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10 Web trends to watch in 2010

December 8th, 2009 No Comments

Link: 10 Web trends to watch in 2010

By hottie Mashable founder Pete Cashmore

And per usual, I think he’s 100% right.

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October 8th, 2008 No Comments

The new TMI is up on the homepage!

Today’s topic is Men’s Fall Fashion for those of you who need a little direction in what you should be shopping for right now.  In other words, if you have a penis and read my blog, watch the show and pass it on to your friends.  Not sure if you’ve noticed, but women are becoming less tolerant of your ripped jeans and tattoo t’s. Time to grow up boys!

For more outfit ideas, check out the blog on TMIweekly.

October 6th, 2008 No Comments

“That one’s cute, but I look like a poodle.” The lovely Laurel Touby, founder of Mediabistro.com is one of the judges for the event. We’re patiently awaiting cocktails and then we’re ready to roll!

September 24th, 2008 No Comments

Ummm….what? the? hell?

Alex McCord.  Desperate for publicity??? Yikes.  She was walking around the Partere lounge and the socialites were trying not to gawk.

Gawker, on the other hand, had no problem slamming her for this faux pas today.


September 20th, 2008 No Comments

One of the tabs on Stevie’s FireFox is Tim Ferris’ blog (writer of The 4 Hour Work Week, which I think is a lovely thought, but I’m a firm believer people want connection with the company, not who they outsource the work to).


Huh, I’m intrigued. I have the WORST memory ever.  Such wasn’t the case in college, I wonder what happened.  As it stands now, with the chaos in my life, I need help!

The article written by Leo Babauta outlines specific technology and strategies to aid you in remembering important things.

Here are the tips I found to be most helpful:

  • Jott – A system that allows you to call yourself and leave a message that is sent to you via email.  You can also use it with Google Calender, Twitter, Blogger, and other programs.
  • RTM – Remember the Milk is a To-Do list that combines Jott, Twitter, your mobile device, email account to create a list and reminder alerts for you.
  • Figure out a system that is quick and painless for you so you will use it daily.
  • Make the note immediently.  Despite which technologies you decide are best for you, use the system right away to create the reminder.

He has a whole list of suggestions, so if you have the same problem, explore some of the options.

Now if they would only create a virtual name tag for people to wear I’d be all set!

September 17th, 2008 No Comments


Last night I went to BLT on Sunset. I wasn’t in the mood for steak so I thought it would be safe to order the Dover Sole sauteed in butter sauce.  Ahhh, no.

Ok, stop.  I know I was “the asshole who ordered fish at steakhouse” so I deserve it.

But, in comparison to the halibut the boys prepared the night before, it was mediocre at best.  Alex found the recipe for Lemon Herb Crusted Halibut on FoodNetwork.com. The whole process seemed so easy AND TASTED DELICIOUS. (More than delightful, it was spectacular.)  Obviously he’s a pro in the kitchen, so it “seemed” manageable.  I’m sure I would have ended up throwing the pan against the wall in frustration from burning the tomatos which didn’t need cooking.

I tell you this because if you’re looking for a tasty meal, check out FoodNetwork.com before you leave the office, hit up the grocery store on the way home, and spend the time you would be waiting for a dry fillet, sipping wine and sauteing.

(Note: The good spots in NYC are migrating west.  Turns out they prefer the sun as well, but can’t figure out how to prepare the food while they lay by the pool.  Stay away from Craft as well.)

September 11th, 2008 No Comments

Pillip Lilm, it’s what the cool kids wear.

(Check out those shoes, hello, amazing.)

My apologies the coverage of the show sucks.  But I did livestream the finale and offer a few pics while you wait for the whole kit and caboodle on style.com.

September 10th, 2008 No Comments

The end. The most truly boho show yet. But with a hint of Tory Burch. Finale is online at www.mogulus.com/nonsociety Zach and I shot backstage to finale footage and interviews so that will be up soon.