is better to reduce and reuse that which is already in our hands and on the earth rather than stressing the earth’s resources to create new materials.”

The design is simple and functional with three big pockets at the bottom.

The designer, Amy McFarren, is one of my closest friends.  She’s always had a flare for fashion and a domestic sensibility.  Not to mention, she’s sweeter than a sugar cookie. (Amy is going to be a wonderful mother.)  So this line is the perfect realization of all things Amy.

See the available styles ($45) at her etsy store or email her to create your own!  (That’s the best thing about knowing the designer – which you do now.  You say I want it this way and voila.)

DISCOUT CODE: morethanmary for a 10% discount!

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Harem Pants Head To Toe

November 24th, 2009 No Comments

Harem Pants Head To Toe

It’s barely cool outside and I’m already tired of wearing jeans.  I’ve only worn the two pair of harem pants I have a couple of times because they look to dressy.  So last night I was on a mission to dress them down.

So here was my strategy: keep it simple and accessorize with funky pieces.

  1. Minimal earrings with a masculine necklace.
  2. Cluttered wrist with mixed metals.
  3. Hot shoes that aren’t too “pretty”

Of course I got a million compliments on the shoes, but do you think I pulled off the whole outfit?

Multipurpose Mini

September 29th, 2009 No Comments

Multipurpose Mini ($86)

I wore this skirt twice last weekend and constructed two completely different outfits.  I know, I know, I should have done head to toes, but I was running out the door and couldn’t snap a good one out in the dim lighting with my iPhone. (excuses excuses)

Lev pulled it from the ShopBop showroom for a recent event and let me borrow it.

The 5 banded, high-waisted mini looks like Herve Leger and fits like a glove! It is the perfect piece to show off you wheels, and it even made me look like I have a butt. It also comes in black and white.

You should check out the whole Bop Basics line.  It offers a lot of great classics you need at a decent price.  If this skirt is any indication, the quality is good as well.

August 30th, 2009 No Comments

A new brides mag that targets Asian women in Southern California, emphasising on how you can incorportate your heritage into your wedding.