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** The MTM Top 10 **

August 5th, 2011 No Comments

Check in here every month for our favorite 10 things.  We love them and believe you will too!

Bring on September

** Arm Balances

Yes, you need to have an advanced yoga practice and arm strength, but arm balances are easier than they look!  You’ve probably done a side plank, right?  Well, that’s an arm balance.

To move on to more challenging poses, all I needed was a step by step instructions from the teacher and the rest came easily.

So go on, just try it! Have an instructor walk you through the steps after class.  Let go of the fear of falling.  Breath, keeping your tummy in and out of your way, and release the tension in your shoulders.

For great HOW TO posts on poses, check out my client’s blog – Joy Yoga Center.

** Watch NYFW Live

That’s right, New York Fashion Week for Spring 2012 is here.  I haven’t covered the tents in a while, but you can see the shows live here thanks to Maybelline and YouTube.

** Designer Boots

They’re taking over the shelf space once occupied by sandals.  Have you decided on what look you’ll be investing in this winter?  Because I buy designer classic, my boots last for several seasons.  I’m STILL wearing my brown Fendi chocolate riding boots w/heel (4 years ago), and Tory Burch motorcycle short boots (2 years ago), Elizabeth and James booties (2 years ago), Madewell flat riding boots (1 year ago).  This year I’m looking for something sassy and black.  This Valentino at Tootsies fits the bill!

** Do Your Own Glam Nails

Save some cash with a DIY mani pedi using the Brisitsh export polish Nails Inc, now available at Sephora for $9.50Tested and approved by yours truly :)

** Get Up and Move Music

I hesitate to recommend this album because the lyrics are “explicit” (and that’s putting it lightly). But I’ve listened to it cover to cover every other day for the last week during my workouts.  It gets me going and keeps me motivated for the entire hour and half.

Historically I have not been a rap fan.  When I first heard this album, I didn’t get it.  The music and lyrics doesn’t seem to have a rhyme or reason.  After a friend told me to listen to it from start to finish, I started to get it.  Amazing.

** All the content you love in one place

Zite is an iPad app that aggregates content from across the web to create a personalized magazine experience ACCORDING TO YOUR TASTE.  The more you use it, the smarter it gets.

Recently it was just acquired by CNN.  According to Fast Company, Zite won’t change it’s algorythm to push CNN articles.  It will stay exactly the same.

** Eggplant Fries

I posted this recipe today.  I’m hoping you all get the chance to make them. SOOO delicious!

** Seasonal Transition Wine

If Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay grapes had a baby it would be Pinot Gris, in my opinion.  A great transition from summer to fall white wine.

I haven’t found one I’m in LOVE with yet.  But when I do, I’ll come back and post it here.

** Sliced Not Chopped

A few weeks ago I bought this mandolin on RueLaLa and have been using it nightly.  Sliced veggies are a nice change and cook faster!

**Destination – HOME!

Instead of planning for getaways for October, this month, take the time to plan to explore your own city.  I’ve always surprised at the things I’ve been missing out on.  Museums, parks, neighborhoods, boutiques, concerts, events, trust me, there will be plenty to keep you busy! (image via)


August – It’s still hot in here!


* Lower Body Exercises

Bikini butt workout + Yoga Once A Week = Rockin’ Legs

* Shop and Save


Just bought a 3 dot tee and mandolin in one shot for one shipping fee.

* Wish List Item

Nicole Miller gown at Tootsies

The price is right at $462, I just wish I had somewhere to wear it!

* No Question It’s Mine

Dolce Vita Rosetta Blue Suede Pumps for $165

The perfect versatile color for fall and winter.  The blue will even pop against dark denim.

* Beauty Product

Chanel Coco Shine in Evasion

I wear it everyday.  It’s very pink and very fabulous when covered with my all-time fave Revlon Super Lustrous Gloss in “Shine City.”  Click here for my all-night lips trick!

* Song/Album

Zach Williams’ upcoming album!

The man is beyond talented as a singer/songwriter.  He has a new album coming out and is crowd-sourcing the cash to fund it.  I’d give him every single penny I had if I could. How he’s not ridiculously famous (and thankfully he’s not) is beyond me.

Listen to a couple of my favorites:


Take Care


Now that you love him to, support his next album, donate $10!

* Blog


I’ve learned so much from her!

* Healthy Snack

Chilled and shelled edamame beans

Cool and refreshing unlike any other protein. I also love them mixed with quinoa and a little olive oil.

* Cocktail

Tres Leguas Reposado tequila on the rocks.

Simple, suuuuper smooth, and refreshing.  Add a couple limes and you have a truly skinny margarita.

* Next Season’s Vacay Destination

(because we plan ahead!)


Go for the harvest and lovely breeze!

* Gadget/App



For $5/month, download all you want to your computer.  For $10/month, it will sync to all of your mobile devices.  Make playlists just like you would on iTunes.

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