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MTM gift guide giveaway 2013

December 11th, 2013 3 Comments


Readers, it’s that time!  Most of you should know the one very simple rule by now.  Share this gift guide on your social platform and be entered to win one of four gift bags stuffed with my favorite goodies.For each platform you share on, you get an entry.  Share AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT!  If you add a gift with a link to purchase in the comments, you’ll get two entries.  Easy enough?!

To enter, simply share something like this:

@MaryRambin just posted her #MTMgiftguide giveaway. LOVE some of her ideas and great products to win! http://ow.ly/rFLFy


**Make sure to include the link and tag @MaryRambin #MTMgiftguide so I know to enter your name.  Remember, you can post as many times as you want.  Each post puts your name in the hat AGAIN!

There will be one grand prize winner (who will receive goodies below along with Sol Republic headphones and a Glow and Go Mask from January Labs), 2 runner up gift bags with all of the following products, and one goodie bag for a guy.



The Gift Guide

My Top Picks for Women

My Top Pics for Men

Electronics anyone would love:

Accessories for athletes and active people:

Discount sites to browse

Brands to shop for…

Still stumped? How about random stuff my family loves:



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My spring uniform

May 28th, 2013 No Comments

Mary Rambin Denim Vest 2013

As soon as the warm weather sets in, I ditch my jeans for skirts/shorts and don’t bring back full length pants until fall.  I have no idea how men deal with heat in denim.  From a fashion perspective, pants in the summer is probably one of the only major drawbacks I can see to being a man….

I digress.

Mary Rambin accessories 2013

My real clothes “uniform” (as opposed to my spandex one shown right) follows a pretty simple template as you can see.  I just swap out the bottom and I’m good to go. This year’s combinations include a denim vest to give the outfit some casual character and then top it all off with statement sunnies and cuffs. As much as I love scarves, I can’t handle them in the heat.  The ballet flats are often exchanged for wedge sneakers, but both will be replaced with sandals soon (like my new favorite Crocs!)

Wedge Sneakers Spring 2013


The wedge sneakers are HUGE in NYC right now.  Every other person at SoulCycle has a pair and I see them all over the street.  I bought my white Ashes at Intermix to jump on board and give my look a little edge.  They go with everything, especially sporty spandex, but I don’t LOVE them.  At least when I bought into the Ugg trend way back when the furry boots were comfortable.  I am almost willing to go on the record saying my stilettos are more comfortable than the wedges.

Below are my head to toes for these pics.  Links are provided in case you want to snatch up one of the pieces.  I get at least ten compliments on the Helmut Lang skirt every time I wear it .  Yesterday a mother and daughter pulled over on the side of the street to ask who made it!

Helmut Lang Kinetic Wrap Skirt

My Uniform: Swap Out The Skirt Head to Toe

Funking it up

Wedges: My Ash BeaWedge Sneaker top left.  Others were spotted around NYC.

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Survival of the Spinnist

May 21st, 2013 No Comments


Today, not unlike my others in NYC, is a crazy one.

Sometimes I feel like I’m on some sort of game show called…hmm…Survival of the Spinnist or Beat the Streets powered by Google Maps.

I’m actually writing this post on my iPhone while shooting uptown on the 3 train to take Janet’s 8:30am class which will be followed by Mel’s 9:30 class.  A double with those two is truly the best way to die, I mean, start the day :)

This is my way of saying my fashion post probably won’t go up today as I will be hustling from Gramercy to UWS to TriBeCa to the East Village to UES and back to Gramercy. Aside from the commuting, there will be AT LEAST 4 hours of spinning. Needless to say my dogs will be barking by about 2pm.

Thankfully, a friend showed me a secret weapon to soften the blow:


They’re padded under the balls of my feet and heels. Worth every penny of $14 a pair.

I rant about the hustle, but I feel very blessed to be here and fulfilling my SoulCycle career.

