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Prada “Made in India” isn’t so exclusive, but is more expensive.

September 20th, 2011 6 Comments

Have you seen the latest woven Prada purses? Kinda like more structured Bottega…

Last week at the Prada luncheon at Saks, Steven Fritsch (the Prada accessories manager who is fabulous as you would expect) introduced me to the new collection with the first “Made in India” labels.  Very limited run so it’s a very big deal of course.

Here’s the deal.  Most of their leather comes from India all the time and is shipped to Italy for manufacturing, hence the “Made in Italy” label.  But now they’re ditching the shipping and high labor costs and simply constructing the bags in India.  They save some major money and guess what, charge us more for the “exclusive.”  Brilliant!

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  • SanQ

    Well, I guess, if one has integrity and helps provide respect technical know how/education, dignity, and monetary satisfaction to the workers executing these products, it’s acceptable ?

  • ali

    I think your story might be misleading. The Madras woven bags are part of the Prada ‘Made In’ project, where Miuccia Prada collaborates with craftsmen from around the world to turn Prada designs into luxury ‘It’ goods like this one.

    “Prada Made in India” is the label for a collection of handmade garments from workshops that specialize in Chikan, one of the most ancient Indian embroidery. Items will consist of handmade ballerina flats, woven sandals and artisinal handbags.


  • KateM

    Ali please – that is the biggest crock of shit excuse I’ve heard for gouging people for made in India bullshit. Prada is ripping people off – plain and simple.

  • Ccat

    Does anyone else find it ironic, that Prada’s leather supply is from India, a Country where cows are supposedly revered as sacred?

    “Most of their leather comes from India all the time and is shipped to Italy for manufacturing”

    The following is a sweeping generalization; however, it is also reflective of consumer perception:

    The reason that “Made in Italy” is an important part of Designer labeled goods,from a Consumer perspective, is the Consumer belief that Italians traditionally manufacture superior quality goods. Italians are traditionally crafts men, not just factory workers, and that Italians take pride in the superior quality of the final product they produce.

    The same way that the “Made in China” label is associated by consumers with low quality manufacturing and low quality source materials that are mass produced into low quality final products.

    While I can understand Prada making small limited run batches of specialized products reflective of particular crafting techniques from around the world; However, I believe it would be a mistake for Prada to move their entire long term manufacturing away from Italy. Personally, I would lose respect for their label, and I would have to question the quality of their products, until they their are proven to be of high quality.

    • I agree with you Ccat. Read an article on Diego Della Valle, the CEO of Tod’s, who touts the quality of Italian craftsmanship as being a key to their success.

  • Sarah

    Made it Italy is really not all it’s cracked up to be: