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Transparency Policy

January 27th, 2010 No Comments

FTC regulation or not, we pride ourselves in full disclosure and being completely honest with you.  Outlined here are our policies for incorporating brands and services into the content of MoreThanMary.

Discounted/Free Goods and Services

You will always be alerted if goods and services have been provided at a media discount or for free.  You will see a “Full Disclosure” statement at the bottom of each post detailing the exchange.

If a brand continues to be blogged but nothing has been provided by the brand for over 6 months and the writer pays for their own product/service, a special notation will not be made.


First and foremost, you should know we ONLY partner with brands we genuinely believe in.  Period.

When you see a sponsor’s banner, you can trust we use their products/services in our own life.  For that reason, you’ll see us talk about them frequently in many different ways.  It’s just like you telling your friends about all the ways you use something.  On MTM, we give you a window into our lives, so you will see us talk about brands who are sponsors as well as those that aren’t.  At the end of the day, it’s all the same to us.

However, we understand there is a trust factor so here is how you can designate sponsored posts:

For a formal review, we will write “Sponsored Post” at the end of the article. Part of the contract we lay out with brands is to review and promote their latest products and services.  Despite the fact they are paying for the coverage, we promise to give you our honest opinion of our experience.  After you read the site for a while, you’ll see you can trust us.

On casual/lifecasting posts that incorporate a sponsor, you will not see a notation.  All sponsors are listed clearly as such on the homepage so you can always refer there.  As I said before, we bring on specific brands to sponsor us because we already love them.

At some point, we could partner with brands we don’t use frequently or are unfamiliar with.  We’re pretty picky about who we associate with because we don’t shill on MTM.   However, we do like to try new things.  When we contract with a brand like this, we will let you know up front why we think this partnership will provide value for you and what you can expect.  Then the above terms will apply.

How We Incorporate Brands on MTM

We tell brands up front that we are dedicated to writing our honest experience for our readers.  Whether it’s good, bad, or ridiculously ugly, we will convey our genuine feelings because you are our priority.  No one benefits from a fluffy write-up:  you purchase something you don’t like, we lose your trust, brands no longer can communicate their message in a new way on MTM because no you are no longer interested.  Then I would lose my job that I love so much.  Plus! We are all ethical people, and are here because we want to genuinely enrich your life.

If you have any questions or you are a brand that would like to discuss sponsorship, email me, Mary, directly.

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