There is good news too! Today I’m officially out of my EV “hovel” sublet and into my friend Susan’s luxurious little Midtown hideaway for a couple of weeks. Finally a clean place to sleep…with soundproof windows :)

Hope you have a wonderful day. More tomorrow I promise. I have a “new” album to share that will work for so many things in your life. Oh, and, congrats to David Karp on his tumblr sale to Marissa Mayer (Yahoo!). It’s been fun watching the platform grow.

Sleeveless in NYC Head to Shoulders

  • Oliver Peoples sunglasses
  • Yigal Azrourel scarf
  • Rag & Bone denim vest

Spandex pretty much everywhere else :)

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Adrien and I are in love with the same man

February 23rd, 2010 1 Comment

Fortunately we don’t have to fight over him, or his clothes because we are in agreement that Yigal Azrouel is the hottest thing to hit the tents every New York Fashion Week.  (And he’s straight!)

As promised I went backstage and interviewed the man himself to talk about his latest (and greatest) collection.  You’ll hear his take as well as mine on what he sent down the runway last week.

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Yigal Azrouel Is In Fact Hotter Than His Clothes!

February 12th, 2010 2 Comments

As promised I went backstage at Yigal Azrouel to meet the man himself.  His smile is captivating let me tell you!  And as always, so is his collection with its usual modern and fashion-forward aesthetic.

I’m editing a video of his show, so that will come in the next week.

Right now, see a few snap shots of his “lean” and “architectural” collection that are based off of suits.  He “love[s] a woman in a strong suit.”  (I was wearing a dress….)

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Hot Male Designers You May Not Know About

January 26th, 2010 No Comments

Let’s get the obvious question out of the way….

Yigal Azrouel (on the right) is a notorious skirt chaser so we know he’s straight.  But I’m not so sure about up-and-coming fashion fatale Joaquin Trias.

As I have been categorizing my posts in the tumblr to WordPress transition, I am transported back to some memorable moments.  While tagging NYFW Spring 2010, I remember breaking into a sweat when meeting Yigal Azrouel and Joaquin Trias.  I admire their designs, but I couldn’t help being a little weak in the knees when I found myself engaging them in conversation.

Hot-struck, I didn’t have the nerve to summon my Spanish (I’m fluent!) to communicate with Joaquin…or even ask for a photo for that matter.

Adrien insists Joaquin isn’t attractive, but as a woman who exchanged words with him after seeing his crisp, modern, and truly inspired pieces walk down the runway, I can tell you, this man seemed to be the whole package: tall, dark, handsome, talented, European ;)

Unfortunately he seems to think so as well.  A quick Google search lead me to this article, that lays out his noble background and reports he proclaims himself to be the next Cristobal Balenciaga.  Whoa there. Hold on to that ego man.  His designs are fit for royalty, so it’s not a surprise that is who wears his couture.  But humility will always trump over-confidence in my book.

As for Azrouel, you can read about his dating life on Page 6, which means you can throw my interest out the window.  On the other hand, I adore his designs.  Although casual, his basic ensembles are inspired and chic.  You’ll find his ensembles are contemporary and unique in a different vein from Trias.   While Trias uses geometry to accentuate his silouhettes, Azourel uses asymmetry to give character to his casual RTW.  You can see his Spring collection collection I shot with my Kodak Zi8 for “Fashion In Full Color” here.

Both are showing collections at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Fall 2010 in February, so look out for them.  I’ll be livestreaming from the front row, and will get up the nerve to shoot an interview as well :)

(Photos via Zimbio)

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Fashion in Full Color – New York Fashion Week Spring 2010, Day 2

September 12th, 2009 No Comments

Fashion in Full Color – New York Fashion Week Spring 2010, Day 2

  • Cynthia Steffe
  • Backstage at Yigal Azrouel
  • Yigal Azrouel


We Love Yigal

September 11th, 2009 No Comments

Adrien and I love this collection. You can see it in Full Color tomorrow.